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Replacement Windows in Grand Bend

For a four-season country like Canada, summer can’t come too soon; the old joke is we have eight months of winter then road construction for the rest of the year. But sun worshippers keep the spirit of conviviality alive with a day at the beach. Ontario has many beaches that are a lure for

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Replacement Windows in Aylmer

The town of Aylmer was founded on Catfish Creek, and the creek was named for the bottom feeder that was abundant in the creek and quite a delicacy for the locals when they first arrived. Sitting in a close proximity to Lake Erie, Aylmer became a transportation hub and home for much of the

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Replacement Windows in Camlachie

The town of Camlachie hasn’t changed much in the 150 or so years, it started out as a rural farming community and exists as one to this day. They have a population of approximately 7500 people in the town proper and it depends on agriculture as its’ most prominent economic driver of

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Replacement Windows in Dorchester

Some might say that the community of Dorchester is an active one and they take sports – recreational and competitive very seriously. The town has invested a ton of money in fields and ice rinks for the community to use for leisure sports and competitive hockey, and they host many slo-pitch

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Replacement Windows in Dutton

The transportation business is as competitive as any, and pre-automobile the competition was fierce. Anybody who had the where withal to lay track and buy locomotives tried to cash in on the limited options that were available to the towns and hamlets across Ontario. Trains displaced water

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