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You never get a second chance to make a first impression and that adage holds across many lines in our society. If it is a job interview, a first date or a try out for the local sports team, how you carry yourself and how you express yourself is paramount to the lasting impression you leave with people.

In the business sector, service providers spend a great of capital and time reminding their front line employees – generally customer service reps – that their job depends on the impression they make on a customer when they call in for help or to purchase new or expanded services.

We have all had negative experiences with CSRs and some us have change service providers because of the issues we had with someone on the phone. The negative impressions we have experienced perpetuate themselves and some businesses lose market share due to poor customer service policies.

At AM Window & Door Solutions we have seen what doesn’t work and have gone in the opposite direction to what does work – and that is leaving a satisfied customer with quality products installed in their home that did exactly what they purchased them for.

We maintain a customer-oriented focus to deal with all the issues that come up when we install new windows and doors and we have a healthy dose of respect for our customers and that translates into success.

We intuitively understand that a customer's home is the single asset that they have outside of their family and when approaching an installation we look at it like it is our own home when installing windows and doors.

When only the best will do, we are the company to provide it and our customers appreciate the fact that we work hard on their behalf. The products we use are the best on the market and come from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. The products will sell themselves, but we feel that an injection of the best customer service the windows and doors industry have to offer is what sets us apart from the competition.

The best advertising is word of mouth and a great of the work we do comes from referrals from past customers to new customers. One of the things that we like to do is make our customer service about the personal touch – no only do we listen to what our customers are telling us we hear what they are saying.

This is important when it comes time to select products for our customers home’s, and we always recommend what works best rather than what costs the most. Our business was built on quality workmanship for a fair price that had the customer’s best interests at heart and the feedback we get from our satisfied customers reflects that.

It all starts with the first contact, and our windows and doors consultants are industry savvy with regard to products and they align customer interests with the products that will work best in their situation. That know-how is the basis for all our work with the public and our reputation is one of the best in the windows and doors industry.

We have regional showrooms that are ready willing and able to receive walk-in inquiries and there is no job too small for our company. We like to think that we make everyone feel important when they choose us for their windows and doors replacement whether they are buying the best we have to offer or working on a budget – we strive to provide the best customer satisfaction we can when we engage you. Because without you, there is no us, your interests are our interests and it shows every time we install new windows and doors for satisfied customers all across the province.  

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