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The three pillars of conservation are: reduce, reuse and recycle as a means of respect for the planet and all that reside on it. The environmental movement has added a new mantra to its’ message and that is climate change is a threat to our society and we need to take concrete steps to reduce our energy use for the benefit of future generations.

There are many small steps we can take to reduce our energy use, like walking a short distance instead of taking the car, using energy-efficient light bulbs and turning down the thermostat a couple of degrees to signal we respect our environment.

Other forms of conservation that create energy efficiency come with a cost, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Projects that constitute home renovations are top-of-mind for people who want relief from high-energy costs that will bring long-term energy efficiency that reduce the damage to the environment.

An unlikely but extremely beneficial project comes in the form of windows replacement for your home. If you have windows that are over 10-years-old, you should know that they weren’t constructed with energy efficiency in mind. Heat leakage and cold infiltration are the key drivers to high-energy costs and the only way to prevent heat leakage of cold air infiltration is with new windows.

At AM Window & Door Solutions, we are green with the conservation bug and we have the products to make any home more energy efficient when they install new vinyl windows. We work with one of the top suppliers in the windows and doors market, Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. Vinylbilt has been at the forefront of windows production and they have cutting edge replacement windows that will help a homeowner reduce their energy costs while improving the décor of their home.

As technology has developed – the green revolution has been at the vanguard of the development of energy efficient vinyl windows. This was a response from the socially conscious among us who recognized the impact we have on our environment and sought ways to mitigate the negative effects of behavior.

That is one of the core responsibilities of any homeowner and home renovation projects that offer an opportunity to save the planet and a few dollars too, are the twin benefits that come with energy efficient windows.

Let's look at this from a financial point of view and how that view will positively impact your personal situation and the environment.

A home’s heating bill – in Canada – makes up 60 per cent of the costs of the overall charge. When you have windows that aren’t properly sealed and they allow heat to escape and cold air to infiltrate your home, in effect you watching your money go up in smoke. Not mention the extra energy you are burning to maintain temperatures that you really didn’t have to if you had energy efficient windows.

Reducing your total energy use will prevent the loss and create a more environmentally-friendly residence that will be comfortable and cozy for a fraction of the cost.

Through the reduction of energy use, you are emitting less in the way of greenhouse gases that are the catalyst for climate change. Energy efficient windows help a homeowner do more with less in the area of energy use, and over time, little by little the health of the planet improves when we all install energy efficient windows.

As a project, replacement windows can be installed in a day – maybe two if the number of windows to be installed in more than a normal house. It is an easy project to complete and it doesn’t come with a huge mess or a large inconvenience for the homeowner or his family. By comparison, it is cheaper to install new windows that re-do your home’s heating system or new flooring for that matter, and the process is easier to assume. Not to mention you are reducing your carbon footprint because you are using less non-renewable resources like gas, wood or oil that produce greenhouse gases when they are burned for home heating or cooling.

Energy efficient windows should be a staple in any home renovation project, apart from the cost reductions and the reduction of your the carbon footprint – energy efficient windows add value to your home. Increased equity in your home is the advantage when it comes to resale and that value is built in and doesn’t depreciate over time.

Energy efficient vinyl windows come with many design features that their competitors do not. They can be manufactured to a custom size and colour in many different styles that will make your windows a statement piece for your home.

At AM Window & Door Solutions, we take our commitment to the environment seriously and we want to help all our customers choose the right window for the right application that will provide the greatest level of energy efficiency available from our supplier at Vinylbilt.

For a no-cost evaluation of your current windows situation and to obtain some good advice for energy conservation make arrangements to meet with us to start saving money and the planet.

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