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When we need to make a major purchase for something like an education, a car or a home we finance it. Student loans have made education accessible to more people, auto loans put more people behind the wheel and mortgages make the dream of homeownership a reality for many.

Once we have acquired the things we need, we pay for them, but what happens when you have an emergency at home and you need a major home renovation that requires a major investment?

A new roof or new siding can’t wait, neither can new windows and doors when you need them most. You might be able to limp by with the old windows but there will come a time when replacement windows will no longer be put off. If you are short of cash on hand there is another way to go and that is to finance the purchase of new windows for installation.

At AM Windows and Doors we can help point you to possible sources of financing for your new windows and doors and it makes sense to spread the payments out over time.

First, it puts in a position where you can manage the costs of replacement windows and doors in small payments that won’t crimp your household budget. Second, the savings you incur through energy use reductions will pay the costs of the replacement windows and doors over time. Third, the new windows you install today will allow home equity to grow, increasing the value of your property. And fourth, you have improved the visual appeal of your home and you can’t put a dollar value on beauty.

Our windows and doors consultants can steer you to prospective financiers that we are associated with.

Home Trust is one of our financing merchant lenders and they will finance 100 per cent of your purchase if you qualify. They will finance the following products: replacement windows, entry doors, siding, porch enclosures and other products that require installation.

Another option for windows and doors financing is an online lender called SNAP. It eliminates a trip to the bank and approvals take just minutes to obtain. A click on the logo on this page will take you to their application site and the rest is up to you.

Another source of financing we can recommend is the use of Desjardins. Desjardins is the largest financial cooperative in Canada and they have helped thousands of people obtain financing for home renovations and home improvements and their rates are competitive.

When you are cash poor but credit rich, it only makes sense to finance your new windows and doors and enjoy the savings and aesthetic beauty that new windows and doors bring.

If you need more information our windows and doors consultant will be happy to provide it and get you moving in the right direction to finance your purchase.

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