Green ON Window Rebate

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Green ON Window Rebate

In order to help Ontario homeowners, make the necessary changes to reduce their carbon footprint, the Provincial Government has created the Green Ontario Fund. If you have been thinking of upgrading your windows, or making other energy efficient changes within your home, now may be the time do it. With the help of these valuable rebates, you can make your home more energy efficient, reduce your carbon emissions, and do your part to fight climate change, all while keeping more money in your pocket. With Green On rebates, brought to you by the Government of Ontario, upgrading your home has never been easier.

There are specific requirements, in order to receive these rebates on new energy efficient windows. They are as follows:

  • All eligible windows must be listed on the Energy Star most efficient models list and contain a low U-factor.
  • All replacement windows must also be certified to Climate Zone 3(which includes all of Ontario).
  • All window replacements must be “brick to brick”. This means that all frames, sashes and glass units must be replaced at the same time to qualify.
  • All windows must be installed by a Participating Contractor. You can find a detailed list of Participating Contractors on the Green ON website.

For every window replaced, you will be eligible to receive a rebate of $500, up to $5000. To receive this rebate, the cost of installation and materials must exceed that $500. If you are looking to replace a bay or bow window, with multiple glass units, they will qualify as only one rough opening, and will only be eligible for one rebate.

By choosing window replacements that contain a Low-E rating, you can reduce the amount of passive solar heat that infiltrates your home, while retaining the bright, natural sunlight. As Low-E windows are specially designed to keep hot air out and cool air in, and vice versa depending on the season, you can drastically reduce the cost of your energy bills with their use. Almost all Energy Star rated windows, contain a Low-E coating.

If you have been considering having the windows in your home replaced for a little while, this valuable rebate program might just give you that little push that you needed.

Here is How It Works:

  • Find a Participating Contractor in your area. If you do not see your preferred contractor on the list, keep checking back as new contractors are being added every day. You must purchase your replacement windows from this contractor and have them installed by the same source.
  • Once the window replacement is complete, your contractor will submit your rebate forms for you.
  • You will then have to validate that the work was performed and provide proof of purchase.
  • Once everything has been validated, your rebate cheque should arrive in the mail. It will usually take about 8-12 weeks to arrive.

Don’t continue to put off your window replacement, save money on the product and installation, increase the value of your home, and reduce your energy bills, all for a fraction of the cost of a usual window replacement. For more information about this Green On window rebate, and your product options, contact AM Window & Door Solutions. 

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