Benefits of Insulated Sidings

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When considering a siding replacement on your home, there are quite a few options available. And while finding one that will stand up to our harsh Ontario weather may seem like a challenge, consider insulated vinyl siding. If you want a durable, weather resistant product that has a plethora of benefits and can add to the curb appeal of your home, this may be the siding choice for you.

Insulated siding is a vinyl siding product that contains a polystyrene foam layer. This inner foam layer sits between your homes outer wall, and siding, helping to provide exceptionally beneficial insulating properties.

The benefits of Insulated siding are as follows:

Energy Efficiency

  • Our Ontario climate can be extreme in every season, and insulated siding can help to reduce heat, and cool air loss in the summer and winter months. When compared to different types of non-insulated siding, the results cannot compare. Insulated siding has, by far, the greatest R-value of any siding product. In other word, by installing insulated siding on your home, you can expect to see a significant reduction on your energy bills.

Critter Resistant

  • Insulated siding does not attract insects, or other nuisance vermin. Unlike wood siding, insulated vinyl siding does not provide a sufficient food source for insects such as termites. The foam within this insulated siding helps to fill any holes or gaps, preventing any insects or other small creatures from making it their home. This is a huge benefit in terms of life span.

Noise Reduction

  • The additional foam layer in this type of siding acts as a sound barrier, reducing the level of outside noise that penetrates into your home. If you have inconsiderate neighbours, the furry friends down the street are more vocal than most, or live in an area with an excessive amount of traffic, this insulation may be your best option for soundproofing.

Low Maintenance

  • Vinyl Siding take the least effort to maintain, of any siding product. It is specifically designed to endure extreme weather, while maintaining its look. Insulated Vinyl siding is not susceptible to rot, and it will never need to be repainted. Unless of course you choose to change the colour for aesthetic purposes. All this siding needs to maintain its look, is the occasional hose down.

Increased Durability

  • Insulated siding is a highly durable product. Not only is it incredibly weather resistant, it is impact resistant as well. The foam layer in this siding acts as a sort of shock absorber, which is great for weather event such as hail. If you have active kids, this insulated siding can also withstand the impacts from pucks, and stray baseballs!

Style, Style, Style

  • Insulated vinyl siding comes in a plethora of colours, finishes and styles. No longer do you have to sacrifice the look of your home, for durability. Insulated siding comes in many finishes, including wood.

Environmentally Conscious

  • If you are like many homeowners today, you may be looking for environmentally friendly products. By providing the insulating properties that it does, insulated siding help to reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced by your home. Not only does insulated siding help to save you money on your energy costs, it also helps you do your part to make the environment a little cleaner. It also lasts for decades, and can even be recycled, which helps to reduce waste!

Though insulated siding may cost slightly more than other types of siding, the money you will save in other areas will more than make up for it. When you consider the benefits of installing insulated siding on your home, you’ll quickly realize the investment is well worth it. 

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