Why Upgrading Your Patio Doors is a Good Idea

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patio doorsReplacing your patio doors can be an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade the look and feel of your home, and yard. Though they can cause quite a headache when they begin to wear out. Other than providing a flawless transition between your yard and home interior, patio doors also serve functional purposes. They provide protection from the elements, should provide some insulating properties, and keep out unwanted intruders. Patio doors should be fairly simple to maintain, you keep them clean, and ensure that they can open and close properly. But if your patio door isn’t in the best shape, how long can you go without a door replacement? That decision is of course, up to you, but here are some signs that you may be in need of a patio door upgrade.


Physical damage should be pretty obvious, if your door frame has begun to rot, or the glass has been cracked or broken a replacement or upgrade will be necessary. If you have active children, pets, or reside in a climate with extreme weather, damage to your existing patio door is pretty likely at some point. And while this damage may seem like a headache at the time, with a proper installation, you may end up grateful for the excuse to upgrade.

Leaks and/or Drafts

Air leaks or drafts, are more than just inconvenient, they can end up costing you a ton of money on your energy bills. And leaks can lead to rotting around your door frame, and walls and may result in the development of mold and mildew. Both of which can cause serious adverse health effects. If its not already obvious, an easy way to test the seal around your door and frame, is to ensure all windows are closed and light some incense. If the smoke produced by the incense is pushed inward, that’s a likely sign that you have a broken seal somewhere.

Energy Efficiency

As stated above, drafts and air leaks caused by broken seals around your patio door, can cost you hundreds on your heating and cooling costs. These drafts will suck both heat, and cool air out of your home resulting in higher than average energy bills. By upgrading your current, worn out patio door, you can put an end to all that energy loss and save yourself a ton of money.

Less than optimal household protection.

Older doors may have issues with their locking mechanism, this presents a serious safety issue. Rain, snow and cold air are not the only things that you don’t want invading your home. Unfortunately, break and enters do occur, more often than we’d like. For the safety of your family, you should ensure that your patio door can lock properly and that it does not have any structural damage that may impede proper protection. More than drafts, or aesthetics, structural integrity of your patio door, and its ability to protect you and your home, should be number one priority.

Finally, Looks.

While not the most important aspect of a patio door upgrade, if you take pride in your home, you’ll want every part of it to look great. A patio door that shows signs of wear, or is irreparably damaged can become quite the eyesore. Broken or cracked glass, rusty frames, and even ripped and bent screens can make your pristine home and yard look awful, and not just from close up. If your patio door is an older style, and not in a cool retro way, this can greatly affect the value of your home as well. Should you decide to sell, even what may seem like a minor detail can have a great impact on your likelihood to sell quickly. A well installed, and attractive patio door can brighten your home, by letting in an abundance of natural light. The right choice of patio door can also help to make your home feel bigger, as it transitions effortlessly to your yard beyond.

Save money on your household energy bills, and ensure the proper protection for your family, all while adding a unique and attractive flair to your home. With a quality patio door upgrade, installed by a skilled and reputable contractor you will notice the difference right away. 

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