New Windows And Doors: Steps To Prepare Your Home For Installation.

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New Windows And Doors: Steps To Prepare Your Home For Installation.

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to replace and upgrade your windows and doors, you’ve chosen the models and the designs, and now you’re ready for their arrival and final installation. Or are you? Well, let’s fix that. Here is your checklist to help you prepare for installation day.

Easy access.

  • The window and door installers will need a minimum of a 2-foot space in the home’s interior in front of each window and door that is going to be replaced. This allows them room for their tools and ability to manoeuvre around for both the removal and replacement process.
  • Window treatments, such as curtains, blinds or shutters (both interior and exterior) will all have to be removed.
  • Removal of both indoor and outdoor plants within the area. For outdoor plants that are underneath the windows areas, such as bushes or flower boxes, removal or replanting may be necessary, especially if it’s a plant that would not survive the possibility of being trodden on.
  • Home furnishings within the work areas. As with the window treatments, any nearby furnishings should also be removed or repositioned.
  • The installers will require a designated work area outside of the home. Driveways should be clear and any cars that may be needed during the upgrade process should be away from the workstation.

Protecting items.

  • Since there will be times during the replacement process where there once was a window is now (temporarily) a large opening that will expose the home to the elements, in particular wind. It’s best to prepare for this by covering furniture, ensuring paper or light-weighted items are placed in drawers or closets. Artwork on the nearby walls that could possibly be at risk should be temporarily removed. This also applies to all electronic equipment that may be in the path of wind and therefore susceptible to dust particles.
  • If there are pets in the home, they need to be in an enclosed area away from the work. For the comfort of both the installers and pets, if a pet is known to be aggressive or very vocal, it’s best to have them away for installation day.

Being prepared for arrival times, job completion and final clean up.

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