Repair or replace?

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Repair or replace?

There is an age-old conundrum for any person who owns anything of significant value and that comes when there is a need to service the asset and whether is better to replace the asset or repair it.

In the short-term, a repair is always considered the best way to go, it costs less than a replacement and it affords the owner a chance to maximize the previous investment. But what happens when the asset has outlived its’ usefulness and becomes a financial drag on the owner? 

A decision has to made and in the case of a home’s windows never has the question been trickier to answer. Damaged windows that don’t keep the cold draughts out or heat gain from penetrating your home cry out for a repair, but it isn’t cost-effective when a long view is taken. Chances are the windows that you have in your home are at least 10-years-old, and window technology has come a long way in the interim and strides have been made to enhance their energy efficiency. Improved quality means that a homeowner is no longer saddled with high-energy bills – as much as 25-per-cent higher in some cases – and the reduced costs in energy savings are more than offset the initial costs of the installation of new windows.

Repair or replace?









Benefits of replacement windows

•    It all starts with energy efficiency, repairing old windows is throwing good money after bad because no amount of money or repairs will affect poorly constructed or outdated windows. First and foremost, the up-front costs of a windows replacement will be higher than a repair, it is savings over one to two decades that should be the driving force when making the decision to replace your windows.

•    If your home is of a certain vintage and the windows installed are pre-1978, you may have hidden danger lurking in your home. Before 1978, windows were painted with lead-based paint and the health risks to pregnant women, children and the elderly are at dangerous levels and all sorts of health problems can be the result of prolonged exposure. Birth defects, cancer, and respiratory ailments are just a few of the risks that can be prevalent in a home with lead-based, painted windows through a replacement of new windows.

•    Windows that have outlived their life span should be replaced and when you do replace them you can add to the curb appeal of your home with designer windows that fit your home’s design. Also, you can’t discount the likeability factor when you install new windows as they become that personal choice that puts your personal stamp on your home.

When you install new, energy efficient windows, you will realize an increase in equity in your property that will pay off in cold, hard, cash if and or when you sell you property.

Your home is your most important financial asset and if you manage your home right, the investments you make today in new windows will pay off tomorrow in the re-sale value of your property.

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