Warm During the Winter, Cool During the Summer

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The cost of energy has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years and it has certainly put a strain on home’s financial budget for operations of the different systems. There is no end in sight to the cost increases as governments across the land are imposing environmental taxes to mitigate the use of energy to protect the environment.

Homeowners are faced with a dilemma, use less energy and freeze in the winter and swelter in the summer or find a way to reduce energy use and save money in the process.

If your home is more than five-years-old, chances are you have obsolete technology providing ineffectual energy efficiency in your home. What this means is your money is going up in smoke, your heating and cooling dollars are evaporating through less that well-insulated home.

Heat transfer occurs when your windows and doors aren’t properly sealed and that causes draughts through the gaps and cracks that contribute to a high-energy bill. This has a great impact on your home’s ability to be heated and cooled and impact on the comfort that you will not be enjoying because of your faulty windows and doors insulation.

Things to consider:

•    Up to 40-per-cent of a home heat loss in the winter can be directly tied to poor insulation for your windows and doors. The cost is magnified if you haven’t done anything to prevent heat loss, like plastic sheeting over the windows or a strip to cover the gaps between the doors and the doorjambs.

•    Studies have been released that tell consumers that 87 per cent of heat gain in the summer is due to the inadequate windows and doors insulation in your home.

•    If you have gaps around your windows and doors, your heating and cooling costs can be as much as 25-per-cent higher than a home that is well protected from draughts and leaks.

Now, you can take action to combat energy loss, but aren’t you just postponing the inevitable?

And that inevitability is an investment in your home to help reduce the energy loss and heat gain that you are experiencing. Major studies produced in the US and Canada tell us that a retrofit of your windows and doors with new energy-efficient products will reduce your energy consumption and provide a cost savings of 20-per-cent per year. The investment you make today will be returned to you over time – depending on energy use and location – and the savings that you are enjoying initially will go a long way to covering the costs of the initial installation.

When you have come to the conclusion that high-energy bills aren’t for you, reach to AM Windows and Doors for the solution that will provide you with energy security now and in the future.

One phone call to AM will have an estimator come to your home for an inspection – that is free of charge – to give you an overview of your current windows and doors situation and what improvements can be made with new windows and doors to stop the escalation of heating and cooling bills.

To obtain a free estimate and consultation for energy efficiency that will pay dividends, call AM Windows and Doors today at 519.668.1555.

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