Window Wise. What Is It? Why Is It Important?

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New windowsWindow wise is a Canadian quality assurance program that can provide homeowners with the confidence that they need, when dealing with their window replacements. When choosing to have your replacement windows installed by a Window Wise certified contractor, and choosing Window Wise approved windows, you can rest assured that your installation will be a quality, and long lasting one. Regardless of what happens with the contractor that you’ve chosen, or the manufacturer of the windows themselves, with Window Wise you and your window replacement investment will be backed by an industry wide guarantee.window wise logo

Though many contractors may offer Window Wise approved windows and doors, if they are not certified Window Wise installers, your investment is for not. Window Wise provides comprehensive and thorough window installation training for contractors and installers. Window Wise certifies only quality window manufacturers and installers, ensuring that your window replacement is a premium one.

In an industry as saturated as the window installation industry, many contractors receive less than sufficient training. Too many companies offer window replacement products of less than stellar quality, and more still do not service the window replacement products that they offer. By choosing a Window Wise energy efficient, and guaranteed window replacement you will receive the type of service and peace of mind that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

With a Window Wise window installation, you will also receive:

  • A five-year transferable guarantee
  • A certified window replacement contractor that you can be confident has been trained sufficiently.
  • Post installation inspections to ensure that a quality installation has been provided.
  • Excellent customer service from your Window Wise certified installer.
  • Premium, energy star certified windows
  • Your window replacement will be properly registered to ensure that all installation and product criteria has been achieved.

Your 5-year installation Guarantee will protect you against:

  • Faulty products
  • Improperly completed window replacements
  • Less than honest window replacement installers
  • Warranty failures, whether by the manufacturer or installer
  • And you will be protected even if your window replacement contractor goes out of business

Every Window Wise approved, window manufacturers products have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are energy efficient, reduce air infiltration, are sufficiently sealed, and produce the energy saving benefits that you require. These Window Wise window replacements meet, or exceed, all building code standards.

In order to qualify for this valuable Window Wise program, your replacement windows must be installed by a Window Wise certified installer, and your replacement windows must be Window Wise approved as well. Be cautious when choosing your installer, as some companies may have a Window Wise logo on their business cards or website, but are not certified installers. These companies generally offer Window Wise approved window replacement products, but have not been properly trained in the Window Wise installation program. Qualified Window Wise installers, and companies, will have Window Wise Certified Installer certificates, and proper Window Wise Dealer certificates. If you are unsure of a companies’ authenticity, a list of certified window replacement contractors can be found on the Window Wise website. 

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