Can Window Installation Be Done in the Winter?

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house in winterMany people are hesitant about having a window installation done in the winter, though this may be the best time for it. Believe it or not, by having a window installation done during the slow season, late fall or winter, you may be able to save a significant amount of money on your home improvement. Not only will you save on the material and installation, you should also be able to notice immediate results in terms of household heat retention. This of course will save you greatly on your energy costs. By booking an installation in the wintertime, you also forgo much of the usual wait time as, as business is much slower this time of the year. Even if your job is delayed a day or two due to inclement weather, you should still receive your windows far sooner than you would if you booked during the peak times.  

The ‘peak’ times for window installations are generally in early spring, after problems have been noticed over the winter, or late summer to early fall in preparation of the upcoming winter season. There is nothing wrong with have your windows replaced during these times, though many companies are much less likely to give you any sort of deal, and wait times can be long. During the winter months many companies are looking for business, so you may get the most bang for your buck by waiting until then.

But CAN your windows be PROPERLY installed in the winter? Why yes, yes they can. The functionality of your window replacement will depend on two things, the quality of the windows you chose, and the experience of the installers themselves. As long as the company doing the work is skilled and properly trained, having your windows replaced in the winter should not present a problem. The main issue with improperly installed window installations is moisture being trapped inside, and so long as the window installers are well versed in the proper installation techniques for the weather conditions, your window replacement should go off without a hitch.

In fact, having your windows replaced in the winter time can actually benefit you. As it may be much easier to see where the moisture issues begin, ensuring the issue is properly rectified. Unless the problem is really bad, it is very difficult to tell where your moisture issues are in the summer months, as the window and its frame may be too dry to tell. Having your windows replaced in the winter time can actually cut down on a number of issues that may arise by having a summer installation. Why, you ask?

There is actually very little difference between a summer, and a winter window replacement, though the process is slightly different. In the wintertime, competent installers will work on only one window at a time, in order to reduce the amount of heat loss your home experiences. Because of this, the installer must ensure that the window is completely finished prior to moving on to the next. A good contractor will also ensure that the door is closed, to ensure minimal heat loss. Attention to detail is key in ensuring that the window replacement contractor that you chose, is a good one.

By installing just one window at a time, obviously the job may take slightly longer than a summer installation would, though the attention to detail put into winter work is usually worth it. Most jobs can be completed in temperatures as low as -20, with wind chill factored in. There are exceptions of course.

The vinyl in your windows is specially designed to handle those kinds of temperature, though it does tend to make them more difficult to cut. If you have bay windows that need replacement, it may be best to wait until the warmer months to ensure a quality installation. You should also delay in having any bow windows replaced until then as well, due to the number of small and intricate pieces that may need to be cut.If your windows are equipped with aluminum capping on the outside, they may not be finished until the spring rolls around, as bending such metal in cold temperatures can be difficult as well. Though many companies may shape elsewhere as to speed up the installation process.

One thing to consider when planning a winter time window replacement is snowfall, and subsequent snowfall removal. The window contractor that you hire may request that all snow and ice be removed prior to the date of the installation, as they are generally not responsible for this. As snow build up can pose both safety risks, and may impede the quality of your installation, be sure to take proper snow removal into consideration.

Bottom line is this, if you are not picky about when you have your windows replaced, and understand that weather can cause delays, the wintertime may be the best time to get the most bang for your buck. With a reputable, and skilled company performing your window replacement, you can get great deals and a quality window installation at the same time. 

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