Frequently Asked Questions

For some homeowners, they may never need to purchase replacement windows and doors because the home they purchased had quality windows and doors installed previously and the windows and doors will last for the life of the residency of the owner. For others, new windows and doors are a must as the need to save money and keep the heat in and cold out is paramount to the purchase. Also, others may want to update or upgrade the look of the exterior of their home with new windows and doors.

Windows and doors technology has evolved over the years, and improvements to the windows and doors to make them more energy efficient have taken hold. New materials and products have advanced windows and doors to the point where they are extremely different in design than they were 20 years ago.

At AM Window & Door Solutions, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) as a buyer’s guide to the purchase of replacement windows and doors where we answer some common questions and uncommon questions to take the guess work out of buying new windows and doors.

1. How do I know my windows need replacing?

Common signs your windows need replacing start with age if your windows are 25 years old or more it is time to replace them. It will allow you to maximize the energy efficiency that new windows bring while lowering your overall energy costs in the long run. When windows become difficult to open, fog up excessively, ice up on the inside panes, have draughts, and air leaks that means the windows have outlived their lifespan and need to be replaced.

2. Can new windows lower my energy consumption?

Certainly, cost savings will be the end product of new windows. When you upgrade with new vinyl windows you will see a number of benefits. Vinyl doesn’t warp so the integrity of the seal of the vinyl windows will always be there, vinyl never needs to be painted nor will vinyl discolour. Over time, the investment you make today will be returned to you when you install new windows.

3. Will condensation be eliminated if I buy new windows?

No, but there are ways to combat condensation in your home that will help. First things first, a double-glazed, energy efficient window will reduce the warm cold air ratio in between the windows but it won’t eliminate it altogether. It all comes down to managing humidity in your home during the winter months and one sure-fire way to reduce the humidity in your home is turning off your humidifier during the winter months. Another trick you can use is opening up your fireplace damper to let the moist air out and another method to use is opening up the drapes and the blinds in your home to let warm air circulate around the windows to stabilize a dry environment.

4. Will new windows filter out UV rays that fade furniture and hardwood floors?

There are two ways to go with this and it involves the type of windows you purchase. First, you can eliminate 50 per cent of ultraviolet light when you buy windows that have Low-E (low-emissivity) coating installed for the panes and that will help. If you choose to go another route and purchase windows that are laminated, insulated glass that contains PVB (polyvinyl butyral) for the inner layer and a coating of Low-E, you can reduce the UV ray penetration by 99 per cent.

5. What is Low E and how does it work?

Low-emissivity is a non-visible coating applied to the glass that improves the energy efficiency of a thermal glass unit or window. How it works is it reflects light coming through the glass and in turn reduce U-value and increases R-value in the process. U-value is calculated by the amount of heat that escapes through the window, by lowering the U-value that escapes it increases the energy efficiency through the reduction, addition by subtraction. The R-value is contingent on a few things, first is the number of panes of glass that are present, the type of gas used between window panes and have the insulated windows been coated with Low-E.

6. What tax incentives or rebates are available when installing new, energy efficient windows?

Depending on where you live – provincially in Ontario the government has plans for homeowners who qualify for rebates or tax incentives, but an energy audit is a precursor for any benefits to be accessed. At the federal level, a homeowner can access a 30 per cent tax credit with no limit on costs for energy efficient replacement windows.

7. Many new windows contain Argon gas, what is it and why is it used?

Argon gas is a non-toxic, inert gas that is used between glass panes to reduce heat transfer between the panes. We all remember our high school science class that told us hot air rises and cold settles at lower levels. What Argon does is it mitigates the swings of heat and cold and through the reduction of air movement - it provides a better-insulated window as it spreads the hot and cold air throughout the entire window pane, reducing heat leakage and cold air invasion.

8. Why vinyl windows and not wood or another substance?

Vinyl is very resilient, it can stand the toughest temperature that Mother Nature can throw at it, it is resistant to pollutants and chemicals in the air that would harm wood or other substances and it doesn’t degrade like other products do. The advantages of vinyl windows are longevity, will hold their good look and are virtually maintenance free.

Now that we answered some product questions, we’d like to address some other concerns that our customers have voiced in the run-up to the installation of their new energy efficient windows. 

9. We have a very busy lifestyle, is there someone who can come to our house to give us a quote and can he work around our schedule?

We have many qualified windows consultants on staff, and we are always trying to satisfy the needs of all our customers when it comes to scheduling for consultations.

10. What is the time limit on a quote from AM Window & Door Solutions

We stand behind our estimate for a year and there is no obligation when you contact us for an estimate

11. What kind of windows and doors do you sell?

Our selection for vinyl windows has a lot of options associated with the product – from colours to styles – we can cater to anybody’s taste and design. For doors, we offer fibreglass and steel doors that have the same options associated with them as the vinyl windows – it all about choice and we have many options to choose from. Our products are highly rated for performance and they are CSA and Energy Star Qualified products.

12. Are there warranties attached to my purchase of windows and doors from AM Window & Door Solutions?

Absolutely, we guarantee our windows and doors for LIFE! If you have more questions, please ask our product consultant to go into greater detail when you are discussing your purchase for new windows and doors.

13. Am I required to be there at the time of installation?

There needs to be somebody there at the time of the installation to ensure that the installation process is followed by preference and if there are any questions from our installers there will be somebody there to help.

14. When my windows and doors are installed, how will the installers protect my home?

Our staff is extremely careful of where they step and what footwear they have on. We use drop cloths to cover flooring, and our mission is to prevent debris from falling on the floor or furniture that could cause damage.

15. If I have problems with my windows and doors, whom do I call?

You call us at AM Window & Door Solutions, and our crack service team will attend your resident to take care of any issues you are having with the installation of your new windows and doors in a timely manner.

16. Is there a showroom where I can view your products?

Of course, we have regional showrooms across Southwestern Ontario and we invite you to call our toll-free number to find the closest showroom to your location for your personal viewing.

17. How can I tell if it's time for new windows?

Most windows should last around 25 years. If your windows are nearing that age it’s likely time for an upgrade. Also, if you’re having trouble opening them, seeing a lot of fog or ice on the inside panes, or feeling draughts and air leaks. Those are all good signs that it’s time.

18. I'm trying to cut my energy bill, will new windows help?

Absolutely! We will find the most energy efficient solution for your home and budget. Vinyl windows won’t warp so the seal stays tight and you don’t watch precious dollars go out the window (or door).

19. Can your windows block out UV rays?

Yes! We offer 2 options for your windows, Low-E coating, or laminated, insulated glass. A Low-E (low-emissivity) coating can block up to 50% of UV light, while laminated, insulated glass can reduce up to 99%!

20. I just got a quote but would like to shop around, how long will you honour your quote?

Our no obligation quote is valid for up to 12 months, so you have plenty of time to shop around, but we’re confident that you’ll come back when it’s time.

21. Do you offer a warranty on your products? If yes, how long?

We do, and for life!  Talk to one of our product consultants for more information and rest easy knowing your windows and doors are taken care of.

22. I've been browsing online but where can I see your products in person?

Stop in to a showroom in the Guelph area, we have lots of items set up so you get a better picture of what our products will look like in your home.

23. How will I know if my windows need replacing?

If your windows are 25 years old, or older it is most likely time to replace them. Other warnings signs include difficulty opening, excessive fogging, ice found on the inside panes, draughts and air leaks

24. Will new windows save me money on my energy costs?

Absolutely! Our windows provide the most energy efficient solution for your home. The vinyl will not warp, the seal will remain strong and does not need to be painted.

25. Will new windows save my furniture and hardwood floors from fade due to UV rays?

Yes! There are 2 options for your windows, Low-E coating, or laminated, insulated glass. Low-E (low-emissivity) coating is installed on the panes and can eliminate 50% of UV light, while laminated, insulated glass can reduce UV penetration by up to 99%.

26. How long is my quote good for from AM Window & Door Solutions?

Our no obligation quote is valid for up to 12 months.

27. What kind of warranty do you provide on your windows and doors?

Our windows and doors come with a Lifetime guarantee! Our product consultants would be happy to go over the details so you can rest easy knowing we have your back!

28. Where can I see your products?

Our regional showrooms across Southwestern Ontario provide the perfect in-person viewing opportunity so you can see for yourself the amazing quality you get with AM Window & Door Solutions.

29. I just bought a house, how can I tell if the windows need replacing?

There is a date printed on the windows, if they’re over 25 years old, it is probable time for new windows. You might also notice difficulty opening, excessive fogging, ice found on the inside panes, draughts and air leaks. These are all good indicators of old windows.

30. Will new windows help cut down my energy costs?

Yes! Modern vinyl windows are designed to not warp, which means the seal will remain tight so you won’t lose heat (or AC) and you don’t have to worry about the colour fading!

31. Will new windows help stop my furniture and carpets from fading?

You bet! You can choose from Low-E coating, or laminated, insulated glass. Low-E (low-emissivity) coating is installed on the panes and can eliminate 50% of UV light, while laminated, insulated glass can reduce UV penetration by up to 99%.

32. I just use your online quote tool, how long is my quote good for?

Take your time! Our no obligation quotes are valid for up to 12 months.

33. Do you offer a warranty on your windows and doors?

100%! All of our windows and doors come with a Lifetime guarantee so you have peace of mind knowing you’re covered. Let our product experts help you with the details.

34. Where is the best place to see your products?

Check out any of our showrooms in the Muskoka area. They offer the perfect atmosphere for in-person browsing so you can see for yourself why AM Window & Door Solutions is above the rest.

35. I've heard that new windows can dramatically decrease energy costs, is that true?

Absolutely! We use the most energy efficient products for your home. Vinyl windows will not warp, the seal will remain strong and the colour stays sharp for life.

36. I just used your online quote tool for an estimate. How long is my quote valid?

Our no obligation quote is valid for up to 12 months.

37. Does your company offer warranties on all of the work done? If so, how long is the warranty?

Our windows and doors come with a Lifetime guarantee! Talk to our product consultants to get more information. But most importantly, feel great knowing you’re in good hands. For life.

38. There are so many window options, how do I decide what's best for me?

Get it touch! We’re more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. We’ve been helping customers find the perfect match for over 60 years.

39. When should I start thinking about replacing my windows?

Check your windows for fog, ice, difficulty opening or for any signs of drafts or air leaks. These signs are a good indication of old windows. Most windows will last around 25 years, so if they’re getting up there in the years it’s time to start planning to replace.

40. Will new windows save me money on my utility bill?

Absolutely! New windows are the best and most efficient way to save money on your energy bill. Modern window technology makes controlling the climate of your home a breeze!

41. Will new windows save my furniture and floors from fading?

You bet! We offer a wide variety of window options, including laminated, insulated glass windows that can reduce UV penetration by up to 99% so your furniture and floors are protected from the sun.

42. Can new windows help block out sound?

The short answer is yes! Properly sealed and airtight windows offer the home a much quieter ambient sound. It’s especially noticeable if the windows were upgraded from single pane to double and even triple pane.

43. Does the government still offer rebates for new windows?

Yes they do! We can help you take advantage of government incentives and rebates. When applied to the initial cost of upgrading a home’s windows and doors, plus the energy savings from the windows, it’s a win win situation.

44. Do you have a showroom nearby?

Our regional showrooms across Central Ontario provide the perfect in-person shopping experience so you can see the amazing quality we offer at AM Window & Door Solutions.

At AM Window & Door Solutions we have covered all the bases to provide the most comprehensive information for your purchase of new windows and doors. If there is something else that you would like information on, don’t hesitate to call us today at 877-281-6900

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