Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Replacement windows have excellent payoff as they create energy savings through reducing the cost of energy consumption. An intangible benefit of new windows will be in the increased quality of life brought upon due to your improved home environment.

To make an investment in your home that comes with outstanding benefits, contact us at AM Window & Door Solutions to make the jump to energy efficiency. We have a team of consultants at the ready to assist you in every step of the process when choosing your new replacement windows. We supply all the windows and doors in the homes we work in. To ensure perfection, our manufacturing facility is equipped with top of the line production processes to guarantee our windows are reliable and have peak energy-efficiency. With every step of the process under our control—from the insulated glass component manufacturing to PVC profile bending, and all the way to painting— both the service and quality is managed flawlessly.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have two movable sashes (panels) that are adjustable and they capable of tilting inwardly. Double hung windows provide more ventilation – depending on which panel is open and how much it is open. Double hung windows are best suited for a variable climate – like we have here in Ontario – and their versatility makes them an instant hit with homeowners. Double hung windows come in most standard sizes, but they are a bit more intricate to install and are best installed by a professional. Although the installation and manufacturing costs are higher, the long-term benefits are undeniable and will keep you satisfied for years to come. For the past 20-30 years, double hung windows have been the default choice for new construction based on their energy efficiency and durability.

AM Designer Series Double Hung Windows

The AM Designer Series of double hung windows are the most energy efficient in their class and have great Energy Star and NAFS-11 ratings. The standard issue for this model of windows is white, but there are designer colours for a homeowner who has taste and style and who wants it to reflect in their outer home décor. The AM Designer Series windows are beautifully designed and are extremely functional. It is a simple job to clean as both the top and the bottom sash tilt in and ventilation can flow from either top or bottom sash. Some of the many added features that the double hung windows boast are heavy-duty cam lock and keeper, constant force balancers, finger latches, dual-interlocking rails, foam fill frame/sash, night latches, hidden drainage flaps, and a heavy duty push down screen frame.

Double Hung Window Diagram

  • True multi-chamber design with extra rigidity walls; approx. 30% more vinyl than typical windows. (1)

  • Max sizes up to 50” x 78”

  • Two hidden drain holes and two diagonally mounted drain flaps for less air infiltration; both located far from base for easy caulking and less chances of drain blockage. (2)

  • Triple weather-stripping air tight system. (3)

  • Double tower glazing walls. (4)

  • Curve shaped integrated pull rails. (5)

  • Inside frame mullion bracket easy to maintain.

  • Heavy duty screen bars, spring loaded, no pins!

  • Constant force balances.

  • Cam and self-closing lock options.

  • Foam filled sash and frame.

  • Ideal glazing options with 7/8” for dual and 1”1/4 for triple panes (true triple pane, only large manufacturer to offer it).

Key Advantages For Double Hung Windows

Versatility: very compatible with most homes and are the most popular for new construction and replacement windows. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be custom made to fit any opening in your home, and the best part, they are made of vinyl and will stand up to our harsh Canadian weather.

Air conditioner and screen friendly: a primary difference between casement windows and double hung windows is in how they work. Double hung windows slide up or down, rather than cranking side-to-side like casement windows; which allows for air conditioner units and screens to be installed and removed with ease

Easy cleaning: because the windows open in, the tilting allows the windows to be cleaned easily and quickly without too much trouble.

Energy efficiency: to maximize the return on energy efficiency, precise measurements must be taken to prevent air leakage or moisture leakage. Double hung windows can have quadruple weather stripping installed, allowing for you to set your thermostat and forget about it, because the extra weather stripping has eliminated heat loss or cold air invasion.

To get to the next phase of energy efficiency in your home, call us today at AM Window & Door Solutions for a free estimate and consultation that comes with no-obligation, at 1.877.281.6900.

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Casement Windows

A Casement Window is pivoted to swing open outwards, with the convenient use of a hidden handle and a patented casement stay offering a clear and open-doorway view of the outside world.

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Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows

Single hung tilt windows are one of the most flexible, easy-to-clean and energy efficient window systems with just one movable panel to allow ventilation control. They are also easy to replace and cost less compared to other window systems.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have two movable panels which allow twice the ventilation. They are a popular choice among homeowners due to their versatility, efficiency and durability.

Single Tilt Slider Windows

Single Tilt Slider Windows

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Double Tilt Slider Windows

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Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl replacement windows are a great way to make sure that your home becomes more energy efficient, secure, and valuable.

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Kevin P.

Very happy with my windows. I used this company to install replacement windows in my home in early December.

I worked with Steve. He was very clear about pricing and what would be involved in the window installation process.

All the new windows were installed in two days. Very good prices and a good experience. I would recommend this

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I purchased 6 windows and 2 sliding glass doors and the installation was timely and professional. Everything was completed in 1 day. I highly recommend AM Window & Door Solutions.

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I love how my replacement windows gave new life to my home. Thank you AM Window & Door Solutions

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I didnt know much about windows, but Kevin made it easy for me to understand and select the right options for me.

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Great Company, excellent quality product with the best installers in London. Have an older house and had AM replace all the windows in the house which I thought would be a challenge.

The windows were delivered on time, at an affordable price and installed by a professional crew. All the old windows were taken away. Everything was cleaned up.

Thomas C.

I took a ton of time before carefully choosing a window and door company to replace all the windows in my home. Thank you AM Windows for taking the time to explain everything thoroughly with zero pressure to buy. You truly get what you pay for when it comes to windows and doors. Major thanks to everyone at AM.

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