Entry door systems

Entry door systems

From the dawn of time, man has been trying to shelter himself from the elements. First, he and his group took shelter in caves for protection from the elements and for security from animals and other humans. Once the caves became obsolete – man had learned to construct ‘huts’ as the precursor to modern day homes – and with the development, shelter became assured as a means to protect the family and beat the weather.

Now, we live in solidly constructed homes that are geared to withstand the elements, they also provide protection and security. Traditional, doors were made of wood and why because wood was the only building material that was available for construction. Steel doors became commonplace for many years later as alternative to wood doors because they would last longer and wouldn’t warp.

Doors were installed in a jamb or doorway that was roughed into the frame in a wall that would provide an entranceway to the home. Most homes had a front and back door and over time the seal between the wood door and the jamb would separate due to warping and or shrinking of the wood. Those doors weren’t so energy-efficient, but nobody thought that fossil fuel use would cause climate change in those days.  

In the here and now, we see our doors as potential energy savers and a great accent to our home’s character and profile. There are many different materials that a door can made of, but the best materials by far are steel and fibreglass.


Steel doors, advantages

  • Steel doors can be the right choice for a homeowner – depending on application – they are economical and provide a level of security that your family needs from an entryway door.
  • The steel doors we install come with a smooth, paintable surface that will match any décor and they come with high-definition embossing also.
  • The doors are highly energy efficient – they have a polyurethane foam core that seals heat in your home. The doors are built with finger jointed wood frames, with a solid wood lock block and ball bearing hinges for easy operation and no squeaks.
  • The doors contain a compressed foam weather-stripping that is located at the bottom sweep to eliminate water and air penetration at the point of entry.
  • Vinyl-clad frames are a great seal and they maintenance free that comes in 25 different colours to match your home’s décor.
  • Your front entranceway is the most pronounced characteristic of your home, and we have additions to help make that door ‘pop.’ You have a choice of single doors that come with sidelights as an accent or you can choose from an array of double doors with decorative glass.


Fibreglass doors, advantages

  • Coming on smooth or textured surfaces, fibreglasss doors offer a strong and secure option for your home’s entranceway.
  • When you choose fibreglass as the material of choice for your home’s entryway, it is dent resistance, has excellent insulation in its core and they are resistant to heat and cold transfer to the inside of the home.
  • A textured fibreglass door has an appearance of wood and it is four times stronger than a wood door. Another advantage of the wood clad door is it won’t spilt, crack, or rot – extending the life of the textured door by many years.
  • The features of the fibreglass doors we retail include woodgrain textures that be stained or painted and they can come with high-definition embossing should you choose that style. Finger-jointed frames can be ordered with options like vinyl cladding, in 25 colours that are maintenance free. Solid wood lock blocks, polyurethane foam cores, and ball bearing hinges round out the construction of these sturdy doors.
  • The doors are completely weathered tight – a high degree of compression that is exerted on the foam weather-stripping at the bottom sweep assures a watertight seal that won’t transfer heat of cold temperatures into your home.  

At AM Window & Door Solutions, we would like to introduce the newest product for entry door systems that comes from our partners at Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. They make many different styles of doors that are energy efficient and stylish for any homeowner. Vinylbilt has been manufacturing quality entranceways for many years and they are a Canadian company too.


An entry door system

An entry door system is one that incorporates all the pieces that go into mounting a door to the frame that is cut into the wall that provides the opening. It is put together as puzzle would and the pieces fit together to complete an airtight seal around the frame that is attached to the wall. Entry doors can be in the front of your home the back or side and the garage can have an independent entryway also.


Why upgrade your entry doors?

In Canada, we experience more cold weather than warm weather and it is incumbent on the homeowner to install doors that will eliminate cold air draughts or heat leakage through heat-loss points. Your doors can yield a great return when they are replaced with steel or fibreglass entryway doors. Sixty percent of a home’s energy bill is devoted to heating the home and reducing the costs that add money back to the household budget.

Installing new entryways comes with a price – what home renovation project doesn’t – but it returns the investment and then some. The reduction in fuel costs isn’t a one-time savings – it accumulates month after month – in turn, reduced fossil fuel use means fewer greenhouse gases released from your home. Once you have added the new, energy efficient doors, you will notice that the equity of the home will increase because the energy-efficient doors that enhance a home’s profile will also increase the resale value when the time comes.

One little-known benefits of steel or fibreglass entryway doors are that they reduce the noise that comes into the house. The materials that the door are made with is an excellent noise reduction material for your entranceways.

When you think steel or fibreglass doors for your entranceway, do you think designer doors?

Probably not, but when sit down with one of our consultants at AM Window & Door Solutions; you will be amazed at the many options available for your front, side or backdoors.

You can have a large glass window, a small glass window or no glass window. When you go with a steel or fibrglass door you can have different grille patterns, sidelights, and transoms in conjunction with any glass panels that you may wish to choose to be installed to make a personal statement for your from the entranceway.  

Locks and handles are options can be discussed at the time of purchase and there a plethora of hardware available to match any door design. When we install a door at your home the most important thing we can do is install an adjustable threshold in your entranceway system. What this will do is keep the door weather-tight and help maintain the energy efficiency that vinyl door entranceways provide.

To view the wide selection of our energy-efficient entranceways for your home, make a date with AM Window & Door Solutions. To book an appointment for a consultation that comes with no-obligation and free estimate, call us today at 1.519.668.1555. 


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Entry door systems

Entry door systems

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