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Replacement Windows in Orillia

From time to time a homeowner will be engaged in some type of home repair that requires them to replace something. From the benign, like a light bulb to something major like a garage door the replacement will need to be made. Same goes for replacement windows in Orillia, windows break and they need to be replaced. But there are other reasons to install replacement windows in Orillia and it has everything to do with increasing the energy-efficiency of your home. The windows you have now – if they are five-years-old or more won’t hold much energy efficiency. That is how fast the industry has changed in response to consumer demand to create better windows that will help hold warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. Choosing the right company for the vital work your home needs to meet energy-efficiency is paramount to the success of the project and AM Window and Door Solutions is the right company for your needs. We will help you save more on energy and through the upgrade and the cost will be easily recovered over time as you reduce your energy costs.


Replacement windows in Orillia, the time has come

•    When you begin the process for replacement windows in Orillia, you need to do a few things that will set the tone for successful completion of installation for replacement windows in Orillia. That starts with hiring someone who can do the work. Your choice of contractor should be a local one – it provides an opportunity to review the previous jobs the contractor has completed and you can get a reference from previous customers if you can.

•    The next place you need to go is to assess the credentials of the contractor for your replacement windows in Orillia. Specifically, what you want to know is whether the contractor holds insurance and a business license to act in the capacity of a contractor. If not, you may want to move in a different direction.

•    For the work, you need to know how the contractor handles the installation of your replacement windows in Orillia. Is the contractor looking to line up jobs for a subcontracting team or does he use his own crew to complete the work is the question. Make a commitment to a contractor who keeps a crew at the ready for the work – it demonstrates a commitment to quality and build confidence in the contractor.

•    Part of establishing trust – your contractor who will provide your replacement windows in Orillia should offer a warranty for the products and the work provided by his team. When you hire us at AM Window and Door Solutions you can count on a lifetime warranty for products and services we provide to complete your home upgrade.

•    Agonizing over costs is the last thing to worry about, but it is important to know the costs upfront before you green light a project. Get a formal written estimate with the details that are pertinent to the work. Without that piece of protection, you could be left out in the cold when it comes time to pay the bill.


Our company wants to build a level of trust that you can find with other contractors, and you’ll recognize our abilities when you first meet with us. Our team of experts is focused on supplying the right product for the right situation and we will make sure you understand why you need what we recommend. Our approach to installation for replacement windows in Orillia is different than other contractors. We take the window and remove the frame and when we install a new window it is with a fresh frame. The windows are installed, sealed and in some cases gas-filled to improve energy-efficiency, are completely self-sustaining units that will provide cost savings over time for your fuel bill.

We have a vast selection of products for your consideration for your replacement windows in Orillia – sizes, colours, and styles – that you can peruse at your convenience before making a decision. Also, we would like to advise you that we can custom fit a window for your home should you need it.

The community of Orillia sits in between Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe in the heart of cottage country. Historical records tell us that the area has a history that dates back 7000 years and were a hotbed for activity that started out about that time. Orillia is referred to as the ‘Sunshine City’ because it has a large shoreline – and the water attracts many visitors to the area every year.

Upgrading an investment property like a cottage or your home with replacement windows in Orillia has never been easier when you hire us at AM Window and Door Solutions.

We are always ready to answer questions about our products and services and when you feel the time has come to update your property. For a free meeting, a no-cost evaluation for your windows needs and free estimate, call us at AM Window and Door Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

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