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Replacement Doors in Chatham-Kent

The community of Chatham-Kent was founded on the Thames River and was a naval port similar to the town it was named after in England when the town first took root back in 1790. The name Chatham is said to mean forest settlement and the town like many in the general area was cut out of the dense forests that covered all of Upper Canada at the time. The town wasn’t without controversy, a number of skirmishes took place in Chatham-Kent during the War of 1812 and it has long been a stop for history buffs looking for souvenirs. The town was part of the Underground Railroad and was considered a safe haven for those who were escaping US racial oppression. The community is mostly rural and it serves a bedroom town for commuters who have sought a slower pace of life in the quiet confines of Chatham-Kent. With a deep connection to history the community holds many festivals and every Labour Day long weekend they have a War of 1812-battle reenactment that draws many visitors from the surrounding area. Most if not all of the area still dances to the beat of a different drummer and their economic base shows that – there are few if any big box stores and much of the local economy is supplied by small businesses and that is the way it was for much of the last 100 years. Chatham-Kent and much of the area have many stories to tell that date back more than 200 years and they have had many enriching experiences because they celebrate their common history in the area. Community residents are common folks and when seeing a chance to save a buck or two through a home upgrade, they are like everybody else and get on with the project. For energy conservation, the townsfolk install replacement doors in Chatham-Kent to help reduce the cost of personal energy use and make a contribution to the environment. To get the professional they help they need to install new, energy-efficient doors they call on us at AM Window & Door Solutions for the work. Our installers have a great reputation for the installation of replacement doors and we are well known throughout southwestern Ontario for our workmanship. The products we install come from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors, one of the top manufacturers of windows and doors in Ontario, Replacement doors in Chatham-Kent help save money because they reduce energy use in your home. Doors that close shut tightly will stop heat leakage that is the scourge of old doors. Over time doors will warp and age and that means their effectiveness will be declining when it comes time to keep cold air out, new replacement doors in Chatham-Kent will effectively counter heat leakage and they are cost effective too. When you install replacement doors in Chatham-Kent, you will have upfront costs to deal with but they will be refunded through energy savings in a short period of time. When we reduce our energy use, we are giving the planet a great big kiss – figuratively. Burning fossil fuel to heat and cool our home does harm to the planet and it accelerates climate change and that is bad for the residents of the future.

To start you energy conservation program with replacement doors in Chatham-Kent, you need a qualified expert to install the doors. That means hiring a certified contractor and there are many local companies to choose from in the area around Chatham-Kent.

To determine a contractor’s certification as a going concern for your replacement doors in Chatham-Kent, you need to ask a simple question: are you insured and do you have a business license? If the contractor replies in the affirmative to both questions; continue with the screening process, if he doesn’t you should end the conversation there.

Labour for the job for replacement doors in Chatham-Kent has to be provided by the contractor and he has two different options when it comes to hiring a crew, First, he can hire from a group of subcontractors to complete the work, or he can use a crew he has that are ready to complete the installation of your replacement doors in Chatham-Kent. Don’t let this go unaddressed because the installation of the product is everything and if you don’t get a quality installation, it means all the money you spent will go for not.

Warranties for replacement doors in Chatham-Kent fall into two categories; one for labour and the other is a product's warranty. Employing us at AM and Vinylbilt will get a homeowner a 10-year labour guarantee and a 25-year product guarantee.

The last thing a homeowner needs from a contractor for the installation of replacement doors in Chatham-Kent is a written estimate for all the work the job will entail. This should be a standard that all contractors meet, but there are some who don’t and if you don’t get an estimate for the work, look at other options for installation of your new doors.

When you employ our company, AM Window & Door Solutions, you won't have to worry about all the contingencies that make up hiring a contractor because we have already taken them into consideration for a homeowner. For many years we have been helping people make informed decisions for home upgrades and our family has been the labour for our endeavours.

Taking a decision that requires a significant investment in your home is a decision that comes with much consideration. Call us when you need some good advice and help to determine what works best for you and we will send out one our service representative to help with the consultation phase. He will be able to spot trouble and form a plan to make all the right adjustments and have a written estimate ready when he is done his briefing.

When you are choosing replacement doors the sky is the limit with Vinylblt products. They produce durable, secure doors that can be designed in many different colours and styles to meet your stringent criteria.

For a no-obligation meeting, that has a free home inspection included, call us today at AM Window & Door Solutions at 1.519.668.1555.  

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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