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Replacement Doors in Grand Bend

“Run to the Sun’ is the resort town’s slogan, and at Grand Bend, you can certainly run to it and bask in its’ warm glow on any of the many beaches along the coast of Lake Huron. Like many resorts towns that are scattered across Ontario, they have many amenities for vacationers to enjoy and they say that they have the biggest fireworks display anywhere in Ontario to celebrate the July 1st holiday.

It wasn’t always like that, though. The community was established in the early 1830’s when European settlers made their home in the town that was previously known as Brewster. At the time, Brewster, for intents and purposes was extremely isolated. There was no road that led directly to the town and transportation to the town was via lake travel. The early settlers were fishermen or they worked in the logging industry and it was a hard life by all accounts. The town was finally named Grand Bend after a hairpin turn that started at the mouth of the Ausable River where mills were established early in the town’s history. Once road travel was established the community blossomed and it became a going concern in the area as industry sprang up like weeds, but tourism wasn’t thought of until the car made its’ historic debut. Grand Bend became more accessible to more people and the tourism industry took hold, slowly at first, then with a rush, as more people were able to afford practical transportation. Cottages and campgrounds dominate the area in and around Grand Bend and locals say the population swells to twice the size for most of the summer months. Keeping up with maintenance for the cottages and homes in the community is a rite of passage for homeowners and one way to upgrade homes and cottages is with replacement doors in Grand Bend. When the residents know they need the work done, they call us at AM Window & Door Solutions to provide the upgrades for replacements doors in Grand Bend. The products we install for replacement doors in Grand Bend come from one of the best company’s in the country, Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. They have been in business well over 40 years and they produce some of the most durable and secure doors in the industry and we wouldn’t install anything else for replacement doors in Grand Bend.

There are many good reasons to install replacement doors in Grand Bend, but the two most important reasons revolve around a financial aspect and an environmental aspect. When you have decided to install replacement doors in Grand Bend, you will notice a change in monthly energy costs. Replacement doors in Grand Bend stop heat leakage because they seal well to the doorjamb when they are closed. This help reduces energy use – many studies and papers have been produced by the science community that tells the world we use too much energy because our homes aren’t energy-efficient. In essence, a homeowner can spend twice as much as he needs to when he has faulty seals in and around his home. This means your furnace and air conditioner are working harder to maintain temperatures and are using more energy to do so. Using more energy increases emissions from your home and those emissions from fossil fuels cause greenhouse gases to form and that stimulates climate change. One thing is certain when you install replacement doors in Grand Bend they pay for themselves over time through reduced energy use and after that is smooth sailing with a reduced energy bill. 

To get to a state of energy-efficiency for your home with replacement doors in Grand Bend, you need someone to install them for you. Check in the area or ask around to find contractors who have the skill set to install new, energy-efficient replacement doors in Grand Bend.

Once you have a list started for the contractor selection process, you can start to meet with them to discuss your needs and obtain some useful information to help you make a choice. You need to discern if you are dealing with a seasonal contractor or a professional contractor and the way to do it starts with asking about a business license and insurance to operate a business. This is the demarcation line and most if not all contractors hold insurance and business license, but it never hurts to ask.

To get the most out of the installation of your new, energy-efficient doors, you need capable installers to provide the work. A true contractor will subcontract the work to a third party, while some contractors prefer to have control of the job from start to finish and they have general labourers to complete the task. 

Whether contractor subs the work or does it himself, the work and materials should have a warranty attached to it for the protection of the homeowner. A warranty for labour and a warranty for products is standard operating procedure for any home retrofit. When you choose the dynamic duo known as AM Window & Door Solutions and Vinylbilt you can expect the two warranties. For labour, provided by us at AM Window & Door Solutions, we give a customer a 10-year workmanship warranty and Vinylbilt will issue a 25-year product warranty. 

A written estimate is the holy grail of construction and retrofit work and the importance of having one before the work begins is paramount to success. It says the contractor will perform the assigned tasks on time and on budget and without an estimate, you are left to the vagaries of the contractor.

Our company has spent a lifetime dealing with all the minutiae when hiring a contractor and we instill a sense of confidence within our customers through the way we handle their cares and concerns. Following through on the labour of the job is our family – three generations of our group have been providing all the expertise and experience necessary to make the installation new doors a smashing success.

There will always be questions when installing anything, anywhere, and when you call us with your questions for new, replacement doors, we don’t just answer them we send out one of our representatives to add the personal touch to the answers. Once our rep has met with you and inspected your entranceways, he will provide a plan to solve any problems you are experiencing and supply an estimate to price the job.

Some customers tell us that have a hard to match the colour on the exterior of their home and want to know what we can do about it. Our friends at Vinylbilt have that taken care of with an outstanding selection of choices for styles and colours that are durable and secure.

Reach out to us and tell us what you would like to see for your new, energy-efficient doors and we will make it happen. We have free inspections that come with a no-obligation meeting available for anyone who calls us today at AM Window & Door Solutions at 1.519.668.1555.

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