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Replacement Doors in Ingersoll

The town of Ingersoll sits on the banks of the Thames River and is at the midway point between Woodstock and London along Highway 401. In the early days of Upper Canada, it was a considered an important intersection point for goods and services that traveled along the corridor. Most of the transport was by wagon until the railroad laid tracks through the area connecting thousands of people together through trade and commerce. Ingersoll’s claim to fame is cheese, and the community has held a reputation for quality cheese for over 100 years. They established the first Canadian cheese factory back in the late 1860’s and they set off on a road to world recognition for their cheese making exploits. Ingersoll can say it is a community that changed with the times or should we say evolved with the times. In the early days of the town, it was based on agriculture, forestry, and tasty cheese, but as the world became more industrialized, Ingersoll marched ahead with the times. As a prime location on a major transportation corridor, many industries settled in the community that had a skilled labour force that was eager to make an economic impact. The area from Oshawa west to Sarnia and Windsor was rife with auto parts manufacturing for the Detroit Three having a large presence in the Ontario manufacturing sector. Ingersoll, like many communities in the vicinity, made parts for the car company’s assembly lines and they have been a proud, blue-collar town for many years.

In the town, the residents know the value of a dollar and when they found out they could save a few bucks with replacement doors in Ingersoll they were all in for the home improvement. The community reaches out to us, just down the 401 corridor, and we are AM Window & Door Solutions. We have top-flight installers and they bring quality-workmanship to everything they do, just like the residents who work in the auto plants on Ingersoll do. The products we affix in the homes in Ingersoll come from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors, a Canadian company with more than 40 years service supplying quality doors and windows. Money has never been so easy as when you install replacement doors in Ingersoll. Sealing your home against heat leaks is the number one cause for excessive energy use and it spikes somewhere around 40 per cent more energy use when you have poorly sealed entranceways and windows. An equally important consequence of installing replacement doors in Ingersoll means you helping with our environmental responsibilities too. Using less energy is the endgame and when we use less we emit less in the way of pollution that harms the environment. So it only makes good sense to install replacement doors in Ingersoll as a way to lower your fuel bills and increase the quality of the air we breathe. 

While there is never a how-to guide to hiring a contractor for replacement doors in Ingersoll, so weigh stations can be created to help solidify the hiring process through validation and verification of skills and abilities. You can find many contractors in the area for replacement doors in Ingersoll and when you have narrowed the list, bring them in for an evaluation.

One aspect that is taken for granted when hiring a contractor for replacement doors in Ingersoll is whether he has credentials for the work. The need to hold valid insurance and business licensing has never been more important and it could the difference between success and failure when to comes the installation of your replacement doors in Ingersoll. 

Top-quality installers for replacement doors in Ingersoll are what the job will turn on and it means everything to have the best labour available for you installation. Ask the contractor how he will select the crew for the installation of your replacement doors in Ingersoll. He may reply that he uses a subcontracting crew of he may advise you that he is a full-service contractor and has a crew that he uses on a daily basis. 

As part of the value-added service that the installation of replacement doors in Ingersoll is, warranties are to be considered an expectation, not an exception. Using us at AM Window & Door Solutions will see a 10-year workmanship warranty provided and our supplier; Vinylbilt will have a 25-year warranty available. Make sure you flesh out the details for the warranties to cover you in case of eventualities that may occur.

The last expectation a homeowner should have of the contractor is to receive a written estimate for the contractor’s take on the needs for the job. It comes down to this: would you buy something that didn’t have a price tag, because if you won't why would buy a home reno project without an estimate.

At AM Window & Door Solutions, we have taken great care to seamlessly move from detail to detail with the kind of information that instills confidence and we can reassure a homeowner when they have concerns about anything that comes with the job. Our family – three generations – have been our saving grace, they provide excellent workmanship and their attention to detail brings raves from the homeowners who have experienced their work.

An in-home consultation is just one phone call away to get all the answers to the questions you have developed for your installation of new, energy-efficient doors. We will send one of staff members to your home for a look-see, and they will provide a plan and an estimate for the re-making on your entranceways.

Our supplier, Vinylbilt, has many different styles of doors and a wide selection of colours and options to take your replacement doors to the next level. They make durable, secure doors that will only increase the equity in your home with their outstanding curb appeal built into to every door.

At AM Window & Door Solutions, we stand at the ready to field any inquiry a homeowner may have in conjunction with the update of their doors. To receive a no cost home inspection that comes with a free estimate, call us at AM today at 51.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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