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AM Group of Companies – your Full Service home exterior renovation specialists since 1956. Our reputation for quality and craftsmanship is based on decades of experience serving Ontario. Guaranteed peace of mind on your biggest investment!

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AM Window & Door Solutions
London Ontario

Proudly serving London and South Western Ontario since 1956. We pride ourselves on our exceptional product quality as well as our world class customer service. We specialize in finding the perfect solution for your window and door needs.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Kevin P.

Very happy with my windows. I used this company to install replacement windows in my home in early December.

I worked with Steve. He was very clear about pricing and what would be involved in the window installation process.

All the new windows were installed in two days. Very good prices and a good experience. I would recommend this

Sandra K.

I purchased 6 windows and 2 sliding glass doors and the installation was timely and professional. Everything was completed in 1 day. I highly recommend AM Window & Door Solutions.

Kristen O.

I love how my replacement windows gave new life to my home. Thank you AM Window & Door Solutions

Josh T.

I didnt know much about windows, but Kevin made it easy for me to understand and select the right options for me.

Jim H.

Great Company, excellent quality product with the best installers in London. Have an older house and had AM replace all the windows in the house which I thought would be a challenge.

The windows were delivered on time, at an affordable price and installed by a professional crew. All the old windows were taken away. Everything was cleaned up.

Thomas C.

I took a ton of time before carefully choosing a window and door company to replace all the windows in my home. Thank you AM Windows for taking the time to explain everything thoroughly with zero pressure to buy. You truly get what you pay for when it comes to windows and doors. Major thanks to everyone at AM.

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AM Window and Doors Solutions

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Replacement Doors in Parkhill

The town of Parkhill was known by another name before the locals settled on Parkhill. It was first known as Westwood and then Swainsby before Parkhill was chosen as the sobriquet for the town in 1863. The town, once it was cut out of the dense forest, got off to a bit of a slow start, but that can be attributed to the obstacles the town faced when getting on its feet.

Like many communities, mills were the first industry to be established after farming, and slowly but surely the community established a pioneer identity that defined many of the residents. Economic salvation came to the community when a rail line from St. Mary’s to Sarnia crossed through Parkhill and it set off an economic explosion that drove population growth quickly.

By the early 1870’s the town had a population of 1500, almost unheard of in those days and the rapid growth led to many developments for the town.

Cultural and historical preservation has served the community well, and the downtown in Parkhill has many Victorian buildings left – old commercial buildings like Cheapside Block and Gibbs Block stand as relics of the past that still hold much of their charm. For many in Parkhill, a quiet way of life that a small town provides was the drawing point for their settlement in the community.

With many older homes, townsfolk understand the need to upgrade their abodes to meet the challenges that 21st century poses when living in an older home. Upgrades like replacement doors in Parkhill are one of the many conservation plans the locals have taken upon themselves and they call us when they need the help to make the retrofit happen.

We are AM Window & Door Solutions and we specialise in reinventing your home in ways that say energy conservation with replacement doors in Parkhill.

When you install replacement doors in Parkhill, the first thing you should see is a reduction on your home’s energy bill. New, energy-efficient doors stop heat leakage dead in its tracks and should be a wake-up call for a homeowner. Many studies, Internet videos and research papers from the scientific community have told us that we use too much energy.

The reason we are using excessive energy is poorly sealed windows, doors, and inadequate attic insulation. The leakage of warm and cool air results in an increase of up to 50 percent in cost for energy and in this day and age no one can afford to pay for that kind of an increase. Once replacement doors in Parkhill are installed, the cost recovery is very short by comparison to the expenditure necessary for installation and once the cost has been recovered, an overall reduction in costs will accumulate.

Another reason to install replacement doors in Parkhill is environmental. Burning excess fossil fuels to heat and cool a poorly sealed house means your home is expanding emissions unnecessarily. Reducing emissions means that you are releasing fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and slowing the effects of climate change on the environment.

To get from emission belching, excessive energy-using home to a one that has new, energy-efficient replacement doors in Parkhill installed, you need a certified contractor to complete the upgrade.

It is highly recommended to look local in the general areas in and around Parkhill is the best way to start your search for help. There are many contractors that specialise in installing replacement doors in Parkhill, so there should be no shortage of viable candidates to perform the work.

Once the list is created start the review process with a couple of simple questions to help separate the wheat from the chaff for the installation of your new replacement doors in Parkhill. What you want to know about the contractor’s business practices is whether he holds a business licence and valid insurance for the work you need.

With established credentials, the contractor can move on to the next stage of verification for the job by detailing how he will staff the job. The installation of replacement doors in Parkhill requires a steady hand that has experience and expertise – that can come from a subcontractor or a crew working under the contractor. Installation is the most important thing when installing replacement doors in Parkhill and you want to get a handle on that.

There are times when the quality products and services you purchase may need to be ‘insured’ and that comes in the form of warranties that are issued by the service or product provider. For replacement our warranty is provided from us at AM Window & Door Solutions – a 10-year labour guarantee.

The last detail to iron out is the written estimate and it should be a matter of course that the contractor will issue it at the end of the consultation. If you get a ballpark figure or an “I’ll get back to you,” these should be warning signs and you should look in another direction.

Enlisting the services of our door company means we have been able to put any concerns to rest and we have received your seal of approval for any work at your home. But that should come as no surprise; we have been helping customers achieve conservation goals and a good experience for many years with our services and attention to their needs. One of the reasons we are so successful is our family, for three generations they have been providing all the expertise necessary to provide quality-workmanship.

When you reach out to us for help with new doors, we will dispatch a technical representative to examine the needs of your home and take the time to explain what's best for you. Once those needs have been identified, a cogent plan backed by a written estimate will be supplied to you for your review. 

If you have concerns about the choices you can make for new doors, don’t worry, our suppliers have you covered. They have many different types of doors that come in many style variations that are durable and secure for your home.

Call us when you have decided that an upgrade for your entranceways is in order. We have a free home inspection, a no-obligation consultation and estimate ready and waiting when you call us today at 877.281.6900.

Replacement Doors in Parkhill

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