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Replacement Doors in Port Dover

If you have never been to Port Dover, there are three things you should know about the town that sits on the north shore of Lake Erie. First, it has the best foot long hot dogs in the world, a platter of fresh perch, deep fried with celery bread is to die for and Friday the 13th puts more people in the town for one day than they do all year. The commemoration of the date is significant as it has been a celebration that dates back over 50 years and Friday the 13th in Port Dover was started by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who were remembering the loss of a friend. Over the course of time, the event has mushroomed into a full-fledged party of sorts, lots of chrome parked on the main drag of Port Dover and the cash infusion into the community is in the millions of dollars.

It wasn’t always like this Port Dover, it was a tourist town that lost its lustre and the amusement park that entertained thousands fell into disrepair. Cottage rentals and tourists visits started to dwindle as air travel and exotic vacation destinations replaced the trip to the cottage for two weeks in the summer. But, the Friday the 13th festival revitalized the community and it has become a great place for a family vacation with many activities to entertain the entire family. Port Dover was founded in the early 1600’s when settlers first came upon the area. But historical records say that the Natives lived in the area for many years before the settlers arrived and evidence of the Native community tells us that they were there at 5000 years before any contact. As Port Dover prospered and developed, war visited their shores when the US launched the War of 1812. Many raiding parties attacked communities along the shores of Lake Erie, but they had no luck conquering the settlers and their Native counterparts. After they had been repulsed many times, the Americans virtually gave up trying to colonize the settlements along the lake and because of mounting losses.

Farming and factories are the economic stability of Port Dover and the resurgence of tourism has helped provide a positive image for the community.

As a tourist town, Port Dover always wants to put its’ best community foot forward and it is the residents of the town keep their homes and cottages in a good state of operation. For replacement doors in Port Dover, the town will call out to our company, AM Window & Door Solutions to get the work done right. Updating old, inefficient doors with new, energy-efficient replacement doors in Port Dover is absolutely necessary if you are concerned about the money you spend to heat and cool your home. Old doors don’t hold warm air or keep the house cool because they leak. That is a fact borne out by studies that say we use more than 40 per cent more fuel than we need to keep our homes climate controlled. Replacement doors in Port Dover will take a big slice out of that expense and the cost of the replacement doors in Port Dover is easily recovered in the savings on utilities. When we install, new replacement doors in Port Dover we get the products from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. Vinylbilt has a great reputation as a manufacturer of quality products and they have over 40-years in the business that demonstrates quality. To meet environmental needs, replacement doors in Port Dover will drastically reduce your carbon emissions through reduced energy use. That is a good thing for the environment because it slows the effects of climate change through the reduction in noxious gas emissions.

Installing replacement doors in Port Dover isn’t a project to be handled by the DIY guy in you, you need a certified, professional contractor to install the replacement doors in Port Dover. You can find a list of contractors in the area through a number of different search methods and list at least three for interviews.     

As a place to start your investigation, you want to know if the contractor has been registered and holds insurance for the work that involves installing replacement doors in Port Dover. If you have second thoughts about a contractor, ask him to show you his valid insurance and get his business license number for validation in the municipality of registration.

A professional contractor will need professional installers to complete the project for your new replacement doors in Port Dover. He can hire workers from a subcontracting team or use people he has in the payroll for the work he is hired to complete. There is no right or wrong way to hire staff, but remember, the installation of replacement doors in Port Dover the most important aspect of the job and you don’t want to be disappointed by a substandard installation.

To protect a consumer from problems with materials or a poor installation are warranties. In any home renovation, the labour has a warranty and the materials will have – both warranties are issued independently; one from by contractor and the other from the materials supplier. At AM Window & Door Solutions, our labour warranty is for a 10-year period and the warranty from Vinylbilt will have a 25-year time limit attached.

The last thing a consumer needs before he can give the OK for work for replacement doors in Port Dover is to have the contractor supply the price. It will be provided as a written estimate and should be standard operating procedure for every contractor in Ontario.

When you can satisfy the details outlined here, you will be in a position of strength when you hire the contractor to complete the work for your new, replacement doors in Port Dover. Our company, AM Window & Door Solutions, has gone to great lengths to assure our customers that their needs will be met and there is no fine print to worry about. Getting the doors hung right is our family – three generations have been our guiding light for the work we do.

Most of us understand how a door works, but not necessarily how to buy one or two. When you need information about your prospective purchase for new doors we send someone out to your home for inspection to find out just how we can help you. A thorough examination that will yield a plan of attack that is supported by a written estimate will be what our staff will create for you and the only left is the approval for the work.

If you have never given much thought to the colour, style or type of door you want, you might be a tad overwhelmed by the choices that our supplier Vinylbilt, has in store for you. Secure, reliable and durable; plus fashionable, equal great doors from Vinylbilt.

As part of consultation service, we provide a free inspection and in-home estimate when you call us today for an appointment to discuss your new doors at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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