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Replacement Doors in Port Stanley

Port Stanley sees its roots on the banks of Kettle Creek when settlers first came to the area in 1812. The community was re-named a dozen years later after an English nobleman and the moniker stuck until this day. The community like many across the province was founded by a waterway for two reasons: first for transportation that required long distances and second for the energy created by the water for mills that was endemic to most new communities. Port Stanley sits on Lake Erie, and commercial fishing was a big part of the local economy as well as agriculture and forestry and ‘Port’ was on solid financial footing in the beginning. As time went by, the area developed a reputation as a holiday paradise for the well off who could afford vacations and the town had a dance hall and lake cruises for rich and famous. Tourism and sports fishing are a few of the industries that sustain Port Stanley now and the rustic charm that the historical culture of town brings to visitors is unmatched in the area. In the winter, an ill wind blows off the lake and for homes with poor insulation and windows and doors that aren’t sealed well it could mean a frigid existence. So residents who want to warm up their home install new, energy-efficient, replacement doors in Port Stanley as a way to combat Old Man Winter. To install the replacement doors in Port Stanley, the residents make the call to AM Window & Door Solutions for the help they need.

Our products for replacement doors in Port Stanley come from the king of the hill in windows and doors and that is Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. They have more than four decades in the business and their windows and doors are the best available for a home retrofit.

Many good reasons exist to install replacement doors in Port Stanley and financially speaking, replacement doors in Port Stanley can cut your energy consumption in half. Major case studies and scientific papers have informed the masses that they are using almost two times as much as they need to. The over consumption is attributed to poor seals in the exterior of a home. A lack of insulation, windows, and doors that aren’t energy efficient mean that leakage and cold air infiltration are causing the energy use increases. When you install replacement doors in Port Stanley you will see a reduction in energy use. The price you pay today for replacement doors in Port Stanley will be the savings you receive tomorrow through a reduction in your energy bill and once the costs have been recouped, the savings will pile up. Another little-known facet of replacement doors in Port Stanley is the environmental benefits we will all enjoy. Using fossil fuels to heat and cool our homes means we contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and they are a catalyst for the increases that create the negative effects of climate change. Replacement doors in Port Stanley mean less energy use and that means a reduction in emissions and the more we reduce emissions the cleaner our air.

To start the process for financial savings and environmental protection you need to hire a contractor to install new, efficient replacement doors in Port Stanley. Windows and doors companies proliferate on the home renovation landscape so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a local entity to review your situation.

Next step to take when hiring a contractor for replacement doors in Port Stanley is to invite them to your home for a Q and A about their services. First thing, right off the bat is the registration that a contractor holds for replacement doors. A business license and insurance are the things you want to find out about and most, if not all reputable businesses hold these designations.     

When you install anything in your home the work is only as good as the help that provided the work. A contractor can use a couple of different methods to staff a job with labour and one is a subcontracting crew and the other method is with a crew he employs.

Before the work starts at your home, you should be aware of the warranties that should be part of the successful conclusion of the work. Many times the warranties have conditions that need to be met before they will cover anything at your home and the warranties encompass the labour and products that come with the job. Our company, AM Window & Door Solutions, will provide a 10-year workmanship warranty and our partner Vinylbilt; will provide a 25-year product guarantee.

Finalizing any retrofit around your home means you need to know what it will cost and that is where a written estimate comes into play. The estimate is the only source of protection for the home against increased costs without notice and every contractor should provide on at the end of the interview process.

Using our company means that we have met all the previously mentioned conditions and there is no fine print to be aware of when you hire us. Our family – three generations – has been the knowledge and effort for all our installations and they have an excellent reputation in our industry.

When you have made the decision that you don’t want to held hostage by high energy costs, a call to us will see one of the technicians come to your home for an inspection. Once he has completed his tasks, he will provide a plan to solve your problems of excess energy use that will have a written estimate attached to it.

Make no mistake, you can have the colours and styles that other homes have when you purchase your replacement doors from Vinylbilt. They have a plethora of colours for you to choose from and the doors they make are durable and secure for your home.

Contact us for a full consultation for your replacement doors needs and we can help with the smallest of tasks that will upgrade your situation with new, energy efficient replacement doors. For a free inspection and written estimate, call us at AM Window & Door Solutions today at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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