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Replacement Doors in St. Thomas

In the end, it was a case of accidental death that killed the massive behemoth known as Jumbo. You see, Jumbo was a working elephant and his job was the star of the show for a traveling circus that made its way across southwestern Ontario in the late 1800’s. Jumbo was on a stroll from the Big Top on his way to the railway car that brought him to St. Thomas for performances to wow kids and adults of all ages when he mysteriously tripped on one of the rail lines. Falling, Jumbo somehow impaled himself on one of his mighty tusks and it speared him through the heart. It was a sad day in St. Thomas because the great grey elephant was but a memory of the show’s attendees and tragedy of epic proportions. To have a traveling circus stop in your town in those days meant you had arrived as a community and people outside the region were sitting up and taking notice of you as a town. It wasn’t always this way for St. Thomas, they had to overcome the same obstacles that many communities in the area faced and as the forests gave way to thousands of acres of farmland and people migrated to cities for a better life, St. Thomas, like many suffered from the effects of depopulation. But, St. Thomas was taking the effects of the new order lying down, they developed their community to accommodate industry and with the accommodation, they began to grow again as industries set-up and were served by mass transportation – the railroad. Goods went to market and the town’s commerce grew to unprecedented heights becoming a beacon of activity in the area just west of London.

It seems St. Thomas was at the forefront of many things over time and their community-conscious way of life has them devoted to protecting the environment. So much so, they are installing replacement doors in St. Thomas for financial and environmental reasons. When the time comes for home retrofits, residents reach out to us at AM Window & Door Solutions. Apart from the fact we just down the road from St. Thomas – in London – our installers have an excellent reputation for the work they do when installing replacement doors in St. Thomas. We purchase replacement doors and windows from one Canadian supplier, Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. As a Canadian company with over four decades of service to the industry, they have a great reputation for making quality products that are built to last for many years. 

As was previously mentioned, replacement doors in St. Thomas represent a significant costs savings on your energy bill and it is simplicity in the extreme. If you have a draught in your home, you seal it to prevent heat leakage, and that is what installing replacement doors in St. Thomas is. Our home’s leak heat, that is an absolute, but when we take concrete steps to eliminate the heat leakage, we reduce our energy consumption that leads to lower utility bills. In the case of unintended consequences, replacement doors in St. Thomas helps reduce the effects of climate change through a reduction in greenhouse gases.

To increase the energy-efficiency of your home with replacement doors in St. Thomas, you need someone who can install them for. It is critically important that you hire a contractor for the work who has experience working on projects like replacement doors in St. Thomas’s to get the best results. There are many contractors available and you should be able to locate a few potential companies in the area.

Once the list has been cut for installation of your new replacement doors in St. Thomas, you need to find out if they are compatible with your goals. One thing that needs to be established is that the contractor has licensing and insurance to install replacement doors in St. Thomas. Without those two key pieces of information, you could be in a pickle if something were to go wrong.

The installation of replacements doors is critical to the project’s success and you need highly qualified individuals to do the work. It is incumbent on the contractor to supply the labour and he can draw from a team of subcontractors or use his crew for the installation of replacement doors at your home.

Another fact of life in the home renovation business are the warranties for the work and materials that will be used. In many cases the warranties are separate – one comes from the installers and one comes from the manufacturer of the products. When you use us at AM Window & Door Solutions, we have a warranty for labour that spans 10-years and our supplier provides warranty protection for 25-years for their products.

Once the preliminary details have been addressed, you need to know one more thing, the price. The contractor should be evaluating your situation as he looks over your home and has a written estimate at the conclusion of the consultation for your review. Don’t get caught up in a situation where you have no protection and that means having the estimate in hand before you provide a deposit for the work the at will be necessary at your home.

At AM Window & Door Solutions, we have been working with our customers for many years to provide the best results for any consultation we entertain, and when we are assigned the work, it is done with great care with an accent on quality. Our family – for the past three generations have been working hard to achieve the results that our competition can only dream of.

Getting together with us at AM Window & Door Solutions means we will have a service technician available to scout out your problems and come up with a few ideas to counter the problems and a written estimate to detail how will attack the situation.

Choosing doors for home doesn’t have to be a time-consuming experience when you buy the stock from our supplier at Vinylbilt. They have the latest designs that come in many colours and styles that will fit in with your sense of home. If the doors you see aren’t what you are looking for, you can mix and match until you get the door you want for your home that is secure and durable.

Call us at AM Window & Door Solutions today for a no cost get-together and free home inspection when you make contact with us at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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