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Replacement Doors in Tillsonburg

In a community that owes much of its’ development to hard work and industrious behaviour of immigrant settlers from the US, you would never think a basketball championship would be prominent among the community’s accomplishments. But we would like to inform you that yes, Tillsonburg had a basketball team in the 1950’s it was also a championship squad that won the Canadian title but also went on to Olympic glory representing Canada in Helsinki in the 1952 Olympics. But from humble roots did this team come from, the town of Tillsonburg was an industrious community back when it was first settled, mills and farming were the economic lifelines for the town and as time went by industry grew accordingly. Manufacturing took a great hold on the economy and the town produced shoes, farm equipment, and tobacco products for consumption. Industries consolidated and tobacco lost its’ allure and the town was left with farming to sustain it in the 1960’-1980’s before the town was ‘re-discovered’ as a manufacturing community. Close to many major centres, Tillsonburg became a supplier of parts for the auto industry and many other spin-offs that helped employ the town of 10,000 people.

Much of the development has spurred growth in the housing industry with many new homes being built to replace older homes from a bygone era and the residents have seen many new arrivals flock to Tillsonburg because the town is rated as one of the best places to live in Ontario.

Residents in the town know the value of a dollar and when they see that their energy bills are getting too high they look to do something about it. The first thing they do is call us at AM Window & Door Solutions for replacement doors in Tillsonburg to help get their energy bills under control. The preeminent reason people in the community call on us for help is the installers we use for replacement doors in Tillsonburg. They are the best people in the area and the quality of the work advertises itself. The products we obtain for replacement doors in Tillsonburg come from none other than the best company in the country, Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. Vinylbilt has been producing doors for over 40 years and the quality and workmanship are the best that the doors industry has to offer.

There are many reasons to have replacement doors in Tillsonburg installed, but two of the most important reasons go hand in hand. The first thing to know about replacement doors in Tillsonburg is they save you money and pay for themselves in the process. First, you use less energy when you install replacement doors in Tillsonburg because you aren’t leaking warm or cool air when you install replacement doors in Tillsonburg. Studies from experts in the field of energy use tell us that poor windows, a lack of attic insulation and doors that aren’t completely sealed, result in higher costs. So much so, that it has been estimated a home can use almost twice as much energy than a home that has good windows, attic insulation and sealed replacement doors in Tillsonburg. The cost of replacement doors in Tillsonburg becomes a moot point when you factor in the savings against the costs of the doors. Once you have redeemed the costs saving pile up and you wonder why you didn’t replace the doors sooner.

To make the jump to new energy-efficient replacement doors in Tillsonburg, you need a contractor who can provide quality work to meet the challenges that replacing doors are. Look in the area for a contractor who has replaced doors in the past and you can meet with former customers for their take on the work habits of the contractor and crew.

On the subject of the contractor, he needs to hold some verification of his abilities and he needs to meet regulatory requirements to work in Ontario. Two things that a contractor can’t go without is insurance and a licensing for his activities. If he doesn’t have either or both, you could be in a world of hurt if you were to hire that contractor for your doors replacement.

Meeting the labour challenge will be a crew that the contractor will put together to get the job to completion. He can use a group of his own or hire a subcontracting team to fulfill the mandate. Make sure you know how the contractor will approach these details because many times there is a disconnection between a contractor and subcontracting team.

Once you have established the contractor’s bona fides and his team’s abilities, check with the contractor on the details of the warranties that will come with the work you are contracting. When we take on a job, we supply a 10-year labour warranty and our door’s supplier, Vinylbilt, will provide a 25-year guarantee for the doors you purchase.

The last thing you require is a written estimate for the work you are contracting. It is important to lock in the costs for the work and a written estimate permits you to shop around with other contractors to get the best price, not the first one.

Our company has been serving the needs of those who need new doors for many years and attention to detail combined with our work habits puts your contracting work on the right path to successful completion. Our family has been providing all the heavy lifting for work we do and for three generations they have been the difference between great work and not so great work.

When you reach out to us by phone or electronically, we will make arrangements for one of our expert’s to review your doors' situation with you at your home. He will look what needs to be done and come up with a plan for how it needs to be done and when he is done he will explain it with a written estimate for the job.

Vinylbilt has been at the forefront of doors creation for many years and they have many different types of doors that will be a perfect for your home that is durable and decorative.

Contact us at AM Window & Door Solutions when you think that your doors need replacing and we can arrange for a no cost consultation and free inspection when you call us today at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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