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Replacement Windows in Embro

The community of Embro has many historic churches and cemeteries that have survived over a couple of hundred years. A trip through the cemeteries reveals names of the town’s founders and leading lights when the community was just getting started back in the mid-1800’s. During the 19th century, there was a wave of immigration, mostly from Europe and predominantly from the British Isles. Scots, Irish and British settlers came to Canada to make a new home and they left their culture and way of life as their signature on the community. The early immigrants were farmers and the village hasn’t changed much over the 200 or so years that the area has been inhabited. As part of the cultural invasion from the British Isles, Scottish settlers brought with them one of their traditional games of strength and demonstration of talents and that was the Highland Games. Embro holds a Highland Games every year and it is a contest of strength and agility for men and the women will dance traditional Highland Dances that delight the crowd and the event just celebrated its’ 80th anniversary. It attracts some of the best dancers in Ontario and the winners have regional bragging rights for their communities.

Residents in the community often look for ways to save money and they now know that their energy costs are an area where they can economize. A quick way to reduce costs and rejuvenate a home’s look is with replacement windows in Embro. And to get the products installed for replacement windows in Embro, they send out a clarion call to AM Window & Door Solutions. We are the most prominent windows and doors company in southwestern Ontario and when we supply replacement windows in Embro, they are installed by some of the best technicians in the area.

The products we use are top-flight, and Vinylbilt Windows and Doors manufacture the windows. They are Canadian-based and have a resume that spans over 40 years as one of the best manufacturers in Canada.

We have seen articles online and in publications that tell us climate change is a very real threat and that emitting greenhouse gas is the cause. When we install new, energy-efficient replacement windows in Embro we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Our old windows aren’t very energy-efficient and the gaps that are present allow warm and cool air to be released. This means you are heating and cooling the outdoors because your windows aren’t doing the job. Replacement windows in Embro will stop the release of warm and cool air and that means you are spending less on your fuel bill. It also preserves your appliances when you install replacement windows in Embro because they aren’t working half as hard to heat and cool your home.

Our friends in the science community have been studying energy use and they have come up with some astounding facts. A homeowner is spending almost twice as much as he needs to when heating and cooling a home. Installing new, energy-efficient replacement windows in Embro means that you can save almost 40 per cent in costs to heat and cool your home. Those costs are small when looking at it from a single month or a three month period, but if look at it over a few years the costs are insanely high. It means that the money you are spending heating and cooling the outside could be spent on replacement windows in Embro and that money will be saved on energy costs.

To realize the savings, you need a contractor for replacement windows in Embro and the easiest way to locate one is to check in the region for installers. This is a boon for a homeowner, they can check with previous customers for any information that may be relevant and they can see the windows they are thinking of buying and how the windows might look installed in their home.

Once you have a list of names, start the screening process with a simple question and that is: Are you licensed for replacement windows in Embro and do you have insurance for the work you will do for replacement windows?

The only people who won’t have insurance or a license is a seasonal operator and that is the last contractor you want upgrading your windows.

Labour can be a trickier subject for a contractor, some will use a subcontracting crew for the work they hired for and other contractors keep a full-time crew to handle the work. Get the information before anybody starts work on your home so you know what you are getting into – remember knowledge is power and when spending money you want all the information you can glean.

Construction upgrades or retrofits come with some assurances that the work we will be done well and the products will have quality. The contractor should offer warranties for the work and the products – when you use us at AM Window & Door Solutions we have a 10-year workmanship warranty and our partner Vinylbilt will provide a warranty for 25-years for their windows.

Before anything can happen a price must be tendered by the contractor for the work. The contractor will provide the costs for a homeowner to approve in a written estimate that breaks out the costs of the products and services that have been deemed necessary.   

Using AM Window & Door Solutions will provide a feeling of security and confidence for a homeowner, we have many years working in the windows and doors business and our experience tells us that the needs of the customer are our needs too. When we supply any home upgrades we have three generations of family behind us and their experience and skill are second to none.

When you have made contact with our office to investigate the potential of replacement windows for your home, we send out one of our technicians to get a clear picture of your needs. He will have a checklist to fulfill and when he has gone through it, he will have a written estimate at the ready. The recommendations he will make will take into account the applications of the specific windows that will supply the best energy-efficiency at the best price.

From our friends at Vinylbilt, we have many different types of windows that come in many colours; that is stylish and made to measure for size to fit your home’s windows pattern.

We are always ready to talk about energy-efficient windows and when you think it is time to pay yourself instead of the gas company contact for a consultation for replacement windows. For a free inspection and no cost consultation and free estimate, call us today at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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