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Replacement Windows in Exeter

Some communities have adopted animals as mascots that help distinguish the community and instill a sense of municipal pride as home to a mammal. By example, Wiarton has adopted a groundhog – Wiarton Willie – as their animal mascot and to great fanfare, Wille will predict the end of the winter come Groundhog Day every year. In Exeter, they a have a token mascot – Willis the White Wonder - and the town’s motto is ‘Home of the White Squirrel.’ The white squirrel was discovered in Exeter in 1912 when the first official sighting was recorded. Local legend says a coven of Wiccan Witches and Warlocks cast a spell and a squirrel was transformed from the traditional grey to white in a ceremony to honour one of their Pagan Gods. It is alleged that the white squirrel could fly, but nobody in town can confirm this as a fact because no one has actually seen a white, flying squirrel. Before the discovery of the unusual animal, the community had many English settlers who had come from Exeter, England to make a home in Canada and took the name for the town from their town of origin. The community boasts a Heritage Downtown, where not much has changed in 100 years and the quaint buildings remind visitors of simpler times. Tourism and light industry are the town’s calling cards from an economic standpoint and they support commuters who work in St. Thomas and London.

With many heritage buildings, upgrades to new, energy-efficient replacement windows in Exeter make sense to protect the heritage and the history of the town. For help with replacement windows in Exeter, the community heritage society and local residents call on AM Window & Door Solutions to protect the town’s assets. We have developed a sterling crew that rates as some of the best installers for a windows replacement in Exeter and the products we use are equal to our crew. The windows we use for a windows replacement in Exeter are made on the factory floor of a top-flight plant known as Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. Vinylbilt has built their business for over 40 years and their work is synonymous with quality and energy efficiency that makes for a great windows replacement in Exeter.

High-energy costs are crushing a homeowner’s energy budget and there seems to be no relief in sight. The reason, poor windows that have outlived their usefulness because they have a single pane of glass or have air leaks that allow hot or cool air to escape. As a result, your home’s energy costs are 40 per cent higher than a home with new, energy-efficient windows. And we aren’t just blowing smoke, science has proved it with report after report that extols the virtues of energy conservation.

If you see your responsibilities to the planet as important ones, new replacement windows in Exeter will be a foregone conclusion because they reduce your energy use and in turn limit the emissions of greenhouse gases that spur climate change. 

To protect the planet and your financial assets you need a contractor for a windows replacement in Exeter, the incumbent should be locally sourced for best results. It will create a situation where review of previous work is easily attained and the opportunity to see the products in action will more than support a contractor’s bid for the work.

A contractor who is applying for the work for a windows replacement in Exeter should hold professional attributes that would qualify him for the work for a windows replacement in Exeter. Two pieces of identification should be the mainstay of the verification process – valid insurance and a business license will help demonstrate a contractor’s commitment to the administrative side for legitimate operations.

In construction work or upgrades, contractors have a choice to make when deciding on the labour issue for a windows replacement in Exeter. Two come to mind, the first is a subcontracting crew that he can assemble and the second is the crew he keeps to work on a regular basis. Look for a contractor that has a crew to call his own – nothing says stability like full-time workers to supply the labour for your work.

When dealing with any retrofit for your home it is important to cognizant of any type of protections that can be afforded for materials and labour. This is a warranty issue – specifically two warranties for that matter. One is for labour – at AM Window & Door Solutions we guarantee our work for 10-years, and out partner guarantees their materials and products for a 25-year cycle. Warranties like insurance policies are tricky to navigate if you aren’t well informed so take the time to dig into the details that save heartbreak later.

To close the consultation, you need to know how much the new, energy-efficient products will cost. The cost is presented in the form of a written estimate and that should be sacrosanct otherwise ballooning costs could be the net result.

Confidence is the key when hiring a contractor and it is built on the altar of trust that comes with information and that is how we handle our business at AM Window & Door Solutions. You can rely on our company to meet all the pre-conditions of hiring a contractor and we will deliver on the promise for a solid windows replacement that you will be happy and know you got your money’s worth from.

Talk to us when you are ready for energy-efficient windows and we will take the lead and show you what new windows will look like when we examine you home. Windows do many things and it is important to place the right window in the right place to achieve energy conservation goals. Our team is analytical and they have a background in matching need with solutions for homeowners.

Working with Vinylbilt, we can safely say we have a number of different solutions for new windows that come in many different colours, styles, types, and sizes that will improve the quality of your home’s environment.

Make a green shift when you contact us for windows that will help save money and improve the look of your home. To receive a free estimate and home inspection that comes with a no-obligation meeting, call us today at 519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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