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Replacement Windows in London, ON

The City of London is a major regional hub in the province of Ontario, and the 300,000 or so residents make up a good chunk of the regional population. As such, the city is home to many educational institutions and service providers for the greater populace from the surrounding area. The city was originally settled at the confluence of the Thames River – transportation requirements in the early history of the city required access to water to ship goods to other locales and in the process, London became a thriving hub or regional economic activity. London holds the distinction as the fastest growing municipality in the country and is the 11th largest since its’ inception over 160 years ago. Currently, London’s derives its economic strength from education, medical research, insurance and IT in the new economy and it has been a leader in economic development for several decades.

While the city has grown by leaps and bounds, there are many older homes that dot neighbourhoods and those old homes add character and charm that distinguish the neighbourhoods' as a testament to the history they hold within their structures.

For local residents who need replacement windows in London for their century home or relatively new home, AM Window & Door Solutions is a local company who has come to the aid of many residents when they need good advice when choosing new replacement windows in London.

The genesis of AM Window & Door Solutions comes from our sister company AM Roofing Solutions – and our sister company has shown that a company that backstops its reputation on quality workmanship and excellent customer service will enjoy great success and at AM Windows, we do just that. For a windows replacement in London, you need to decide what type of windows you need and what type of application the windows will be used for and do that, you need the help of a qualified consultant for a windows replacement in London, and we are the default choice for help.

Our company uses only the best Canadian-made products for a windows replacement in London and the windows are supplied by our partner at Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. They have decades of experience manufacturing high-quality products for a windows replacement in London, and all their products score well on Energy Star and NAFS-08 for energy efficiency for a windows replacement in London.    

In order to get the best windows replacement in London, you need a contractor who is skilled in the process for installation for a windows replacement in London. Local or regionally contractors offer the best source of talent and labour to satisfy a windows replacement in London as a means to an end. One advantage to this line of thought is the fact you can review other jobs that a prospective contractor has performed for a windows replacement in London. Also, you can network with previous customers who have had a windows replacement to determine if the results meet the promises made initially.

In order to validate a contractor, there is a need to determine if his activities as a contractor are legitimate. You need to find out if the contractor is licensed to work in the municipality, and has valid insurance to complete the work. This is a reputation builder for the contractor and will allow the homeowner to feel secure in his choice when these details are ironed out.

In trades work, there are two ways to complete work, one is with a crew that is employed full-time by the contractor and the other path a contractor can choose is to hire out. What that means is the contractor will enlist the services of a third-party crew, known as subcontracting, to complete the work. While you might get a quality installation of your new replacement windows, it strikes many people as an up-in-the-air arrangement that they may not want to enter into.

At this point in time, you should ask the contractor what type of warranties are available for work and products that you are investing your money in and when you contract AM Window & Door Solutions to do the work we have two warranties available. Our workmanship warranty spans 10-years and the windows warranty from Vinylbilt is a 25-year cycle for their products.

The last thing you need from the contractor before you make a decision is a written estimate to cover the work and cement the costs before any work is done. This will protect a homeowner against any cost overruns that weren’t discussed at the time of the consultation.

As a homeowner, you need to have a great deal of working knowledge about the systems the run your home. Your windows – if they are 10-years-old or more – won’t have much in the way of energy efficiency built in and that is a problem. Sixty per cent of a home’s heating and cooling budget is devoted to providing comfort to the residents and if your windows aren’t energy efficient you are spending money for no reason. An easy way to tell if your windows need to be replaced is to check them for draughts or condensation and if either is present, you know that your windows aren’t providing the kind of service you need to reduce your energy bills.

A call to our office will start the consultation process for your windows replacement – will set an appointment with you at that time to have a consultant review your current windows situation and suggest solutions that will satisfy your situation. Once the determinations have been made and the windows are chosen, our consultant will have a written estimate ready for review to complete the process.

You can choose from a plethora of colours, styles, and sizes of windows that are custom built for the measurements of your home that upgrade the appearance and the energy efficiency that in the long run pay for the replacement windows.

When you have determined you can no longer live with the windows you have and want to upgrade your home and add equity to the value of your home contact us at AM Window & Door Solutions for a windows replacement. To obtain a no-obligation appointment that comes with a free estimate, call us today at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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