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Replacement Windows in Lucan

The town of Lucan has a dark past; a feud between two families had all the elements of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s feud with the ensuing murders and mayhem that dominated the feud. Back in 1880, a local group, who to this day haven’t been identified, murdered five members of the family that were known as the Black Donnellys. This case is well known across Ontario and through the US, many books have been written about the Irish family that was massacred on that cold February night and the local lore says the feud lives on to this day.

Apart from the grisly murders back in 1880, the town of Lucan enjoys some notoriety for a weather event that transpired in 2010. During the period of Dec. 4-8, the town was buried under a huge snowfall that the locals called ‘Snowmageddon,’ when the town received 177cms of snow over a 102-hour period and it snowed for 98-hours consecutively. It made for a white Christmas.

Apart from these two events, Lucan has been an average community that found its’ way into existence in the early 1700’s when the community was settled. Agriculture was a staple of Southwestern Ontario and Lucan had many farms that produced food for export to larger communities in Southern Ontario. When the railway went through Lucan they were somewhat emancipated and no longer dependent on the Lake Huron and waterways in the area to transport goods to market.

Another little-known fact about Lucan is it became a settlement for free Blacks escaping racial persecution before the American Civil War. Many made the 500km trip to set down roots in a new country that provided sanctuary and refuge from the poor treatment they received at the hands of the Americans.

Lucan is sill an agrarian community and the township of just over 4000 still work from sun up to sundown in the fields, growing cash crops for major urban centres.

The town has a rich history and many older buildings that date back to simpler times. For residents who need replacement windows in Lucan, AM Window & Door Solutions are the only answer to the question at hand. Like our customers in the community, we bring a farmer’s work ethic to any replacement windows in Lucan we are hired for. The products we use for a in Lucan come from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors the premier Canadian windows and doors manufacturer. Your replacement windows in Lucan by Vinylbilt will see a high degree of quality and workmanship invested in every window they provide for replacement windows in Lucan. Vinylbilt has a long history for the products they provide and any homeowner can rest easy knowing that replacement windows in Lucan that they receive from us and Vinylbilt will be one that will last for many years.

Our company, AM Window & Door Solutions, is predicated on a business model that was adopted by our family 60 years ago that was based on quality workmanship, superior products for a fair price.

When you need to hire a contractor for replacement windows in Lucan you should go over a checklist of sorts to make sure you are getting the best contractor available.

The first thing that should become apparent is the need to hire a local contractor for replacement windows in Lucan. You can verify a contactor’s references for local work for replacement windows in Lucan and the best part is the networking opportunity it provides for interaction with other customers. Winnow the list down to two or three contractors and that is the best way to achieve success for replacement windows in Lucan. Businesses usually consult three different sources for work they need and it is good policy for a consumer to do the same.

Evaluating a contractor needs to see a cursory glance at his bona fides for replacement windows in Lucan. It starts with verifying his insurance and his municipal license registration to make sure his claims as a professional contractor are legitimate.

When you are talking to the contractor, ask him how he staffs the job if he is one to be chosen for the work. Some contractors use a subcontracting group that is more mercenaries working for the best price, while different contractors keep a crew at hand. That says a contractor is an established company and a going concern at his level of the business and bodes well for your windows installation.

One of the biggest disconnects when buying products or services is misunderstandings about the warranties and how they cover the work and the labour for replacement windows. When using our company we stand behind our work for 10-years, and our supplier has a 25-year warranty for the windows we install. When you talk to a contractor or two, ask about the warranties that will be provided, what the timeline is and what special considerations are included with the warranty.

To make the interview complete, a written estimate should come from the contractor without asking. That is his bid for the job and gives you something to shop around with – but if the estimate is low it could be a sign of inferior products or the labour won’t be what you expect – so use it as a guide when purchasing replacement windows.

It is easy to know when your windows need replacing – the first question to ask yourself is how old are my windows now? If the answer is I don’t know, or more than 10-years-old, you need new, energy efficient windows. Windows made before that time weren't manufactured to be energy efficient. Or, if you have single pane windows, you know you have a problem, just as you know draughty windows need to be replaced.

Your invest 60 per cent of your home’s energy budget heating and cooling your home and if you have leaks or single pane windows, you are spending money needlessly.

If you have any of these problems or say condensation in your windows, contact us at AM Window & Door Solutions for a complete top down windows inspection. Our consultant can give you the details of what is wrong and help you make the right choice for replacement windows that will be functional, durable and the right window for the right application. Once he has concluded his education session for you, he will provide an estimate to break out the costs for you to examine.

When you are making decisions for new replacement windows, we want you to be aware that gone are the days when vinyl windows came in just white as the colour of choice. Vinylbilt carries a variety of sizes, styles, colours and windows types to meet the requirements of your home that will accentuate your home’s character and design.

Contact us when you have made a conscious decision to upgrade your home’s windows with new, efficient windows. The money you spend today will be savings tomorrow and the savings will more than defray the costs of the installation.

For a free estimate, that comes with a no cost consultation call us at AM Window & Door Solutions today at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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