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Replacement Windows in Mt. Brydges

The community of Mt. Brydges sits in an interesting piece of Ontario if you happen to be a history buff. Apart from the fact that known civilization was recorded in the area and it dates back 10,000 years the area has a unique physical makeup that goes directly back to the last Ice Age.

Sandy soil in the region and Mt. Brydges was exclusively brought to the region by a glacier that made its way across the area, and then formed a lake called Lake Whittlesey that held the sediment intact until the area dried up. Known as Carodac Sand Plains, it proved to be great soil for agriculture and when settlers came to the area and cleared the trees from the area they found rich, fertile ground to grow maize, tobacco, and wheat.

Farming sustained the community in the early days – as it did for many communities in the area just east of Lake Huron – and when the railroad arrived it was the community’s salvation. A connection to bigger markets and the ability to use the early mass transit option – the passenger train – connected the economy and people to other destinations that allowed them to expand and grow.

Now, the town is like many small towns across Ontario, it has a small downtown commercial sector that serves the needs of the local residents and it has a small town charm about the community.

The buildings are period pieces of architecture and many dates back 50-100 years that serve as a reminder that the community has a long and rich history in the area. While residents may enjoy a lifestyle that is small-town, they also realize that the future is now and when they want to upgrade their homes with new, energy-efficient windows they call AM Window & Door Solutions to bring their older home up to standard with replacement windows in Mt. Brydges.

We work with a Canadian company – Vinylbilt Windows and Doors – who have been making windows for over 40 years that are the best on the market. They have a high degree of energy efficiency and the community’s choice for replacement windows in Mt. Brydges.

At AM Window & Door Solutions, we take our marching orders as a top-flight windows and doors retailer and installer from our grandfather company, AM Roofing Solutions. For over six decades they have set the pace with a surprisingly simple way to do business: Provide quality service, with excellent materials and deliver on the promise. We put those business principles into practice when providing replacement windows in Mt. Brydges and our customers appreciate it.

It is important to know how we spend our household budgets and one of the biggest expenses we face as a homeowner is the cost of energy for our homes. In our energy budget, the biggest line-item cost is that of heating and cooling for our home.

Over 50 per cent of the budget is spent on those two items and when you install replacement windows in Mt. Brydges you can reduce the total costs of your budget. It will still be the same in terms of percentage, but in total dollars spent it will be less with new, energy-efficient replacement windows in Mt. Brydges. Windows that are of a certain age – 10-years-old or more – don’t come with much in the way of energy efficiency and that means you are leaking money into the atmosphere. Replacement windows in Mt. Brydges will stem the leaks and return the capital back to your budget. Replacement windows in Mt. Brydges don’t come cheap, but the project can have financial benefits when looking beyond the price. Savings accumulate monthly with the reduction in energy use replacement windows in Mt. Brydges will provide once the costs have been recouped is money back in your pocket month over month.

These are great opportunities for a homeowner to take advantage of, but before you go counting your money you need a contractor to make a conservation dream a reality.  

Stay close to home when looking for a contractor, you can view his work at other homes in the area to see the product that you are interested in buying. Too, you can talk to the people who have had replacement windows in Mt. Brydges installed for feedback.

Now that we are interconnected courtesy of the Internet, validating claims is an easy task and often it is the best tool we have to research information. This gives the chance to verify claims by a contractor to determine if his is licensed and is insured.

Another element that comes to mind when scheduling a contractor for replacement windows in Mt. Brydges is the labour that will participate in the installation of the new windows. A subcontracting crew or a full-time crew (on staff with the contractor) are options for the labour and the homeowner should be aware of who will be at his home for the installation. A full-time crew says the business has the kind of stability you are looking for when you are about to shell a lot of money for a windows installation.

And when you do shell out big money for replacement windows, it is imperative that some type of insurance or protection comes the investment. Warranties from the contractor will offer a blanket of protection for your investment – and when we do the work you can expect a 10-year workmanship warranty and 25-year warranty for products from Vinylbilt.

A full accounting of the costs of the job will be contained in a written estimate that the contractor will issue at the end of the discussion for your replacement windows. Don’t take anything for granted when dealing with a contractor – this is not to say that all contractors are crooks, but your rights and responsibilities need to be spelled out.

Our company can honestly say that we exceed the bar of verification when we provide our feedback for the work you need. The reps on staff generally ask a number of questions to help them best understand your needs and the applications of the products that will be purchased to get you the best value for your money. All this and a written estimate too, what more could a homeowner ask for?

Using Vinylbilt as our products supplier offers a beneficial advantage of choice for products. They will custom manufacture your windows that come in different types, styles, colours and sizes for your home that will make it the envy of the neighbourhood.

We have a no-obligation consultation waiting that comes with a free estimate and inspection when you call us at AM Window & Door Solutions today at 519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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