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Replacement Windows in Norfolk County, ON

Norfolk County sits about five miles inland from Lake Erie and it has a great deal of history associated with it. It started with Lieutenant-Governor, John Graves Simcoe dividing Upper and Lower Canada into regions pre-Confederation in the late 1790’s.

The region had and still has rich soil for farming a remnant of the Ice Age 12,000 years ago when glaciers dragged sandy loam from northern parts of Ontario and deposited along the shore of Lake Erie before the glacier melted and created Lake Erie. Apart from cash crops; the claim to fame for Norfolk County was tobacco. The leaf was farmed for well over 100 years and the area was Canada’s tobacco belt. Now that smoking has gone out of fashion, one of the oldest farms left in Norfolk County is Dennis’ Horseradish and the farm has national recognition for the quality of the horseradish grown in the area. Norfolk County holds a World Biosphere Reserve designation due to the migration of birds through the area at Long Point. Long Point is 12 miles of pristine white sand that juts out into Lake Erie and it is a hidden gem as a beach and summer attraction in Norfolk County.

Norfolk County depends on tourism for much of its’ economic clout and they have many destinations along the lakeshore and inland that serve as recreational entertainment for outdoors types.

In the county, residents get a good stiff breeze coming off the lake and with poor windows in their homes it is like the wind blows right through the house. To prevent an ill wind blowing they install replacement windows in Norfolk County and when the time comes for the work they call us at AM Window & Door Solutions. Our reputation as quality windows and doors installers allows us to choose from the best installers to provide replacement windows in Norfolk County. We obtain the products for replacement windows in Norfolk County from one of the best window makers in Canada, Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. They are based in southern Ontario and have been manufacturing windows for well over four decades and their windows are in demand when replacement windows in Norfolk County are necessary.

Replacement windows in Norfolk County represent benefits that a homeowner will enjoy long after they are installed. First off, a homeowner should know just how much he spending on heating and cooling his home with poor quality windows. Over 40 per cent of the extra costs is the number that energy studies have pegged as money down the drain. It might not seem like much when taken as a one-off, but those costs per month can finance the cost replacement windows in Norfolk County in short order. Too, think about the usage of your appliances like your air conditioner and your furnace, the less strain you put on them the longer they last. Another important fact to consider when contemplating replacement windows in Norfolk County is the expulsion of greenhouse gases that increased fuel use means with poor windows.

New, energy-efficient replacement windows in Norfolk County can have positive benefits financially and environmentally when taking steps to seal your home tight.

You want to get all the savings and environmental benefits you can when you install replacement windows in Norfolk County and the best way to realize this is to have a contractor install the windows.

There are many contractors in the community that can install replacement windows in Norfolk County so that gives you a place to start your search. Once you have identified a couple of contractors, go see their previous work and talk to the homeowner for his thoughts on the contractor’s work habits and product feedback.

Reliable contractors have one thing in common, they operate above board and they never cut corners on products, workmanship or regulations. Two things that will tip you to the type of contractor you are interviewing will be his adherence to regulations. Contractors need insurance and licensing to work in Ontario and if the contractor you are talking to doesn’t look at other possible suitors for your work.

Establish a contractor’s work habits means that you want to know how the division of labour will be handled when he and a crew get to the job site. Some contractors use a sub-crew for any work they take on and others have a crew – know what you are getting into because your satisfaction depends on a quality installation of new, energy-efficient windows.

Work provided by a contracting crew will come with a warranty and the products they install should have on also. With AM Window & Door Solutions, we provide a workmanship warranty for a 10-year period and our products supplier, Vinylbilt, will serve a homeowner with a 25-year warranty for the windows we install.

Once the ancillary details have been smoothed over, the last thing that needs to be done is add up the costs for the windows and the labour. The costs are totaled in a written estimate and that is a key detail for any home renovation job.

Using our company means all the nuisances that come with hiring a contractor will melt away and after speaking with us you know you are in good hands. Those good hands have been supplying replacement windows for many years, and our family –three-generations worth – is the ones who have been getting their hands dirty.

When we receive your inquiry for replacement windows, one of our team members will come to your home for a full and detailed investigation of the current status of your home’s windows. Once our rep has finished his assessment, he will complete a written estimate to highlight what you need and why you need it. Windows come in many different types and it is important to put the right window in the right place for maximum efficiency, and that is what we do.

We can show you many different types, styles, sizes and colours of windows that are supplied by Vinylbilt and we guarantee that you will find a match for application, colour and style for your home.

Contact our office when your home energy costs have become too much to bear and we will show you new, energy-efficient windows that will save you money. For a free consultation and no-obligation estimate and inspection, call us at AM Window & Door Solutions today at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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