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Replacement Windows in Parkhill, ON

It is difficult to pin down who founded the Grand Trunk Railroad, a regional carrier that had track across the upper northeast of US and through southern Ontario, but one to thank for the railway expansion was Charles Melville Hayes. Hayes was a key player in the development of the company and his expansion plans linked many communities in southern and southwestern Ontario with the track that expanded their horizons. Prior to railway expansion, many communities that were landlocked and had to ship their goods to ports where ships would take the products across the Great Lakes or along rivers to major towns and small cities. Parkhill was a community who owes its’ survival to the railroad and in particular Hayes for his vision. Like many communities of the era, Parkhill was reasonably self-sufficient, they had a couple of mills that churned out everything from wool to flax, a foundry and forge and a mercantile economy for trading in necessities. Many of the Victorian buildings that we built in the town’s heyday still exist on Main St. to this day. Surprisingly, many of the homes of the time survived as well and the town has a rich historical charm that brings in visitors to view the stately homes that are part of a bygone era. When older homes or newer homes for that matter, need replacement windows in Parkhill, AM Window & Door Solutions will provide the royal treatment. Updating a home with new, efficient products is our mission for replacement windows in Parkhill that will provide a comfortable, climate controlled environment. The windows we install for replacement windows in Parkhill come from our supplier, Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. They have an outstanding record for producing the best products for replacement windows in Parkhill and after 40 years in production, they know what are doing.

We take our lead in business from a successful company that falls under the family umbrella, AM Roofing Solutions. More than 60-years ago the company was founded on simple principles that stated we provide excellent-workmanship for a fair price with products that would last. When we install replacement windows in Parkhill we do just that – our name is bond and quality is our reputation for replacement windows in Parkhill.  

Replacement windows in Parkhill are economical in the sense that the investment you make today is savings on your home’s heating and cooling bill tomorrow. Leaky windows that are more than a decade old will have little in the way of energy-efficiency about them and it means higher costs. Replacement windows in Parkhill are an investment that yields dividends over time and reduces costs too.

To get to the point where you are saving more than you are spending on energy, you need to set about a process of hiring a contractor for replacement windows in Parkhill.

Take inventory in the area for local contractors who have experience installing replacement windows in Parkhill. This will create fair opportunity to establish the contractor’s abilities and see the product first-hand installed in a house. Also, the ability to consult with the customer who has had replacement windows in Parkhill can provide valuable information about the contractor.

You need a license and insurance to operate as a contractor in Ontario and the quickest way to determine if a contractor is licensed and insured is one of two ways. One way you know you have the right party is the business license number will be printed on the truck. The other way that will tell is the estimate if it seems low, a deal that is too good to be true, chances are it is because you made contact with a seasonal operator who doesn’t hold accreditation.

Many contractors of a certain size will have a crew they employ for any work they take on. Smaller contractors like to keep the overhead to a minimum and they use subcontractors to provide the physical labour for the installation of replacement windows. There might be advantages to using a smaller contractor with a subcontracting crew, but in the final analysis, do you want to settle for less on a job of this magnitude? The answer should be NO!

Anybody who has ever purchased anything knows what a warranty is, but how they work is an entirely different matter. Warranties come with conditions that either make the warranty valid or if the conditions haven’t been met make the warranty invalid. When talking with a contractor, take the time to find out how the warranties will work for the products he installs and what the coverage for the labour is. Using AM Window & Door Solutions and Vinylbilt you get two warranties that are the envy of our industry. We warranty our labour with a 10-year workmanship guarantee, while our partners will warranty their products for a 25-year period.

The costs for replacement windows can add up when you factor in the number of windows and the time it takes to do the work. And you should be aware that a contractor should provide a written estimate for all the costs of materials and the hourly rate for the installation. If you get a verbal ballpark figure, that won’t cut it and ask for the price guaranteed in writing for your own protection.

Our company can say without a doubt that we fulfill all the details when you are searching for a contractor to provide replacement windows and we strive to answer any questions that can come up.

Our doors and windows representatives have a game plan when they meet with you to discuss your needs and starts with defining them. What kind of windows you want, what applications the winds will be used for and where in your home will the windows be used are crucial to getting the estimate right after the consultation.

Vinylbilt products come in many different styles, colours, types and sizes, and they don’t have it you can custom order the product you want from the factory without any problems whatsoever.

Your home is your castle, but you don’t want a draughty 15th century one, upgrade your windows with AM Window & Door Solutions and enjoy climate-controlled living that won’t cost an arm and a leg. For a free, no-obligation meeting and an estimate, call us today at 1.519.668.1555.

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