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Replacement Windows in Port Dover

History first records civilization in Port Dover in the year 1000, artifacts found in the region date back to that period and the artifacts were created by Algonquin’s who lived on the shores of Lake Erie in Port Dover. For six centuries the Natives lived in their communities undisturbed by settlers until the French landed at Port Dover in the late 1600’s. A small settlement of missionaries and others was formed at Port Dover and over time the community grew with the influx of immigrants to the area. Like many locales in the area, the community depended on farming and before the railroad laid tracks in the area, they depended on water travel to move goods to market.

During the War of 1812, Port Dover was a hotbed of action and there were many battles fought in and around Port Dover due to its’ port on the lake and that fact that there was a large settlement in Port Dover. The townsfolk re-enact battles from the war and US soldiers were routed quite regularly – both in the battles and the re-enactments. In the roaring 1920’s Port Dover became a resort town for the well-heeled and sophisticated to escape to and enjoy the cool breezes off the lake. Tourism is a source of income for many townspeople, and a healthy fishing industry continues to drive a baseline economy that hasn’t really changed for 100 years.

The weather can become quite inclement in Port Dover and when gale force winds blow inland it can make for cold nights.

It has never been more important than now to install replacement windows in Port Dover and once you see why, making the move to new, energy-efficient windows will be a natural act of a rational human being. When you think of heating and cooling your home, do you think of the energy you are wasting because you have poor windows? Probably not, but let's break it down.

Science has been sounding the alarm for many years, homeowners are spending as much as 40 per cent more to heat and cool their home's when they have windows that leak warm and cool air. Over the course of a few years, that adds up to a fairly large amount of money and wouldn’t that money have been better spent installing replacement windows in Port Dover?

Once the costs of replacement windows in Port Dover have been recovered it all savings all the time and wouldn’t you like to have that money back in your pocket? 

Thankfully, residents in the community know they can eliminate this problem when they install replacement windows in Port Dover. The company they call for replacement windows in Port Dover is none other than the best in the area, AM Window & Door Solutions. Our great reputation for installing replacement windows in Port Dover allows us to pick and choose among the best installers to provide the work, and we get many interested parties who want to wear our colours.

When we purchase your replacement windows in Port Dover, we get them from one of the best company’s in the country, Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. They are the gold standard for replacement windows in Port Dover and they are built with quality and durability in mind. Vinylbilt has been making windows for over 40 years, so you know your replacement windows in Port Dover will last a long time based on their reputation.

To have replacement windows in Port Dover installed, you need to hire a contractor who is capable of the work. An easy way to find a contractor in Port Dover is to look around the community for likely candidates.

Once you have developed a list for review, ask the contractors whom you invite to your home for their credentials to provide the work. The things you want to see or get information about is a business license and insurance that all contractors carry to operate as a business.

After confirmation of those details, inquiry about the labor and how it will be supplied for the work. Generally speaking, a contractor will have a crew of his own, but others who don’t will call on a team of subcontractors to do the work. Don’t leave this up in the air as the installation is probably the most important aspect of the job and you want the best installers you can find.

Investments in replacement windows need to be protected from faulty workmanship or inferior materials that sometimes are part of a job. These two problems are addressed with warranties, one for labour and one for materials. When you hire us at AM Window & Door Solutions, we provide our customers with a 10-year workmanship warranty and our supplier, Vinylbilt, will give a 25-year warranty for their windows.

Cost certainty is a big factor in the home renovation business, without it, jobs would go unfinished due to changes and additions that weren’t considered when the job was first conceived. The way to assure cost containment for home renovation work is with a written estimate. It the piece of mind you need to write a cheque for thousands of dollars that will provide energy security and cost savings when you have new windows installed.

With AM Window & Door Solutions, we speak to all the subtle details in a way that provides comfort and confidence for our customers and we have years in the business doing just that. Our family is the basis for our success – for three generations they have been servicing our clientele with excellent workmanship that is the backbone of what we do.

Making arrangements with our company for a consultation will get one of staff members to come to your home for an inspection of your home’s windows. Once he has finished the inspection he will supply a written estimate for consideration and you are one step away from new, energy-efficient replacement windows.

Windows come in many different styles, types and colours for installation. We take our responsibility very seriously when we advise you about your needs for windows and we always put the right windows in the right situation. Our partner at Vinylbilt has everything a home could ever need or a homeowner to ever want when it comes to choice for their replacement windows.

Free yourself from the high costs associated with heating and cooling your home with new, energy-efficient replacement windows when you contact us at AM Window & Door Solutions. For a no-obligation meeting, free estimate and home inspection, call us today at 1.519.668.1555.

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