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Replacement Windows in Port Stanley

Port Stanley sits sanguinely on the shores of Lake Erie and is adjacent to Kettle Creek a feeder water system that supplies part of the water that fills the lake. It has an interesting history and its namesake provided the hold grail of hockey to the world. Named after a British Lord, Lord Edward Smith-Stanley who became British Prime Minister. PM Stanley had a son, Frederick who became the next Lord Stanley and he had an affection for ice hockey. So much so, that he awarded a sterling silver cup that bears his name to this today and is presented to the champions of the National Hockey League. The hockey aficionado was a rare bird by peerage standards who was a true Canuck if there ever was one. 'Port' as it affectionately known by the locals has been a freshwater port for the life of its’ existence and the settlement was put down there for the transportation opportunities it offered and it was a shipping and fishing village until the railroad made its’ way across southern Ontario. Back in the day, as it is now, Port Stanley is a vacation destination in the summer months and the town had the largest ballroom for dancing in the greater London-Port Stanley area. Bluebloods and locals mixed at the Stork Club and swing music could be heard across the lake as couples danced the night away. Now, the town’s major attraction is the beach that is the welcome mat for the community and tourism is the most predominant industry.

Sitting on the shore of a lake means that you get heavy weather all four seasons and when the winds howl and the snow flies. Port Stanley resident hunker down in their homes and wait for the weather to pass. Some have trouble keeping their homes warm and cozy, and why because they have inefficient windows to keep out the draughts.

That is when they contact AM Window & Door Solutions for replacement windows in Port Stanley that are energy-efficient and money savers too. If your home has poor seals, meaning the windows don’t keep the home warm in the winter or cool air in the summer, it causes you energy bills to be inflated beyond what you need. The energy you use to keep your home warm or cool accounts for over 50 per cent of the costs – while you may not be able to reduce the fractions you can certainly reduce the costs with replacement windows in Port Stanley.

The new, energy-efficient replacement windows in Port Stanley that will install at your home come from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. Vinylbilt is a Canadian institution when it comes to replacement windows in Port Stanley because they have 40 years as a market-dominating supplier of quality products and their windows have a high degree of energy-efficiency built in.

You have decided saving money with new, energy efficient, replacement windows in Port Stanley is a must but in order to get from here to there will require some planning. The first hurdle to overcome for replacement windows in Port Stanley is hiring someone who can install the products you want. The need for a professional contractor to install replacement windows in Port Stanley means you need to find one who is local. It helps the decision-making process to locate a source of a potential reference for the contractor and those sources come from previous customers. Positive references in hand, the next line of investigation leads a homeowner to professional accreditation for the potential hiree. A contractor who works within the fundamental confines of legitimate operations has a business license and insurance. This should be a given but some seasonal operators have been known to provide work that is less than stellar and a homeowner will pay a heavy price if they try to use less than the best for replacement windows in Port Stanley.

Having an excellent crew to install replacement windows in Port Stanley is what we all hope for when hiring a contractor. If the contractor keeps a regular crew that he has used for some time you can be assured that the workers know their jobs otherwise they would be doing something else. If he hires out for a subcontracting crew, it could test the trust you are building to the point that you may not want to use the contractor. If doesn’t have a crew to call his own, it doesn’t bode well for the successful completion of replacement windows in Port Stanley.

Any purchase that requires the kind of commitment that your windows upgrade need, should come with some form of insurance and or protection for a homeowner. That falls under the category of warranties and for replacement windows, there are two to obtain from a contractor. The contractor covers labour for the work –we provide a 10-workmanship warranty – and materials are covered by the manufacturer – Vinylbilt issues a 25-year products guarantee. Don’t sleep on this; problems later will cost thousands because you weren’t aware of conditions of the warranties.

Another way to protect your money is getting a written estimate for the work at your home. This should be a given, not an exception when dealing with something as important as your home. You put a great of money in it to purchase your home; you don’t want unfounded liabilities to force you into a situation you can’t control.

When you have been through the prerequisites for hiring a contractor, you come to the conclusion – as many people have – that AM Window & Door Solutions provides the best possible outcome for the upgrade you need for windows in your home.

Accessing one of excellent service reps means there will some questions and answers before we can provide the windows of your dreams. We need to define the dream and match it to the appropriate product in the right circumstances to provide an effective solution for your home. Once that process has been finalized, a written estimate will be our promise to you that your windows will be what you want.

Vinylbilt has a lot of quality windows for your examination that comes in many styles, colours, shapes and types that can make your home ‘pop’ when viewed from the curb.

For a no cost consultation, free inspection and estimate call us today at 519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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