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Replacement Windows in Rodney, ON

In all communities that are democratically-based, the rule of law is absolute, if you commit an offense against the community and it of a nature that is serious enough that it requires incarceration – jail is the final destination when charges are laid. If you happened to commit a crime against the community in Rodney a 100 or so years ago and you were claustrophobic, your arrest could have severe consequences. Rodney had a jail in the community and over time it was billed as one of the smallest jail on Ontario, measuring 4.5m by 5.4m in size. Clearly, the residents of Rodney thought that law and order would reign supreme and they had no need to spend money and precious resources on building a jail that would accommodate more than one prisoner at a time. The single-cell jail was retired a long time and arrested alleged criminals are taken to a larger facility. Currently, the old jail serves as a community information booth and tourist attraction that is more a novelty now and a conversation piece for the town.

Mixed agriculture is the mainstay of the local economy and the town has municipal services but the community needs to travel for most services like health care and provincial administrative needs.

One thing the community doesn’t have to travel for is a consultation for a windows replacement in Rodney because AM Window & Door Solutions are there to provide all the information and products to satisfy a successful windows replacement in Rodney.

Our company had recruited the best installers in the area for windows replacement in Rodney and the materials for the windows replacement in Rodney come from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. Vinylbilt has been in the windows and doors business for over 40 years and their products are the best the industry can make.

When you look at your windows do you see dollar signs, because if not you should. Here’s why: windows are one of the most important elements of a home’s design, they keep cold air out in the winter and cool air in during the summer. When you have faulty or leaky windows the heat or cool air will escape through gaps in the windows seals and you end up heating and cooling the great outdoors.

Studies tabled from the scientific community have taken a deep dive in a home’s energy use and they came up with some disturbing facts. Energy use is 40 per cent higher when you have windows that aren’t properly sealed – and those costs are magnified now that energy pricing is going through the roof. Also, the extra energy you burn to heat and cool your home can have a dramatic effect on the environment. Greenhouse gases drive climate change; primarily the type that is released through the burning of fossil fuels that we heat and cool our homes with. This increases the temperature and creates unnecessary heating in the atmosphere and increased ground temperatures. While increased costs are a key factor to drive a windows replacement in Rodney, some people shy away from it due to the replacement costs of windows. Rest assured, you can save money in the long run when you install new, replacement windows in Rodney. The costs recovery for replacement windows in Rodney will outpace the investment over time creating a windfall in reduced expenses for a homeowner. Once the windows have paid for themselves through savings the returns become ‘profit’ on the investment.

To get the savings replacement windows in Rodney offer, you need a first-class contractor to take on the job. Hiring a contractor doesn’t need to be a time-consuming chore, it needs a little thought and action to achieve the results you need for a windows replacement in Rodney. To make the search an easy one for a contractor for a windows replacement in Rodney, look locally. You can see the windows and talk to the resident who has had a windows replacement for information about the contractor. 

We live in a trust and verify world, the downside is a lack of trust, but the upside is verification and for a contractor who is bidding for your windows work you need to verify a couple of key points. First, is he licensed to work as a contractor and second does he have insurance for any work he will do on your property?

These are necessary attributes all contractors must have to be able to work in Ontario if the contractor that is on your doors step doesn’t have them it is time to resume your search for a contractor who does.

To get the windows installed, you need help that is skilled in all things windows installation. A full-time crew that the contractor employs supplies the work, or he farms the work to a subcontracting crew. Establish the facts before you sign for work, a contractor with a crew at the ready can be considered more trustworthy than a subcontracting crew and is easier to get a hold of should something go wrong.

Warranties play a role for windows replacement work, but like anything, there are conditions that come into play when you need the warranty. Make sure you understand the conditions of the warranties and how they apply so you aren’t left without any coverage because you didn’t know what you were buying. When you employ our company, we provide a warranty for labour – 10-years – and our supplier issues a 25-year product guarantee.

Before you write the cheque for new windows, make sure you have a written estimate in hand to ensure the costs of the work. An estimate should be provided without saying and if you have to ask for one it could shake your confidence in the contractor.

We pride ourselves on meeting the conditions for a successful hire for a contractor and after 60 years in business we know what our customers want and go the extra mile to give it to them. For three generations our family has been our guiding light and they give all our work the personal touch.

When you feel a draught or see condensation inside your windows panes – contact us for an assessment of your home’s windows and let us show you how conservation is your best friend.

The list of choices for new windows for your home is long and filled with variety. Sizes, shapes, colours, and types of windows are there for the choosing based on application and our dedicated friendly staff can help you with the choices.

To release yourself from the manacles of higher energy costs and get out the jail of your own creation, contact us at AM Window & Door Solutions for your defense against Mother Nature. Make the call to AM Window & Door Solutions today for a free inspection that comes with a written estimate and an assessment at no charge at 1.519.668.1555.

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