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Replacement Windows in Sarnia

In the mid-1600’s, the first contact was made between Natives and white settlers when Robert de La Salle made the first voyage on Lake Huron. It was a difficult journey because his crew had to drag their equipment up the St. Clair River between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to make the historic trip. La Salle encountered the Natives, The Three Fires Confederacy, who had recorded history as early as 795 A.D., and their history dates back even longer to 10,000 years before any encounters with the outside world. The natives were industrious as a group; they traded with other groups in the area and maintained peaceful relations with the Sioux and Iroquois communities that inhabited the area also. Sarnia has a great deal of recent history and was a hotbed of activity during the War of 1812. Many battles were fought along the banks of the St. Clair River and historical artifacts turn up quite regularly in the region. The City of Sarnia is home to the petrochemical industry and they have refineries that process raw materials into fuel for the local industries and townspeople. The city has a big commitment to the environment and their consciousness to air pollution is acute due to emissions that have been released by the heavy industries in the area. The emission rate and particulate matter in the air are falling due to a commitment by local industries to curb the emissions they release. This is a good news story in the making, the community has seen their ranking for air pollution fall 30 places in national rankings and while they still have work to do they are on the right track. When residents of the city think about their personal emissions, they want to reduce the greenhouse gases they release from their home and they choose replacement windows in Sarnia to help improve air quality. For an installation of replacement windows in Sarnia, city residents make one call to AM Window & Door Solutions to provide the quality windows to help with energy conservation. In Sarnia, we have the market cornered on the best installers for replacement windows in Sarnia and their work is the best beyond any comparison to the competition.     

Our supplier of choice is Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. They are a Canadian company that has been making their name for the past 40 years, and they hold the distinction of being one the best in our industry.

We use fossil fuels to heat and cool our homes, and that is a fact. But when we use more energy than we need to do the job, it causes climate change through the emission of greenhouse gases. This is a problem that is preventable when you install replacement windows in Sarnia. New, energy-efficient replacement windows in Sarnia will reduce energy use because they don’t leak warm or cold air because there is no infiltration from the outside and the windows seal 100 per cent. When you have poorly constructed windows that have no energy efficiency, your home will use up to 40 per cent more energy because your money is flying out the windows through leaks in your home. That problem can be eradicated when you install replacement windows in Sarnia, it will start with the use of less energy. And the savings in energy costs will finance the cost of replacement windows in Sarnia and once they have been paid for through savings, future savings are like getting paid for being energy efficient.

To get to the energy savings promised land, you need to hire a contractor to install your new, energy-efficient replacement windows in Sarnia to get the best results. A dip in the local pool of contractors should provide enough potential candidates to move forward with the screening process that will be required to find the best contractor available. Once you have short-listed a few companies, look at their previous work as a gauge for your work and it will give you a chance to access others who have used the contractor.

When you make an investment in your home, you want a professional to supply the work for replacement windows in Sarnia. The easiest way to get through the verification process is to ask the contractor to provide proof of insurance and a copy of his business license to operate as a contractor before you sign anything with him.

The contractor will be responsible for the crew he provides for replacement windows in Sarnia and depending on whom he uses will determine the results. If he uses a crew that comes from a pool of subcontractors that may work out OK, but you want a team of committed professionals. A contractor is only as good as his reputation and most use crews that they employ full-time and it helps build confidence with the customer.

Replacement windows work is protected through the use of warranties for products that may be flawed or workmanship that doesn’t meet quality standards. When you hire us at AM Window & Door Solutions, we provide a workmanship guarantee – 10-years long – and out partner Vinylbilt provides a warranty for 25-years for the windows.

You can almost see the new windows in your home, but one more thing must happen before the work starts. The contractor will need to submit a bid in the form of a written estimate to gain your trust and approval for the work. It goes without saying that this is important and it is the only thing that will provide a veil of protection against increased costs.

Hiring our company to provide energy efficiency through replacement windows is the smartest decision you can make as we make hiring a contractor and easy process to work through. For many years our company has been providing quality workmanship and our family has taken the mantle of leadership in our work.

Our dedicated professionals are available on a moment’s notice to attend you home to discuss your needs for replacement windows and detail a plan to improve your energy efficiency. Once our technician has catalogued the situation he will present a written estimate to secure your home with replacement windows.

Vinylbilt is at the forefront of colours, sizes, styles, and types of windows you will need to upgrade your home and we have an inventory of all their products to choose from.

New, energy-efficient windows are at the end of your fingertips when you contact us for a no-obligation consultation. For a free estimate and home inspection, call us today at 1.519.668.1555. 

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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