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Replacement Windows in St. Marys

You could say that St. Marys had it all when the town was formed back in the 1840’s. The Thames River ran through the community providing an abundant source of power for the mills that sprang up in the community, natural resources like trees that were initially used to construct the town and limestone was discovered in the area and the nickname, ‘The Stone Town,’ stuck. With the abundance of limestone, St. Marys Cement developed a factory in the area and became the largest supplier of cement across the province of Ontario. The village has seen a great deal of history through the years and its location in close proximity to the US saw many battles fought in the area during the War of 1812. Native settlements were numerous and prosperous in the area and their way of life existed for 10,000 before they came in contact with European immigrants. Today, St Marys describes itself as the great alternative to the urban lifestyle and the community has many buildings that are of a heritage nature along the main street. St. Marys is home to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and many stars that played in the Major Leagues on Canadian franchises have a plaque to represent their contributions to the game. Induction ceremonies for the CBHoF happen every summer, as do many festivals and fairs that have a historical importance for St Marys.

Residents in the town of over 7000 take their environmental responsibilities very seriously and when they discovered they were wasting energy, they called AM Window & Door Solutions for replacement windows in St. Marys. Our partner for replacement windows is Vinylbilt Windows and Doors, a company who has served the industry for over 40 years and their products are worthy of hall of fame induction

A home that hasn't had new, energy-efficient replacement windows in St Marys installed is using almost twice as much energy as they need. A 40 per cent energy use increase is the result when you don’t have replacement windows in St. Marys installed. This forces your appliances to work harder to heat and cool your home and expend more greenhouse gasses than you need to.  

When you purchase new, replacement windows in St. Marys, the cost will be one that you will have to think long and hard about, but the returns are there in the form of savings. Reducing your energy consumption will mean that the price for replacement windows in St. Marys will be returned back to a homeowner over a few years. A lot like a long-term savings plan, the money will accumulate until such time as the costs are recovered then it is money building up a nest egg for a homeowner.

To get that nest egg, you need to hire a contractor for replacement windows in St. Marys and in order to hit one out of the park, look for a local contractor. He can demonstrate his record for replacement windows in St. Marys through the use of previous installations and former customers can provide feedback on the work.

Replacement windows in St. Marys needs a proven veteran who has years of experience and can meet any curveballs that the installation will throw at him. A license and insurance are important details that can make or break a contractor for replacement windows in St. Marys and they need to be proven before work can take place.

To play baseball, you need nine players to take to the field, for replacement windows in St. Marys you don’t need nine installers, but you do need them to have expertise and experience for the work. The contractor like a successful baseball team will have a group in uniform ready to take the field to install your replacement windows in St. Marys without any errors.

If an error is made in the installation of the products or the products are flawed for some reason, the work and the materials will be covered by warranties to protect the investment a homeowner is making. With AM Window & Door Solutions – our warranty for labour is 10-years in duration – and Vinylbilt will stand behind their products for a 25-year period.

Before a contractor can take the replacement windows diamond, he needs to give the homeowner a written estimate like a manager will give an umpire a lineup card before a game begins. The lineup card tells the ump who is playing and the written estimate is like that too. It tells the homeowner how much the work will cost and what responsibilities he will have to assume for the work. In essence, it is telling him who the contractor will employ, what they will do and the price for the work all in.

Our company, AM Window & Door Solutions, has been like professional baseball players who play the game the right way, we hustle, we don’t get cheated on effort and all our work is best we can provide for the windows upgrade. Our family has been the group taking the diamond and their efforts – for the past three-generations - are worthy of World Series championships for replacement windows.

When you contact us for an appraisal of the current situation, we send our best pitcher, or I should say our best technician to retire the poor windows with great advice and products that will meet the expectations of a homeowner. When has completed an inspection of your home, he will provide a written estimate that will solve all your energy-efficiency problems.

Baseball teams wear uniforms to distinguish them from the opposition and new windows can be a uniform for your home. You can choose different colours, styles, types, and sizes of windows that will add appeal and energy-efficiency to your abode.

When you want to hit a home run with new, energy-efficient replacement windows that will save money and the Mother Earth, contact us and we will bring our glove. For a free inspection and no cost evaluation of your current windows, call us today at AM Window & Door Solutions at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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