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Replacement Windows in St. Thomas

Ontario has many old cities, some date back to the early 1600’s, like York (now known as Toronto) and civilization spider webbed outward forming the nucleus of what we now know as Ontario. In the early days, there were three ways to travel, by horse or wagon, walking or by train. Mass transit or train travel was what the communities in far-flung regions like St. Thomas or London needed to get their good to market in larger centres and rail travel opened up a whole new area for settlers who came from Europe and the US to build a life in. St. Thomas was founded in 1810 at the crossroads of two major trails that were thoroughfares for travelers seeking a better life living off the land. You could say that St. Thomas was advanced for their time, in the mid to late 1800’s they had school for girls and art and theatre were part of the town’s social fabric that lent an air of sophistication to the town. In the mid 1940’s-50’s, St Thomas became a home for industry, predominately the auto industry due to the area’s geographic location in relation to Detroit, home of the auto industry. The town still sees its economic base in manufacturing with agriculture supporting a way of life that has been lived for over 200 years. Residents in the community have many heritage buildings to be proud of and the history that encompasses the community is part of local tourism that attracts visitors to St. Thomas. In the town, residents feel that energy conservation is an important aspect of their life and when they want to upgrade their homes with replacement windows in St. Thomas, the first and only call they make is to our company, AM Window & Door Solutions. Replacement windows in St. Thomas requires a high degree of craftsmanship to get the best results and our installers can provide the level needed for replacement windows in St. Thomas. When you purchase new, energy-efficient replacement windows in St. Thomas, you want quality products to stand up to the elements. When you engage our company for your replacement windows in St. Thomas, we want you to know that we buy the best from a Canadian company to meet your needs. Vinylbilt Windows and Doors has over four decades producing some of the best windows to come to market and their reputation is well known in our business.

Our actions have a big impact on the environment, and conservation plays a big part in our decision-making process for upgrades for our homes. Replacement windows in St. Thomas are an important project whose time has come for a couple of reasons and protecting the environment is as important as saving money. Poor quality windows don’t hold warm or cool air due to leaks and that costs a homeowner a princely sum every month in wasted energy. Energy consultants have made the point for years that a home can lose up to 40 per cent warm and cold air because a home has poorly sealed windows. The extra money spent on energy means that the house is releasing an extraordinary amount of greenhouse gases that are a catalyst for climate change. To avoid all the extra costs, replacement windows in St. Thomas can reduce your carbon footprint and over time the savings achieved will pay for the replacement windows in St. Thomas. Costs for energy can be reduced 20 per cent per year and when the cost of the replacement windows in St. Thomas has been cycled back, it means a reduction in costs that is money in the bank.    

A job that is important – like replacement windows in St. Thomas - will need a contractor to do the work. You want to have someone with experience and it makes sense to find an experienced local tradesman for the work. This offers a homeowner two things, one he can see the windows at work and the second fact is he can sample opinions from other customers.

Experience is one thing, professional accreditation is another that a contractor needs to provide the work you need for replacement windows in St. Thomas. Two areas come to mind as an important validation for a contractor. Insurance and a business license are what set professionals apart from seasonal operators and ask for proof if you need verification.

To get the products installed for your new, replacement windows in St. Thomas, you need a team of highly skilled craftsmen to meet the challenge. Depending on the contractor, a crew will be assembled through the use of a subcontracting crew or the contractor may have a crew that he uses in a full-time capacity.

An important selling point for any home upgrade are warranties, and how they come in to play should they be needed. For a windows retrofit for your home, our company will extend two warranties to cover the work. The workmanship warranty – 10-years – comes from us at AM Window & Door Solutions, and the product warranty is for 25-years that come from our supplier.

Before you give a contractor the go ahead for your work, he should have issued a written estimate for any work he will do at your home. The estimate is the only thing that protects a homeowner and it details the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Using our company will help a homeowner with all the concerns and it will dispel any suspicions that a homeowner could have when hiring a contractor for work at their home. We have a long resume in our business, and our family - three generations - has been instrumental in all the work we provide for a retrofit for windows.

Contacting our office will get a consultant to your home for inspection of the old windows and he will provide answers for new windows that will save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Once he has detailed the requirements of your home he will provide a written estimate to get your home to a level of energy efficiency you have never enjoyed.

Vinylbilt has many different colours, styles, types, and sizes of windows to fit your home’s character; that will return your investment in new windows in no time.

Contact us for a complete review of our inventory and a consultation to help you choose your new, energy-efficient windows. For a free inspection and no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs call us today at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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