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Replacement Windows in Stratford, ON

Stratford-on-the-Avon is home to a great deal of literary history and it has been the subject of many articles and documentaries that detail The Bard’s exploits as a playwright. The Bard, in this case, is William Shakespeare, illustrious writer and author of many plays that have been a staple for high school English classes for many years. In England, Stratford-on-the-Avon was home to many presentations of The Bard’s works and has been well remembered as a historical heritage site for many Brits. In Ontario, we have our very Stratford-on-the-Avon, a small city in southwestern Ontario that mirrors the old country city and produces many Shakespearean plays every year to the delight of audiences. Stratford is an eclectic paradise for art lovers, apart from the plays that are world renowned in their presentations; the community has Art Festivals that display some interesting works that reinforce the community’s reputation as a haven for the art lover.

The city sits along the banks of the Thames River and the city was carved out of forests that surrounded the town and a thriving furniture making business was one of the major employers in the early days of the town. With the development of train travel, Stratford became home to a locomotive repairs station and the community had another industry to support locals that drew people from around the city for employment opportunities.

Local residents understand that the high cost of energy means they have to do something to reduce their energy use and when they think in terms of replacement windows in Stratford, there is only one company to hire for the work and that is AM Window & Door Solutions. Like The Bard, we pride ourselves on presenting the best possible work done by great installers for replacement windows in Stratford and when we are done we receive a standing ovation. Our co-star in replacement windows in Stratford is Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. They have outstanding products for replacement windows in Stratford and they have over 40 years delivering the best for their customers.

Part of the reason that necessitates replacement windows in Stratford is the cost of energy – homes spend almost 40 per cent a year more in energy costs when they have faulty windows and adds up every year. Also, releasing excess greenhouse gases through additional energy use hurts the planet due to the rapid expansion of climate change. Another spin-off that people don’t account for the overuse of the appliances that heat or cool our homes; air conditioners, and furnaces come under increased strain and force them to be retired sooner than they should be.

When you upgrade your home with replacement windows in Stratford it will cost you money, but the outlay is quickly recovered in energy savings and at some point pay for itself. After that, it's less money spent on energy costs that can be re-directed to other projects that will save money and energy too.

In a play, a cast is assembled through auditions for roles – a contractor can be auditioned for his role in replacement windows in Stratford and you want to place your casting call in the local area. Most contractors have a track record in the communities they serve and it will help to see the windows installed to get an idea of what they will look like. 

A contractor who has accepted the invitation for an audition for replacement windows in Stratford will need to demonstrate his ‘chops,’ and that comes from licensing and insurance for work as a contractor. Most contractors will carry verification and some have stenciled their license number of their truck as a form of validation for their business.

When the contractor ‘reads’ for the part for replacement windows in Stratford, he should be singing the praises of the labour he will use to complete the work at your home. The refrains should consist of the great work his crew does and how they have a great deal of experience and expertise for your replacement windows in Stratford.

Built-in for any home upgrade is protection against faulty workmanship or products that have flaws – and the protection is warrantied for replacement windows in Stratford. Our company, AM Window & Door Solutions provides a 10-year labour warranty and our partner Vinylbilt has a 25-year warranty for their products that covers any problems down the line.

At the end of the Third Act, the contractor should ‘dramatically’ present the customer with a written estimate to cover the cost of the work. This is extremely important for the homeowner to have in hand as it protects him from cost overruns and problems that weren’t recognized by the contractor at the time of the consultation.

When you line up for a seat at our production for replacement windows, you will have all the confidence in our ability to provide a command performance that will last a lifetime. At AM Window & Door Solutions, we have many years pleasing audiences, and our family is the cast of characters who have received standing ovations over the last three generations they have been involved in the family business.

Once you have graced our company with your request for help with your windows, we send out a technician who has years of experience providing solutions for new, energy-efficient windows. And his recommendations will come in the form of an estimate for approval for your home’s upgrade.

Our partner at Vinylbilt has many different types styles, colours and sizes of windows to meet the configuration of your home. The windows we will show you will be the best for the applications that they are designated for and we want to advise our customers that the best solution sometimes is the simplest.

When you want to reduce your carbon footprint through energy conservation, we are waiting to hear from you. Call us today at AM Window & Door Solutions for a free inspection and no-obligation meeting at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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