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Replacement Windows in Strathroy

The community of Strathroy sits amid a junction that connects it to large centres and the location was ideal for a community when it was founded back in the 1840’s. Three railroads had tracks in the area to transport the agricultural products that we the life’s blood of the community and as time passed the community grew. With its proximity to Detroit, Strathroy became home to manufacturing, specifically for the auto industry and the town was one of many in the area that produced parts for the Detroit Three.

The town originally got its’ name from settlers who arrived in the area from Ireland and christened the town after the home they emigrated from. Sitting on the banks of the Sydenham River, the town’s early roots were dependent on the river to provide energy for the mills that sprang up to produce grist and other agricultural products that were a necessity to survival early in the town’s life. Now a mixed economy supports local residents and it depends on fowl hatcheries and heavy industry to keep the town’s folk busy.

With energy costs of great concern to the residents, they look to AM Window & Door Solutions to provide replacement windows in Strathroy. The residents choose our company because we assemble a crew of excellent installers for replacement windows in Strathroy and our products are top drawer. We buy your replacement windows in Strathroy from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors, a Canadian company with over 40 years in the business of making windows.

Many people shrug when you talk about the virtues of replacement windows in Strathroy because they don’t understand the value of replacement windows in Strathroy.

For a homeowner, he can cut up to 40 per cent in costs from his energy budget through the installation of new, energy-efficient replacement windows in Strathroy. Poor seals for a home's windows means that heat loss and cold infiltration is the two-headed monster that is robbing your home of the heating and cooling that costs so much to provide. When you upgrade to your home with replacement windows in Strathroy, the savings will finance the costs of the work. Once you have redeemed your investment the savings continue from the replacement windows in Strathroy and that represents a significant amount of money when you look at it over the year.

Scientific research tells us that heat loss is a huge contributor to climate change because we are emitting greenhouse gases that we don’t need to because we have windows that don’t hold warm or cool air. This causes our air conditioners and furnaces to work harder and over time they will break down sooner due to the increased workload.

To prevent overuse of our appliances and reduce our energy use replacement windows in Strathroy represent an excellent conservation plan, but the work is something you don’t want to do alone. There are many good reasons for hiring a professional contractor for replacement windows in Strathroy, but you need to be careful when choosing a contractor.

When you start your search, look for a contractor or two or three that happen to work in the local area. You can meet previous customers and obtain feedback about work habits and abilities and see the products that appeal to you installed in a setting like your home to help make a decision.

When you are vetting a contractor, one of the principal areas of interest should be in the credentials the contractor holds for the work he provides. This means valid insurance and a valid business license to operate. Without full accreditation, you could get less than you bargained for and it could cost a lot more money if you get substandard work.

For any project that requires a component of physical labour, a crew will need to be provided to bring the project to a conclusion. Windows installation can see two different scenarios in which a contractor will fulfill the labour aspect of the job. He can hire out to a subcontracting crew or staff the job himself with installers he has on the payroll. Workmanship is everything when you think of replacement windows and trust is the key factor when deciding how you want your windows replaced.    

For any construction work for upgrades or retrofits for a home, a warranty or two will be part of the package for the work. The different parts of the job – labour and products – will have some type of warranty attached to product the homeowner. When you hire our company we have a 10-year workmanship warranty and our supplier guarantees their windows for a 25-year cycle.

This leads us into the last act for the contractor – he needs to supply a written estimate for the cost of the job. If the contractor doesn’t supply the estimate to hold the price, the work should be a non-starter with that particular contractor because any problems are the homeowners to assume in lieu of a written estimate.

Hiring us at AM Window & Door Solutions for all your replacement windows work will provide a degree of comfort that you may not get from other contractors. We have worked for many years in our business and for the past three generations, our family has provided the drive to succeed when we take on work.

A call to our office for you new, energy-efficient replacement windows means we will send a competent professional to your home for a consultation to get your home to energy-efficiency with new windows. A thorough inspection that determines what your needs are and how they can be fulfilled will be part of the equation. Once he has identified the problems and come up with solutions, he will have a written estimate ready to give you peace of mind when deciding on replacement windows.

In our inventory of products for your new, energy-efficient replacement windows, you have a lot of choices to meet your needs. Our team will help with the applications of the windows you choose and styles, colours, sizes and types are available to make your home energy-efficient and look great too.

Free your wallet from high costs of energy when you contact us at AM Window & Door Solutions for your new windows. For a free inspection, no-obligation consultation, and free estimate call us today at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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