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Replacement Windows in Thorndale

The hamlet of Thorndale sits in the township of Thames Centre and the little community has an agricultural base to its economy. It has been this way since the mid-1800’s when settlers who wanted to carve out a life from the land started to settle the area. Like most communities in the area, it thrived on the resources that were part of the land. It started with forestry and then farming once the trees were cleared, and it offered an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Simple pleasures like visits to a nieghbour and music were part of the culture and many times visits and music were enjoyed together when friends and neighbours assembled for rustic entertainment. The simple pursuits of music and dancing created an environment for a festival to start in Thames Centre and the Donnybrook Fiddle and Step Dance competition became the go-to event for Thorndale residents. Competitors from across North America come to this prestigious event that will crown the best in class for various competitions and it is well known in the fiddle and step dance community.

Historically, Thorndale was a railway town, without the Grand Trunk Railroad the town wouldn’t have had secure transport for their cash crops to market and would have probably died on the vine as mercantilism was on its way out of fashion as an economic model for small towns.

The small town has a mural painted on a large fence where the original train station was in recognition of the town’s heritage and the salvation that the railroad provided. Today, Thorndale sits as it has for generations as a farm community that enjoys a slow pace of life that is simple and comfortable.

Residents know the value of a dollar and when they need replacement windows in Thorndale to cut expenses, and they reach out to their friendly neighbours at AM Window & Door Solutions. We have a crew that brings a farmer’s effort for replacement windows in Thorndale that we install and our crew carries a great deal of ability. The products we use when we provide replacement windows in Thorndale come from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors. They have almost five decades as a premier windows supply company and they are a great Canadian success story. Founded as a small, family business, they have grown as their products became staples of the windows and doors business and their success is based on a lot of hard work.

It takes a great deal of effort to maintain a home, the costs of energy are astronomical and when we can save money on our home’s budget we will look at the opportunity presented. Replacement windows in Thorndale represent a potential windfall of savings for a homeowner. Homes in general use more than 40 per cent more energy than they need to because they don’t have new, energy-efficient replacement windows in Thorndale safeguarding their energy use. While the cost might seem negligible when the expense is looked at over a month or two, it adds up to be a large amount of money when looked at over a year or two. Replacement windows in Thorndale are an expensive proposition, but the return on investment equalizes the equation. Over time, the cost of replacement windows in Thorndale will be returned in energy savings, and once the cost is paid back, it is all savings in the energy budget.

To start the replacement windows in Thorndale off on the right foot, you need to hire a contractor who has the experience and the ability to complete the work. Look for a contractor in the Thames Centre-area for replacement windows in Thorndale for a sneak peek at the windows when they are installed and to get feedback from the homeowner.

A proven professional should install replacement windows in Thorndale, and the best way to determine a contractor’s professionalism is through a vetting process. Ask about a business license and insurance – if the contractor can’t or won’t produce validation it means he isn’t registered to work as a contractor.

A crew that contractor uses can say a lot about his business practices, if he has a crew that uses as full-time workers it means he has a commitment to his work. If he uses a subcontracting team, he is more about money than quality-workmanship. Get the all the information you need to feel comfortable with the contractor you are interviewing because a good installation means the windows will work as advertised.

Another detail that needs to be fleshed out is the warranties that are supplied for the work and the materials that are installed. Our partner at Vinylbilt will supply a 25-year warranty for all the windows they sell you and our company, AM Window & Door Solutions will guarantee our work for a 10-year period of time.

For a tune that is sweet music to a homeowner’s ears, a written estimate should hit all the right notes for any work that is required. It should come as no surprise to receive an estimate from a contractor and it should be an expectation for anyone contracting work around their home.

When we strike up the band for new, energy-efficient replacement windows we will strike a chord that will resonate because years of experience tells us what notes are on key for your work. Our family has been the backup band for all our work and for three generations they have been playing happy tunes for replacement windows work.

Contact our company to have your needs spoken to will see our bandleader, also known as our expert service technician come to your home for some composition work. He will look into your windows situation and write up an estimate that leaves you completely satisfied that your needs have been addressed with the best products in the right applications.

Vinylbilt has pioneered colours and styles for windows that come in many types and sizes that will be your economic and environmental redemption when you make the switch to new, energy-efficient replacement windows.

To get the best windows in Ontario, contact our office for a comprehensive inspection that comes with a free estimate. Call us today for a no cost meeting to improve the quality of life with new windows at 1.519.668.1555.   

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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