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Replacement Windows in Woodstock

After the American Revolution, many colonialists loyal to the British Crown were forced to leave the US for other jurisdictions, and their northern neighbour, Canada, was still maintained an allegiance to the British Crown. United Empire loyalists flooded what was known as Upper Canada from Kingston west to Sarnia along with natives who fought along side the British during the war. The new immigrants sought peace and prosperity in their new country and for the most part found it under British rule. Once communities had been established, towns like Woodstock grew and flourished as more immigrants came from Britain and Europe to populated the new country. Manufacturing and tourism are the one two punch for the economy and Woodstock hold the distinction of a town that has all of its administrative buildings from the past still standing as part of the many tourist attraction. One section of Woodstock is devoted to Victorian architecture and it like stepping into to a time warp when you travel down Vansittart Avenue. As a small city that sits on Highway 401, the town has seen its share of manufacturing facilities open in the community and the major thrust of the industry is manufacturing for the auto industry.

Agriculture still plays a role in the community and Woodstock Fair at the end of August every year reminds the residents where they came from and the displays that appear at the festival are an education for residents and non-residents alike.

In the community, replacement windows in Woodstock come from our company AM Window & Door Solutions. We have recruited top quality installers for replacement windows in Woodstock and their work is a thing of beauty. We purchase products from Vinylbilt Windows and Doors for installation for replacement windows in Woodstock and their products carry an excellent reputation for energy-efficiency. Vinylbilt has over 40 years in the business and they are one of the premier windows and doors manufacturers in the country. 

A home’s energy use should be monitored to get best results from the energy we use. When we look at our heating and cooling bill are we aware that we are using a lot more energy than we need to? Probably not, and why, because we use almost 40 per cent more energy than we need when we have windows that won’t hold warm and cold air. Leaky windows can cost us almost double what they need to spend on energy, and science bears that fact out. Study after study tells us that heat leakage and cold infiltration are the most common form of energy waste and new replacement windows in Woodstock will get a rope around runaway costs. Another problem that inefficient windows cause is overwork to our furnaces and air conditioning units. All the extra energy use strains the appliances to the point of failure over time meaning that they won't last as long as they were supposed because your energy use has gone through the roof.

There are two ways to solve a problem, one way is to tackle it ourselves and the other way is to hire a professional. This is the best course of thinking when you look at replacement windows in Woodstock because an upgrade like this needs experts to handle the work. When you are seeking a contractor for replacement windows in Woodstock, look for local professionals who have the experience to complete the job. Local contractors will have completed local work and it will serve your purposes to see the windows installed and talk to a homeowner who has taken the plunge into energy efficiency for an opinion.

Many contractors have their business license number printed somewhere on their truck or business card as a way to validate them as professionals. When you see this, ask the contractor about what type of insurance he carries to operate as a contractor for replacement windows in Woodstock.

Next thing to inquire about is the crew that will provide the replacement windows in Woodstock. Find out from the contractor if he using a subcontracting crew or a crew he keeps on call for work. The installation is the make or break detail for replacement windows in Woodstock and you want the best installers that are available for this important work.

To protect the investment in your home, the contractor should offer warranties for replacement windows in Woodstock. The timeline will vary depending on products and labour – but we supply a 10-year guarantee for our labour and Vinylbilt will provide a warranty that will run for 25-years for replacement windows.

The final detail to account for is a written estimate for replacement windows and that can’t be underestimated. Without an estimate, you are left in the dark and have no idea what type of work you will receive or how much it will cost. Any reputable contractor will supply an estimate without being asked and if you have to ask, maybe you need to consider another contractor.

Using AM Window & Door Solutions for all your windows needs means that we have far and away met all the details when hiring a contractor and our years in the business will bear that out. We have a big family that has taken the lead for all our work and in three generations they brought us to the top of the windows and doors industry.

What makes us different from our competitors are our response time and our listening skills. We only sell you what you need for replacement windows and our recommendations align with your needs for windows. We sell products that meet the application, costs notwithstanding, to provide the best solution technology and money can buy.

When you think about the styles, colours, types, and sizes of windows for your home, we want you to know that Vinylbilt has everything a homeowner could want in new, energy-efficient replacement windows.

Make the switch to new windows when you contact us for a no cost meeting that will save money and the environment. For a free inspection and estimate for new, energy-efficient windows call us today at 1.519.668.1555.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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