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Windows & Doors Company in St. Thomas

St. Thomas residents are seeing substantial savings after upgrading their windows and doors. Is it time to upgrade your windows and doors?



There are a number of reasons that lead a homeowner to explore the options available to them for replacing their doors and widows. The constant rising cost of heating and cooling their home is number one. As today’s energy costs continue to increase, homeowners feel they need to act, and soon. The second main reason is home comfort. Homes that are not properly updated with correct insulation levels and have older windows and doors, comfort levels are often an ongoing concern. This makes the home both physically and mentally uncomfortable. With older windows, a poorly sealed home will also experience “money flying out the window” – and that’s not a good feeling. There are much more fun things a homeowner can be doing with their hard-earned cash.

You know it’s time to upgrade your windows and doors when your home is experiencing some of these “symptoms”:

  • Inconsistent energy costs that always land on the high side. Utility costs are constantly on the rise but, unfortunately, most of us can’t say the same about our income. A homeowner is being very money-wise when they seek to lower their monthly costs and invest in products and services that will ultimately pay for themselves in the near future and continuously save them money.
  • Windows or doors that no longer function properly. It may be they no longer open or cannot be operated without great effort. (Or not opening a window for fear it may not close properly again.) When the mechanisms of older windows or doors become faulty, chances are replacement pieces are no longer available and repair becomes impossible. Replacement is the only way to go. Regaining the use and purpose of non-functioning windows makes a wonderful difference! Let the fresh air in!
  • Drafts and more drafts. When windows or doors no longer have an airtight seal to them, the result is drafts. Not only is energy lost but also the home is so uncomfortable. Sadly, previously enjoyed areas of the home are avoided.  
  • When you can see visible damage in either the window or the window surround. With the windowpane itself –– actual cracks, fogginess, or condensation that lingers, all are not good signs. Within the window frame area –– splitting, warping or bowing, separations that create gaps, such as frame-with-frame or frame-and-windowpane spacing. Again, with this kind of damage, there is no airtight seal and the window has become an area for energy loss. If during a visual inspect of the interface surround the window shows signs of water problems, such as water stains, and the dreaded water seepage, this requires an immediate inspection and repair. Whenever water breaches airtight seals and enters a home, it is not good thing and must be taken very seriously – it’s an act now or pay more later situation.
  • Your new neighbours seem much louder. Your lovely quiet senior neighbours moved and a young rambunctious family have moved in. You may not have even noticed the sound issue until now. Whenever a home’s airtight seals have been broken, so has the sound barrier. (No, not that kind of sound barrier. They’d have to be both loud and super-fast to hit that level.) Since sound is carried by air, wherever air is entering a home, so will all of the outdoor sounds.
  • Your windows and doors are no longer appealing and have become a bit of an eyesore. If you’re looking to give your home a fresh new look, then a window and door upgrade is definitely the way to go. It will dramatic change the home’s appearance. With the many style and colour options available today, you can get creative and modernize both your home’s interior and exterior.

My St. Thomas home is 25 years old and some of the windows are showing their age, do I need a full replacement or can I just replace a few?

As with many Southern Ontario cities, St. Thomas, “The Railway City”, has experienced steady growth in the last number of years. Homes range from older century homes such as in the Courthouse District, all the way to newer builds the south end. When deciding on window and door replacements, you can replace just a few if you’re very happy with some and not others. For some window makes, 25 years is the perfect time for replacement. With a windows & doors company in St. Thomas, if the situation is a budget concern, purchasing in “bulk” does have its rewards. A full set can often be considered a package and be much more economical. Also, the actual installation work to do the replacements will be done all at the same time, which is much more economical then to have a work crew come back in a few years to replace the ones that were not chosen for the first time around. A professional will definitely help with these kinds of decisions and explain in detail all of the costs involved and can fully assess the life left for each window and door.

Our professionals are on your side.

With our windows & doors company in St. Thomas, right from our initial free assessment, you will learn what state your present windows and doors are in and what we recommend the home needs by way of upgrades to become more energy efficient. Because window and door replacement is a labour intensive job, at AM Window & Door Solutions, we will consult with you every step of the way. Your ease and comfort is one of our main concerns. We always put our customers first. We’ve been in business for over 60 years and our aim has always been customer care and satisfaction. We’re a family-owned company and extremely confident in our high quality work. So much so that we offer a 10-year workmanship transferable warranty on all of the work we perform. Our aim is to give our customers peace of mind that their investment is protected.

To begin your window and door replacement journey, you can reach out to us a number of ways. You can call or text us. You can find us online through our website and we’re also on Facebook. Online you can also find many of our happy customer experiences in our “reviews” sections. Either way you choose to contact us, we’re here for you.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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