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Windows & Doors Company in Bracebridge

Bracebridge homeowners are enjoying substantial energy savings since they’ve upgraded their windows and doors. How can you know when it’s time for an upgrade? Here are a few signs that it may be time for upgrades to your home's windows and doors:

  • We’ll start with a very popular reason, as just mentioned, your energy bills are far too high. In fact, this is the main reason people begin to seek out more information and explore the benefits of upgrading. This could very well be your main reason as well.
  • Drafts can be felt in the surrounding area of the door or window, or even from the windowpane itself.
  • Have you given up on using either a window or door (or both, or all) in your home? This usually happens when the mechanics of the window or door no longer work or have become too troublesome and frustrating to even bother with. It could also be that replacement parts are no longer available.
  • There’s visible damage, such as cracks in the pane. If the windows are older two-pane style, then you may have fog or condensation between the panes. (If this is the only issue with the window, and it’s caught early enough, and if the window is relatively new in age, this can sometimes be repaired. An inspection with a qualified specialist will definitely be able to help with this.)
  • If there’s damage to the windows’ frames, such as splintering or warping. This type of damage ruins the airtight seal and insulation quality of the window or door and is a sure sign that replacement is necessary.
  • If you see damage to the wall areas that surround the window or door, such as water stains. Again, this is not a good sign. Water permeation is the enemy when it comes to homes and water stains are telling you an unpleasant story. It’s best to act ASAP before the water damage spreads.
  • If your windows are the older single pane style, then they would not have any UV protection. This often causes fading of window treatments or furniture material, whatever is within the window area and receives a good amount of continuous sunlight.
  • You would like your home to be quieter. (Did new neighbours just move in?) The airtight quality of both double and triple pane windows have the extra bonus of enhancing the home’s soundproofing ability. They make for a much more peaceful ambient sound when doors and windows are closed.
  • You’ve fallen out of love with the look of your home’s exterior. Replacement windows and doors definitely give a home a fresh new appearance that can turn heads. It can also turn the heads of prospective purchasers. This kind of upgrade most definitely bumps up your property’s value if/when you decide to sell your home.

I live in an older home in Bracebridge, do I have many choice options for replacements with Windows & Doors Company in Bracebridge?

Absolutely, you do!

Long gone are the days of limited choices in both window styles or colour options. Windows & Doors Company in Bracebridge, homeowners have a wide selection, no matter the style of one’s home. Bracebridge is a smaller town within the Muskoka district, aka Cottage Country. Incorporated in 1889 as town status, it was built up alongside a waterfall on the Muskoka River. Being more north, Bracebridge gets a lot more snow than its Southern Ontario neighbours. Home styles range from Victorian to present-day new builds. With a big demand for more options and styles of windows and doors for older century homes, manufactures heard the call and now there are quite a few options to choose from. If the original home has wood windows, there is the option to replace them with upgraded, more energy efficient wood windows. This can be quite costly and would be considered more of a restoration than an upgrade. Instead, budget-conscious homeowners are opting for highly energy efficient vinyl window solutions. A consultation with a professional window and door contractor will be able to show you the many options that are now available for your older home.

Why use a professional?

There are many variables when replacing windows and doors with Windows & Doors Company in Bracebridge. Replacement is always more complicated than it was when the home’s original and doors were first added. The contractor needs to be mindful of many factors when determining what kind of windows would be best for the home. For the actual installation process, they need to access both inside and outside of the home. They also need to re-establish and re-enforce the insulation barrier that surrounds the newly installed windows and doors. There’s a lot to consider! You will definitely want to hire someone reputable and someone with a lot of experience. At AM Window and Door Solutions we are all of that, and more. Our window and door specialists are professionally trained and skilled with all types of window and door replacement strategies and solutions. We’re family owned and have been in business since 1956. Our customers are very important to us, which is why always put them first with our exceptional customer service. From the initial free consultation, right up to job complete with pristine clean up, we work with the customer to fulfill their needs. We’re so confident in our customer satisfaction with our high-quality work, that we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty with Window & Doors Company in Bracebridge. Should the homeowner choose to sell within that time, the warranty is 100% transferable, which makes it also highly desirable and valuable to the potential new homeowners.

We at AM Window and Door Solutions are a very proud company and we’re ready to help you on your window and door replacement journey in Bracebridge and surrounding areas. To begin, you can reach out to us in many ways. You can call us, visit our website, or even check out our FB page. There we have many satisfied customer reviews for you to explore

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