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Burlington homeowners are enjoying optimum savings with their new window and door upgrades through reduced energy bills. Why are window and door upgrades good for reducing energy consumption. Lets find out!

Well, the newer and smarter window solutions available on today’s market pack a big punch. Not only are they replacing older single pane styles, but they are available with many energy ratings and specialty coatings that can be customized to a home’s distinct needs. For example, windows and doors that are directly exposed to the elements will require a product that offers higher protection and is more water resistant then would be, say, a window or door that is covered by a porch or an awning and is in much less direct contact with the elements. With the proper windows & doors company in Burlington, you can protect and style your home for an affordable price.

Let’s look at some reasons for window and door upgrades:

  • One of the most popular motivators for a homeowner to seek out an upgrade and replacement options is to reduce a home’s energy costs. Replacing older style windows and doors with newer double or triple pane options will greatly reduce a home’s high energy bills.
  • Home comfort. It’s very common that old and failing doors and windows allow unwanted air into the home. Drafts are often felt in and around the window or door areas. Not only do drafts reduce the comfort level of the home, they can also pose health risks. This is especially true if condensation also accompanies drafts. Water seepage is the enemy of a home. If left untreated, mould and mildew will surely follow.
  • Windows or doors have lost their ability to open or close properly. When this happens, more often than not the homeowner gives up entirely on the window or door. Non-functioning windows are then neglected and no longer regularly onitored. In some cases, the homeowner is not aware of water penetration occurring, thus causing even bigger and more costly problems.
  •  Damage to either the windowpanes cracking or fogging up, or damage to the surrounding frames, like cracking, splintering or warping. This would be a strong sign that the airtight seals are broken and costly energy loss is the end result.
  • If minor damage is left uncared for, then it could extend to the areas surrounding the windows and to the interface between wall and window. When the damage becomes this extensive, then immediate attention is needed.
  • You’re not happy with all of the many unwanted outside noises entering the home. This is also a by-product of failing windows and doors. Sound travels by air and if the home is no longer airtight then the home will also have a noisier and unpleasant ambient sound. A more efficient and comfortable heating or cooling level is the first thing a homeowner notices after upgrading, next a more pleasant and peaceful sound level is noticed and welcomed. (The third is when the first energy bill after the upgrade arrives and it’s substantially lower.)
  • The look of your home’s exterior is no longer appealing. The home is given a noticeable fresh new look when new windows and doors are installed. For most homes, the new change is often very dramatic.
  • You discovered and would like to take advantage of an energy upgrade incentive offered by the government. We are a windows & doors company in Burlington that strives to have environmentally friendly windows and doors. In an effort to combat climate change and be more environmentally friendly, the government offers a number of upgrade plans for homeowners to both reduce their home’s energy costs which consequently reduces the overall demand on our natural resources. Win-win!

Many of my neighbours have upgraded their older homes and in contrast mine is now looking very neglected. Will a window and door upgrade make that much of a difference to my home’s look?

You would be surprised how much of a difference this type of upgrade can make!

Not only do new windows offer energy savings, the new streamlined look will really give a home quite a lift. AM Window & Door Solutions is a windows & doors company in Burlington, as well as Southern Ontario and we have a wide selection of styles and colour options available today that were not available in the recent past. Homeowners wanted more style options and manufacturers answered the call. Burlington rests on the shores of Lake Ontario and is next door neighbour to the City of Hamilton. It is within a reasonable commuting distance to Toronto. In fact, a high percentage of people residing in Burlington do the daily commute to the GTA area for both work and recreation. For this reason, home prices are much higher in Burlington than other cities that have a much further commuting distance. Weather-wise, Burlington experiences lake-effect heavy snowfalls as well as hot, humid summers. As with other southern Ontario cities, these conditions call for a home that is well insulated and airtight. In order to explore all that is available for window and door upgrades, a consultation with a skilled professional is a must.

Call in the professionals.

Because there are so many small and large details to consider when deciding upon which type of window and door replacements a home needs, as well as the required installation expertise, hiring a professional that is experienced with a wide of range of home styles is an absolute must. Because of the work required, this type of home upgrade falls under the category of a medium to major home repair. At AM Window & Door Solutions, our highly skilled contractors and installation technicians offer exactly that, and more. We’re a proud, family-owned company that has been in business for almost 65 years now. We’re very confident in our ability to provide you with the highest quality of customer care. From our free in-home assessment, to our professional and thorough no-details-missed installation, all the way to a final pristine clean up, we’re there for our customers every step of the way. Our customers always come first, period! Our confidence is shown by our transferrable 10-year workmanship warranty.

At AM Window & Door Solutions, we want to take care of your window and door needs. You can reach us by phoneor text, through out website chat, and also through Facebook. On both our website and Facebook page, you can find many happy reviews by our satisfied customers.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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