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Windows & Doors Company in Chatham-Kent

Chatham-Kent homeowners are thrilled with the energy savings they’ve been enjoying since they upgraded their windows and doors. When should you start planning to upgrade your windows and doors? How can new windows and doors save you money from the minute they're installed?

It is a big decision to make the changes necessary to move towards your home being more energy efficient. It can be both an emotional and a financial leap. Emotionally, because often we become accustomed to things as they are instead of jumping into change. Financially, for some, it’s something that needs budgeting for and accepted as a long-term investment. More often than not, your home will tell you when it’s time to upgrade and here are some signs of those:

  • We already mentioned briefly about the financial benefit of replacement windows and doors. It’s the number one reason a homeowner seeks to upgrade –– their utility costs are far too high. This type of home upgrade shows instant financial results. Depending on the condition of the older windows and doors, energy bills will show a substantial reduction right off the top. The further away your windows are from being airtight and well sealed, you will experience the most noticeable change in your utility bills. Those savings can go directly into the initial cost outlay of the upgrade each month. The early part of the long-term investment will show a great return. You can also add onto that any government incentive rebates and watch the cost go down even further. It’s definitely a win-win situation for the pocket book.
  • The second most popular condition that moves a homeowner in the direction of planning their window and door upgrades is the home’s comfort level. In particular, drafts and cold spots. There could also be difficulty in properly cooling a home in the summer months. Drafts could be coming from a few locations, either within the windowpane and frame or in and around the window and wall interface. If it’s the window itself, the cause could be from age, damage to the window’s structure, or the window’s mechanics are faulty. Either way, there is no airtight seal. If the drafts are coming from the wall area, then the interface between wall and window have failed. A reinforcement of insulation that seamlessly connects to the windows making them airtight is what is needed.
  • Obvious visible damage, such as the windowpane is cracked, split, or broken. Stubborn condensation and window fog are other examples that the windows are no longer doing their job. Damage to the window frames could be cracking, bowing, warping, or splintering. All of these examples will also wreck the airtight seal.
  • Water stains. These can be seen within the windows or doors or in the nearby walls and flooring areas. When water penetrates a home, it is something to take very seriously. When water becomes visible within the home, such as seeping or dripping, then it could have been an earlier problem that was just unseen, perhaps behind the wall area. This type of situation definitely needs immediate attention by a professional.
  • Curtain and upholstery fading. If you plan on replacing your furniture and window treatments and yet you still have older single pane windows, the sun fading with continue with your new furniture pieces. Newer windows come with either double or triple panes as well as UV protective coatings, and so sun damage within the home will be a thing of the past with these modern upgrades.
  • Outdoor noise is bothersome. One of the wonderful by-products of installing modern new windows is the reduction of outside sounds. Double and triple panes help with this as well as thicker glass and special coatings. Also, when a home is more airtight, it has a much better ambient sound that helps to keep outside noise outside.
  • You find both the look and style of your home has grown tired and is no longer appealing. With the many options of both style and colours of windows and doors that are available today, the homeowner can dramatically improve both the home’s curb appeal and interior views. There’s nothing nicer than looking out of crystal clear windows as well as seeing a home with that nice fresh clean reflection in the windows.

I just purchased an older home in downtown Chatham-Kent, what are my options to upgrade with a Windows & Doors Company in Chatham-Kent?

There are many options available today for the homeowner to upgrade their windows and doors for older homes. By utilizing our windows & doors company in Chatham-Kent, century homes now have a great selection to choose from in both styles and colour options. Chatham-Kent’s weather is similar to other Southern Ontario cities, with snowy winters and hot humid summers. It’s home to Union gas as well as many windmill farms. With all that focus on energy, it’s no wonder residents are upgrading their windows and doors to be more energy efficient.

Calling in the professionals.

A really great first step on the road to upgrading is doing a window and door self-assessment. Write down all of the things you like about your windows and doors and then contrast that with all that you don’t like. This will help narrow down your preferences. With our windows & doors company in Chatham-Kent, replacing windows and doors is a much more complicated job from when the home’s original windows were first installed. This is why a professional with years of experience on many different home styles is a must-have. AM Window & Door Solutions is all that, and much more. In conjunction with our years of experience, our focus is on our customers. We aim for complete customer satisfaction during every step of the way, from the initial consultation right to our pristine final clean up. We’re family-owned and have been in business now for over 60 years. We’re so confident in our ability to successfully serve our customers that we offer a transferable 10-year workmanship warranty as a proud window & doors company in Chatham-Kent.

We’re ready to assist you with your plans for your window and door replacements. To start, you can reach us by phone or text. We’re also available online through our website and our Facebook page. There you can read our many happy customer reviews.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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