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Windows & Doors Company in Gravenhurst

Gravenhurst homeowners are enjoying the fresh new look of their homes with their newly upgraded windows and doors. When is it a good time to upgrade your home’s windows and doors, and how will upgrades start saving you your hard earned money from the minute they are installed?

Well, as the saying goes, “There’s no time like the present.” The sooner a home’s windows and doors are upgraded, the sooner a homeowner will begin saving on their monthly energy bills. With such a high price tag on heating and cooling a home, it pays offs immediately to reinforce a home’s airtight seals and put a stop to your hard-earned money from literally seeping through the cracks. Here are some basics signs that your home’s windows and doors are no longer doing their job and are costing much more than necessary:

  • You dread seeing your energy bills each month. This could be because they’re not only high but they may also be inconsistent. This tells the story that your home’s heating or cooling has become very inefficient. An inspection by a professional windows & doors company in Gravenhurst would help to discover the trouble areas and offer cost effective solutions.
  • Drafts in and around the window and doors areas or unresolved cold spots. Sometimes the causes are obvious, other times not so much. There are three areas these could be coming from. The window frames, the windowpanes themselves, or the wall area that connects to the windows.
  • Broken and faulty window or door functioning. This happens when the mechanics of the windows or doors break and become inoperable. Chances are if the windows or doors are an older style, then replacement parts may no longer be available. Or it could be the window or door’s moving parts have seized up due to age or rust.
  • Noticeable damage to the structure of the windows or doors. This would be in the form of cracks to the windowpanes, fogging, and condensation. For the frames themselves, visible breakage, splintering, or warping may be the issues. For all of these examples, the window’s airtight seals are broken and no longer offer protection from unwanted air or water from entering the home.
  • Signs of water damage to the window or door areas, such as water stains or actual water seepage. This is definitely not good and requires immediate repair. Otherwise, the damage will spread.
  • When the windows and doors are older, such as single-pane windows. This is where an upgrade will really pay off. The homeowner will enjoy energy savings of around 40% with an upgrade to double or triple-pane windows. Also, with single-pane windows, a common occurrence is that both furniture and window treatments experience sun fading. Again, an upgrade to windows that offer UV protection will completely stop this from happening.
  • Outside noise seems louder, even when the windows and doors are closed. As the airtight seal of a home’s windows and doors continues to fail, not only is unwanted air entering the home, but also unwanted sounds are carried in as well. One of the many positive comments we hear after a window and door upgrade is complete is how wonderfully quiet the home has become.
  • The home’s curb appeal is anything but appealing. As more of us these days seem to spend more time in our homes, especially work from home small businesses, we want our homes looking good instead of being an eyesore that is endured on a daily basis. A new set of replacement windows and doors will offer just that –– a fresh new look. As there are so many styles and colour options to choose from now, it’s best to consult with a professional windows & doors company in Gravenhurst that can show you all of the options that are available now for your distinct style of home.

My Gravenhurst home has experienced water damage this last year. How will this affect a window and door replacement project?

As there are many variables to consider when upgrading a home’s windows and doors, previous water damage is one of the bigger issues, if not the biggest. Firstly, the source of the water issue needs to be completely repaired. Otherwise, your new replacements will suffer the same damage. In some situations when water has been an issue, the interface between the walls and the new window and door replacements needs to be reinforced to establish a new airtight seal.

The town of Gravenhurst is located just south of Bracebridge and is coined as the “Gateway to the Muskoka Lakes.” The town borders both Lake Muskoka and Gull Lake, which makes it a very popular summer destination. As with other towns in that area slightly more north, Gravenhurst experiences hot humid summers and very cold and snowy winters. Weather is a big consideration when choosing the correct window and door styles and energy ratings. When looking for a windows & doors company in Gravenhurst, you’ll want one that is an experienced and reputable. (And since you’re here, reading this, we know you found one!)

Why a professional windows and doors contractor is your best choice.

While there are many factors a windows and doors contractor has to consider with each home contract, an experienced professional will ensure the job is done right. With AM Window & Door Solutions, you will experience exactly that, and then some. We’re a family-owned company who’s been in business for over 60 years. Our skilled tradesmen will work together with you to come up with a budget-friendly and energy sound solution to your home’s specific needs.

Right from the start, with our free initial consultation, to job complete and pristine site clean up, you’ll know you’re satisfaction is our first priority. We’re a proud, hardworking company with topnotch customer care. We’re so confident in our experience and skills that we offer a 10-year transferable warranty on all of work. Our aim is to give our customers the peace of mind of a job well done.

We’re readily available and we can be reached by phone or text. Also, click on over to our Facebook page where you’ll find many customer reviews.

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