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Windows & Doors Company in Hamilton

Hamilton homeowners are excited about the energy savings with new windows and doors. How can you tell when you need to upgrade your windows or doors?

There are a number of signs that signal it’s time to change your windows and doors. At a time in history when energy consumption and its high cost is on every homeowner’s mind, modern hi-tech solutions are now available to solve such problems. Today, there are many options to consider when purchasing new windows and doors, and AM Window & Door Solutions, a windows & doors company in Hamilton is here to help you with every step!

A few key signs that an upgrade is due would be:

  • High energy bills that are often inconsistent but steadily rising. This indicates a breach in the home’s airtight seal and can only lead to higher and higher energy consumption costs. It is the main reason people begin to search for energy efficient solutions for their home and are willing to make the upfront initial investment in order to save in the long run.
  • Unresolved drafts in the home. Often the source is known but not always. In some situations, the cause is difficult to pinpoint. When the drafts are around window or door areas, then it’s likely either the window itself or the interface between the walls and windows is failing to properly insulate the home. This occurs for a numbers of reasons. The age of the windows, the settling of a home over time, possible water damage, et cetera. An installation specialist would be able to discovery the reasons for this and can offer solutions.
  • The failing of the window or doors’ ability to easily operate. This could be due to broken or lost mechanics or just the wear and tear that comes with age that seizes up any smooth functioning.
  • Visible and non-visible damage to the windows themselves. This can be either damage to the panes or damage to the frame, such as warping or splintering. Either way, the airtight seal is broken and the window no longer protects the home from the elements and has become energy inefficient.
  • Water stains or damage to the areas surrounding the windows or doors. Again, this could be caused by water seepage, such as leaks or even flooding. Definitely not a good sign and needs immediate attention.
  • If the windows or doors are an older single-pane style, then the home would definitely benefit from an upgrade. With the many options available today, like protective coatings for UV or windows with a high water resistance rating are available, such upgrades would show a substantial savings in energy consumption and cost.
  • When there is a breach in the airtight seal, the home is much noisier as it allows outside sounds to seep into the home. The options of double or even triple pane windows would definitely solve this problem and give the home much more peaceful ambience.
  • The home’s exterior is no longer appealing. A home’s aesthetic is a very important aspect of many homeowners sense of pride. When you consider our home is viewed pretty much every single day, wouldn’t you want that to be a very pleasant experience? When a home receives newly installed window and door updates, it can be a very uplifting experience. The home can look and feel new again. You not only enhance your own, but oftentimes neighbours are also pleased.

My Hamilton home is an older Victorian style, I’m happy with my front door but are there many options for replacement windows that would match the home?

Absolutely, there are.

Over the last few years, the consumer has asked and the industry has delivered. As a windows & doors company in Hamilton, AM Window & Door Solutions has so many options available that fit any style and shape of a home’s windows and can readily be closely matched and replaced with modern energy efficient equivalents. Hamilton is known for its steel industry, its numerous old trees, and waterfalls. In fact, Hamilton is the “Waterfall capital of the world”. Really, it is! Because it’s homes to a portion of the Niagara escarpment which spans 725 kilometers in Ontario, Hamilton has more than 100 waterfalls and cascades within the city limits. All these factors heighten the importance of having a home that is efficiently airtight and properly vented. With both pollen from the trees and possibly some pollution from the industries, properly installed high-tech modern windows and doors will protect and enhance the home’s indoor air quality. An assessment with a contractor who is experienced with window and door installations will be able to show you the many options that are now available for your older home.

The importance of a hiring an experienced professional installer.

As there are many factors and variables to consider when upgrading windows and doors, it’s imperative to find a company with the technical skills that comes with long-term experience as well as a company who keeps up-to-date on both product options and innovative installation methods. At AM Window & Door Solutions - a windows & doors company in Hamilton, we are all that, and more. We’ve been in business for over 60 years and our highly skilled contractors will work with you to find a budget-friendly and energy efficient solution to your home’s specific window and door needs. We’re a family-owned and proud company that always puts our customers first and foremost. From the free initial assessment, to the installation work, right to the final clean-up and subsequent follow-up, we’re there for the homeowner every step of the way. We aim to please with our exceptional customer service. We’re so very confident in our ability to make our customers happy that we offer a 10-year transferable workmanship warranty. We want our customers to experience the peace of mind that comes with hiring an experienced professional and a job well done.

We’re more than ready to assist you with your home upgrade journey. You can reach us via phone, our website, email or text, and we’ll be happy to get the ball rolling with our free assessment services. You can also visit our FB page. There you’ll find many of our happy customer referrals and testimonials.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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