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Windows & Doors Company in Huntsville

After upgrading their windows and doors, Huntsville homeowners are experiencing exceptional savings towards their energy bills. How can you know when it’s time for an upgrade to your windows and doors, and how can upgrading them bring you immediate benefits?


There can be visual and non-visual clues that hint at (or sometimes shout out) that it’s time to upgrade your windows and doors. The visual clues would be general wear and tear or some form of damage. The non-visual signs would be drafts, water seepage, and/or rising energy costs.

Here are some specific details to look out for when you’re considering a windows& doors company in Huntsville:

  • Ongoing drafts and noticeably colder areas that are consistent. Temperatures may vary greatly from room to room. You find you’re avoiding specific areas near windows or doors. If you are avoiding specific rooms for this reason, then valuable real estate is being wasted, all the while you’re still paying to unsuccessfully heat and cool that unused space, which is not very economical.
  • The windows and doors look aged and worn. For the windowpanes themselves, there may be small-medium sized cracks, condensation, or fogginess. The framed area of the window could be split, bowed, warped, or there’s separation from the windowpane.
  • The mechanics of the windows or doors have broken or seized up and no longer work properly, or at all –– they cannot be opened or closed, which renders them unusable. The windows may also be difficult to clean for this reason, with areas that have become impossible to access. Or there could be chips and small bubbles within the glass itself.
  • Remedies such as weather stripping and plastic film window kits have become a burden to put on each year and feels like they’re really not working anyway. While these kits may seem inexpensive, they can only be used for the one season. They’re also not the most attractive solution. While plastic film can help to slightly reinforce a window area, it only helps with the pane portion and not the frame or window surround. These types of fixes are really meant to be a temporary solution at best.
  • As mentioned off the top, you discover the visual clue of water damage. This can be in many forms, such as lingering condensation build-up, the appearance of water stains, and at its worst, visual water seepage. With water basically being the enemy of a home’s durability, when any form of water breach is discovered, it’s very important to have it looked at right away. Otherwise, a much more costly repair will be the immediate result of neglecting a water issue.
  • Unwanted outside noises. A wonderful side-benefit of upgrading a home’s windows and doors is the new peaceful acoustics. When a home’s new windows and doors are properly sealed and airtight, the home has a new quieter ambient sound. If a homeowner would like to improve the sound even further, there are specific window upgrade options to choose from, such as a thicker pane, triple pane, or special coatings. All of these will even further enhance a sense of quiet in the home. This can be very important if the home is in a downtown area or close to utilities such as transit hubs. A consultation with a professional windows and doors specialist will be able to show you all of your options.
  • The exterior look of your home is not up to par. Your sense of home pride has slipped down to a level closer to home embarrassment. A full window and door replacement really adds a fresh new appeal to a home. There are so many styles and colours to choose from today that the upgrade can be quite a dramatic change. This is also an area where upgrading adds value to a home, literally. Curb appeal is often number one in the eyes of realtors and their potential buyers.

I own a century home duplex in Huntsville and I’m wondering how long would it take to replace the windows and doors and whether I have to relocate my tenants.

When you choose a windows & doors company in Severn who are professional and experienced with many styles of homes, and there are no surprises, that is, there is no unseen damage behind the windows and wall interface, then each window replacement should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. So, depending on the number of windows in the home, the job could take one to two days to finish. When there are tenants involved, it’s good practice to work on one unit at a time so as to lessen any inconvenience.

Being the largest town in the Muskoka Region, Huntsville is situated amongst many lakes and is on a beautiful part of the Canadian Shield. For this reason, it’s a popular summer destination and is home to many cottages and summer homes. Downtown Huntsville has a variety of home styles that range from century homes to newer builds. As Huntsville is in the northern part of Southern Ontario and with the many surrounding small lakes, it experiences snowier winters and very humid summers.

There are many benefits when you choose a professional.

When deciding upon a windows & doors company in Huntsville, there are many traits to look for. With AM Window & Door Solutions, we offer many options for our customers. We’re a proud family-owned company with over 60 years experience. We’ve worked with all home styles and have successfully replaced windows and doors in the Huntsville and surrounding areas. Our specialists will work with you right from the free initial consultation to the job completion and superior site clean up. We aim to please and always put our customers first. Our customer care is second to none. We’re very proud of our values and very high-quality workmanship. For this reason, we offer a 10-year transferable workmanship warranty on all of our work.

To get started, you can connect with us by phone or text. You can also reach out to us on our Facebook page. There we have a number of satisfied customer reviews. We look forward to meeting you and satisfying all of your window and door replacement needs.

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