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Kitchener homeowners are telling their friends and neighbours about the benefits they are enjoying with their new window and door replacements. What are some of the benefits of purchasing new windows and doors?



We all know that energy loss is a by-product of a poorly sealed home and with that comes a big price tag. That price tag is both financial and environmental. Today, there’s a strong focus on our environmental footprint and energy consumption. We all know we have to reduce this. In Canada, energy consumption is very high. It is for these reasons, governments offer consumers many incentives to help with their rising home energy costs. But how do you know when it’s time to take advantage of these offers? Well, your home will tell you – sometimes it’s in a whisper, other times it’s loud and clear. Either way, it's time to visit a windows & doors company in Kitchener to help suit your needs.

Here are some examples:

  • As we already hinted at, your home’s energy bills are rising, and for some homeowners, they’re even moving towards becoming unaffordable. This is especially true for seniors on a fixed budget. For others, unfortunately, salaries and household incomes don’t seem to be increasing in the same increments.
  • Your home has drafty and colder spots around the window and door areas. Temperatures fluctuate and are not consistent from room to room. You dare not sit near certain windows. This creates “dead zones” in the home and you’re actually losing valuable real estate that you’re still heating and cooling.
  • You’ve stopped using certain windows because they have become faulty and opening and closing has become either difficult or impossible. Both replacement parts and/or finding a person skilled at fixing the older styles of windows are no longer available.
  • You can see damage either on the windowpanes themselves or in and around the window area. This could be anything from cracked glass in a corner, fogginess, condensation that lingers, all the way to water stains and/or seepage in and around the window or door area. As water seepage is not a home’s best friend, when signs of this kind of damage become apparent, it’s crucial to have it looked at right away. The longer it’s left, the more the damage. An experienced window and door contractor specialist is definitely the best person to contact.
  • Also physical damage to the window frames. This would include warping or splintering. This is a sign that the windows are failing and are no longer airtight. In some cases, this could also pose a danger of complete breakage.
  • When fabrics surrounding the windows, such as curtains or other window treatments, show signs of fading. This happens with windows that are usually single pane and do not have a UV protection coating on them.
  • Outdoor noise is also seeping through cracks. When homeowners upgrade their windows, among many other benefits, they immediately notice the new sound ambience that is much quieter and more pleasant. This is especially noticeable when switching from single pane to either double or triple pane windows.

I live in downtown Kitchener really close to one of the new LTR routes. Would new windows and doors help reduce the transit noise?

Yes, they definitely will.

Kitchener has become a tech hub for many of the large tech companies, such as Google and companies like Shopify, among many others. In the last few years, Kitchener and Waterloo’s downtowns have built up, literally, with new mid-rise condos. This has created a strong need for community transit that aims to lessens the vehicle congestion. The new LRT is this very solution. Among the many options available for homeowners in both window and door stylings, there are also options for a home’s specific needs. In cases of unwanted excessive sound, one would look for windows that come with a high rating in sound reduction. While windows cannot be 100% soundproof, they can come with a number of characters that substantial reduces sound penetration. This includes thicker glass, special glass coatings, or air between the glass panes. This is why it’s very important to hire someone with experience and is up-to-date with all of the modern solutions. These kinds of specific technical details that require customization can be discussed with your window and door technician.

Using a professional is your best bet.

There are so many options today for window and door replacements that will fit various home styles and home needs and AM Window & Door Solutions is here to help, we are a windows & doors company in Kitchener. The replacement solutions and the actual work are very different today from when the home’s doors and windows were first installed. The home was initially built specifically with the window sizing and style in mind, while window replacement works the other way around – fitting replacement windows and doors into a previously created space. This makes the job much more involved and one that requires an experienced contractor skilled at troubleshooting. This is especially important if there are signs of any kind damage, especially water damage. When this happens, in addition to the window replacements, the surrounding areas of the windows and doors would need reinforcing to re-establish the insulation seals. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind. So, you definitely need someone with extensive experience. At AM Window & Door Solutions, we’ve got you covered. Our specialists are very experienced and professionally trained. We’re a family-owned company and we’re coming up to our 65th year of serving communities. We’ve worked on many different home styles and are very proud of our results. So much so, we are one of the few windows & doors company in Kitchener to offer a 10-year workmanship warranty. It’s also a transferable warranty, making it very desirable to the home’s future homeowners. Customer care is very important to us. Our customers come first in all areas, from the initial free consultation right up to our pristine work area clean up. We want you and your home happy!

You can reach out in a number of ways – phone or text, or browse our website to chat. We’re also on Facebook. There you can find many, many reviews by our happy customers.

AM Window and Doors Solutions

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