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When is it time for replacement doors and windows? There are number of tell-tale signs that it’s time to upgrade your home’s windows and doors.

Here, and not in any specific order, are the main reasons: economical and environmental, comfort, and aesthetic. Let’s take a look at these in more detail.

Economical and Environmental:

  • With today’s high energy pricing, the home’s ongoing cost is number one right now. It’s one of the most popular reasons a homeowner seeks out to learn about upgrade solutions. Their aim is to cut costs and they want to both protect their home investment as well as to see any upgrades as an investment that thrives and flourishes. Also, there’s a big focus on our environment and the desire to reduce our carbon footprint. Using less or our earth’s resources will do just that. Also choosing quality products that are proven to be durable and will last over time. So, an upgrade to the home’s windows and doors definitely checks off all the boxes both economically and environmentally. Depending on the previous condition of the windows and doors, an immediate savings in monthly costs can be upwards, and sometimes more, than a 40% reduction. In addition, homeowners can further their savings by taking advantage of any government incentive programs that offer discounts for upgrades that succeed in using less natural resources. It’s a win-win for everyone.


  • A home’s comfort level comes in a close second to economical. When one’s home is just not happenin’ with its’ heating and cooling levels, no one feels really good or at ease. The home is meant to be a haven from the daily grind, not an additional worry. Oftentimes, homeowners have adjusted to the “quirks” of the windows and doors in the belief that their suffering is a means to save money, when actually the opposite is true. When a proper comfort level is brought back to a home, everyone will feel much more at ease and the home can be enjoyed properly year-round. There could also be a health factor that’s removed, especially if the home has suffered from water issues. In earlier times gone by, it was a common thought that drafts were something to avoid in order to be healthy. It has been proven that sitting directly in drafty areas definitely causes muscle aches and pains.


  • If windows are the “eyes” of the home and they’re looking super-tired, then that can reflect on both the occupants sense of home pride as well as the home’s value. A full window and door upgrade will create a dramatic new look to the home. The newness and streamlined look will definitely turn heads. In fact, after the work is done, prepare to receive compliments from both your guests and neighbours.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms with your windows and doors, then it’s time for that upgrade.

  • Drafty areas in and around the door and window areas.
  • Inoperable or faulty mechanics that stop you from using the windows or doors with ease.
  • Any type of damage, such as water stains, flaws in the windowpane, condensation, fogging, just to name a few. Or any damage surrounding the window or door areas.
  • Window treatment discolouration and fading. This happens with the older single-pane windows that do not have UV protection.
  • Zero to poor soundproofing. When there’s no airtight seal, then in addition to the elements entering the home so does excessive sound.
  • The general look of you’re home’s exterior is in need of an overdue makeover.

It’s costing more and more each year to heat and cool my 1950s home in Orillia. Will I notice a change in my bills if I upgrade the windows and doors?

You most definitely will notice a difference, and right away!

Located in Simcoe Country, Orillia is nestled between Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. Its large waterfront attracts tourists from all over. It’s called “the Sunshine City”. Though, also being very close the snowbelt in the Barrie area, Orillia also sees it’s fair share of snowy winters. Being adjacent to the two lakes, the city also experiences very hot and humid summers. For these reasons, it’s very important to keep the elements out and create an airtight, comfortable home environment. A consultation with a window and door expert can solve all of these problems. With Windows & Doors Company in Orillia, this can done easily and affordably.

Why an experienced professional is a must.

When you consider the many variables and custom considerations that need to be taken into account when performing such an important home installation, an experienced professional is the only way to go when upgrading a home’s windows and doors. During our free assessment, both the interior and exterior of the home needs to be inspected and assessed. Another consideration is the location of the windows, whether they’re directly experiencing all forms of weather head-on or if they’re semi-covered by a porch, veranda, or an awning. These are some of the factors that an experienced installer needs to consider when choosing the correct product that will work best for your home. At AM Window & Door Solutions, we’re very experienced with all types of home styles and can offer a customized, budget-friendly solution. We’ve been in business for over 60 years and are a proud family-owned company. Our specialists are very skilled and we only use high-quality products that are built to last. Because we’re so confident, and our aim is for complete customer satisfaction, we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty. If you choose to sell your home, this warranty is very desirable to the new owners.

At AM Window & Door Solutions, we put customers first and offer customer care and support that is second-to-none. For a free home assessment, you can reach us by phone, through our website, or email and text. You can also visit our Facebook page where you’ll find many of our happy customer comments and reviews and you can learn how we successfully solved all of their window and door replacement needs.

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